Rushing River Stable
07:20:16 River / Savy
Just check out 'Game Guide' in the Help tab.
how do you play this????
The Joker
07:18:07 Knight of Ootensils
Ok well I have to go shower now (yardwork has made me smell like the universes personal butt-wipe) but I will be back later!
07:16:11 Did you miss me?
Pony Paradise
07:13:12 Pony || Ducky
Yes Dagger
Cascadia Ranch
Me; oh that's cool
Me, after reading the name: o h
Black-Dagger Equine
07:12:50 TikTok famous/#Undar
Is trivia happening tonight
The Joker
07:11:35 Knight of Ootensils
Here’s one of my, ehm, interesting brindles XD -HEE Click-
Cascadia Ranch
-HEE Click-

Name suggestions for this beautiful brindle I bought? !
The Joker
07:05:55 Knight of Ootensils
So cute Timber <3 here is a picture of my previous cat, she got hit by a car a few years back :( her name was Missy -Click-
07:05:23 puck
Clinics, Cas, if you have a schoolmaster
Hayzed Pastures
Lol how does that go again? XD sadly that line only works in person..
Cascadia Ranch
Is there a way to level a rider faster? I need my lvl 3 to be a lvl 4
Timber Canyon
07:03:43 is actually Timber
She doesn't shut up. When I get home, she runs across my condo like mrowww meowoow merrwoww and then she jumps on my shoulder. We walk around for awhile and then I kick her off cause her nails hurt.
in memory of sugar
07:03:42 I'm all the sugars.
Thanks Timbie ^^
Hayzed Pastures
That one looks loud. Lmao
Timber Canyon
07:03:00 is actually Timber
Love it Sugar. Good job on the hair
Hayzed Pastures
All of my cats have been mutt cats 😂 your mutt shorthair weirdos
in memory of sugar
07:02:27 I'm all the sugars.
I'm so proud of this so far *^*
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