Imagine the spider what the fuck I just chilling now you gonna hit me with a broom. XD
Moon Shadow Ranch
11:59:04 Moon | TB + X
Moved over to the sofa. Farewell bedromm XD.

Should I go back tomorrow? I mean I can't go sleep in the sofa forever sadly :(
Silver Galaxy Ranch
11:58:52 Sean/SGR
Dude. They're just spiders. What's wrong with them? I guess it's a girl thing.
~ Hades ~
11:58:44 Queen Of Ootensils
I love spiders <3

The Joker
11:58:01 Knight of Ootensils
I cant handle spiders either XC
Moonland Ranch
11:57:47 Moony, Moon.
I've gotten slower over the years T^T i'm gonna trust the broom now
Moon Shadow Ranch
11:56:53 Moon | TB + X
I shouldn't have opened the window today..should have kept it close. First time I saw a spider in weeks.

I'm scared now. XD. I just can't stand spiders @Joker
The Joker
11:56:46 Knight of Ootensils
My eyebrows save me. They are arched and magical :P

misty sky stables
I’m back as well :P
Moonland Ranch
11:55:33 Moony, Moon.
Your legs will save you if you run like me XDD
The Joker
11:55:17 Knight of Ootensils
Actually nothing can save you now. But if you want to use the sofa to feel better then go ahead :P
~ Hades ~
11:55:14 Queen Of Ootensils
I legit ran into a friend yesterday

We spent the day together
I helped bleach her hair but it still ended up patchy so I paid for her to go see a hairdresser and get it done professionally

Other than that not much
Moon Shadow Ranch
11:55:13 Moon | TB + X
Ok! I'll go ahead and move myself. I had a heart attack now. It was on my window and killed it thankfully. Should I go back to my bed tomorrow?
The Joker
11:54:20 Knight of Ootensils
Yes, couch will save you
misty sky stables
Moon Shadow Ranch
11:53:54 Moon | TB + X
I mean I killed it. And I searched for hours to see if there were more spiders. None. Should I still sleep in the couch today?
The Joker
11:53:37 Knight of Ootensils
What’s new?
The Joker
11:53:18 Knight of Ootensils
Murder. I’d choose murder.
Moonland Ranch
11:53:12 Moony, Moon.
Moon, Move out X'D

~ Hades ~
11:53:12 Queen Of Ootensils
Hello there Joker :D
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