Timber Canyon
03:07:13 Who is Capp?
...or is it?
Arcturus Centre
03:07:12 Prezi
This is going to be an awful 30 days.
Hemlock Farms
03:07:12 Still Hem
It's going to be a long month...
California Valley
03:07:11 Cali | Kale
-HEE Click-
This girl is gonna need Timbie art soon
Wanderlusts Dream
03:07:03 Wander / WD
BTS, it's a joke for April fools.
Serenity Studios
03:07:02 las papas fritas
Meanwhile I am blessed with this elegant beast XD
Caprina Springs
03:06:46 Captastrophe
"Who is Capp?"

I cant with y'all xD
Timber Canyon
03:06:36 Who is Capp?
Such a cute pup!
Moon Shadow Ranch
03:06:35 BTS | Moon
Why is Jellos Warmbloods Phantasm Farm???
Wanderlusts Dream
03:06:35 Wander / WD
Yes, Fleur! Looks great!
Arabian Race Stud
03:06:18 Rei's AA
I knew about the name change, still confused as hell XD
Sweet Dreams Farms
03:06:18 SDF/ Sunni
Prezi so pretty. Love blue eyes
California Valley
03:06:16 Cali | Kale
I love Timbie art <3
-HEE Click-
Timber Canyon
03:06:15 Who is Capp?
Star Catcher Estate
03:06:10 Mother of Amoebas
I think I like these new colors
03:06:09 Def not Timbie
Also, here's my lil rat -Click-
03:06:00 Def not Timbie
I mean, it is April 1st
Wanderlusts Dream
03:05:32 Wander / WD
Timbie, I'll need to send her your way soon then xD
Caprina Springs
03:05:31 Captastrophe
Y'all are gonna confuse the children who were not present during the name fiasco Timbie xD
Moon Shadow Ranch
03:05:01 BTS | Moon
Because Timber Canyon's username is Cappucino.
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