11:48:40 Jane OR RGH
Why not?
Blood Bay Terror
11:48:34 BB, Blood Bay,
Love that video because she finally grew her wings and surprised herself on what she can do
Omega Stables
11:48:23 Bekah
Others may have other opinions (which I respect) But personally I would say... don't do it!
MakeEm Arabians
11:48:17 Ally 🌺
I can never seem to fill my barn lol. Im just starting to show which is actually really helpful once i got the hang of it
Angels angels
11:47:39 Angel ~Brindle Queen
Ooooo cute
11:47:37 Jane OR RGH
I was handed a US Military recruitment packet. Now I have that option for life to think about. Because I’m very unfit and probably would fail at BT
Blood Bay Terror
11:47:36 BB, Blood Bay,
If anyone is having a bad day this will be sure to cheer you up <3
Omega Stables
11:47:25 Bekah
Purple P
One day!!
Purple Pegasus Farm
11:47:23 Graceful
Thanks Ink. Let's see if we get some goodies out of it.
Omega Stables
11:47:12 Bekah
Thought you would appreciate my girl -HEE Click-
Sea Breeze Farm
11:47:10 Breezie
109 open spaces over here, just enough!!
Pegasus Ridge
I know shes so cute!
Purple Pegasus Farm
11:46:38 Graceful
I've got space for 1,200 horses lol.
Grand Hill
11:46:34 Bekah 2
You and your brindles!
Angels angels
11:46:24 Angel ~Brindle Queen
Awe Pegasus
Its nose is a heart!
Procyon Ponies
11:46:07 InkSpren
Good luck Purp.
Pegasus Ridge
This is my 13 week old kitten
Angels angels
11:45:46 Angel ~Brindle Queen
I have 391 brindles :3
11:45:42 Jacob
Hopefully i caught something worth it but unlikely
MakeEm Arabians
11:45:42 Ally 🌺
I dont have enough funds for the capture party lol but im excited to see what others get

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Congrats to Ferrari for winning! :)

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