SilverWish Stables
05:59:26 Wish
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
Any name suggestions?
Mondor Ridge
05:58:52 Jess~Mon
I want food.
Jellos Warmbloods
05:58:36 Giggles Wubs
Maybe there was traffic or accidents or something.
05:58:35 Legion
And I'm just sitting here going "wut"
05:57:53 Legion
He was by the resturant, headed east, hopped on the highway, went south, jumped on another highway, went west, got off the highway, and now he's on some diagonal road going NE
Mondor Ridge
05:57:22 Jess~Mon
oh jeez Eury LOL

Ally, I love my mini's, they are the best when taught like a big horse.
Wraithcry Farm
05:57:02 Crazy Cat Lady
I worked at a barn with a mini. He passed away sadly. Best most naughtiest little guy ever lol
Color Wonder Stables
05:56:41 Kass/Color 🌻
Roadwork detour maybe?
05:56:02 Legion
Just being baffled on the route this guy's taking to go pick up my food
MakeEm Arabians
05:55:56 Ally 🌺
I have a mini <3 she is the sweetest thing @jess
Wraithcry Farm
05:55:16 Crazy Cat Lady
I just want one right now. I know which one of the daughters I am leaning towards.
Mondor Ridge
05:55:14 Jess~Mon
uh I have 22 LOL, 12 of them are minis
MakeEm Arabians
05:54:50 Ally 🌺
I own four horses. Its a lot of work but i love them all
Mondor Ridge
05:54:39 Jess~Mon
Whats happened Eury?
Color Wonder Stables
05:53:50 Kass/Color 🌻
Wait... Wk 8? Woah.

-HEE Click-
05:53:15 Legion
I'm confused on where this delivery driver is going
Wraithcry Farm
05:52:59 Crazy Cat Lady
I want to own. But I don’t want to settle for any old horse. I am going to ask the barn owner if she’d ever consider selling one of the daughters of my lease horse to me. That would be perfect
Color Wonder Stables
05:52:33 Kass/Color 🌻
Interesting... a Dressage foal?

-HEE Click-
Holloway Farms
05:51:37 Hollow
-HEE Click-

Honestly don’t remember getting this horse :,) I guess I bought him but I forgot about it and just found him in my stable. He’s been doing decent in shows and hes pretty so I mean whatever I guess. Just wanted to show off cause I think he’s handsome
Woodroffe Stud
05:49:23 Deeze/Deezeburger
god owning horses is HARD, I keep losing moneys

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Down the Road - CLOSED June 11, 2019 09:58 PM

Endless Acres
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SB: 10k
AB: 150k

Can be cut into a stable set OR horse avatar.
Will cut into both if AB is met.
Payment to be made to 282411 within 48 hours of auction end or when AB is claimed.
Auction ends June 18th at 6pm unless AB is claimed.

Edited at June 18, 2019 10:07 AM by Endless Acres
Down the Road - CLOSED June 11, 2019 11:36 PM

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Oh very nice!
Down the Road - CLOSED June 12, 2019 12:05 AM

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I actually *really* like the concept behind this!
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Lazy Duck Elites
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Down the Road - CLOSED June 12, 2019 09:31 PM

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25k >:D

This is beautiful o.o
Down the Road - CLOSED June 12, 2019 10:27 PM

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speechless <3
Down the Road - CLOSED June 13, 2019 12:11 PM

Running R Ranch
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Down the Road - CLOSED June 13, 2019 12:24 PM

Zephyr Elites
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WOAH! How have I not seen this until now?! This is absolutely gorgeous.

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