The Equine Motel
04:57:36 Diamond | Cumber Bud
Well, this account likes me the best
Hillcrest stables reminded me of new hillcrest
Lucky Ranch
04:56:55 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
not unless you want to
HillCrest Stables
04:56:31 Roan Addict
I am trying to not spend Ebs cause I have a big Match for Rollover
Cascadia Ranch
Should I sell/fr this filly?
-HEE Click-
Iceland Equestrian
04:56:10 Moon | ISH
I thought you had more in savings, Licky?
Lucky Ranch
04:55:58 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
Lol Im surprised to know that nobody else took that name
I'm at 12k. I never go under 100k but today I just did :,)
Lucky Ranch
04:54:55 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
Lucky Ranch
04:54:51 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
And now Im at 7 ebs.
Lucky Ranch
04:54:04 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
he was supposed to be a tobi *cough cough*
Lucky Ranch
04:53:31 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
XD its a wild one

Awww nuu! Youre not a disspaointment!
Honestly I would name her that but I always name my horses after their parents :,)
Lucky Ranch
04:52:39 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
ok I forgot the link. But basically this naughty child
-HEE Click-
Rushing River Stable
04:52:30 River / Savy
-HEE Click-
This match any good? I'm open to tips :'(
Ladybird Estate
04:52:24 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
If he's a big disappointment call him ladybird
Lucky Ranch
04:51:38 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
Big Fat Dissapointment
shall be his name ><
Moon Shadow Ranch
04:51:25 Moon | TB + X
5 here and 4 on Rose Valley, 2 on Starlit, and a few more on SAs. 12 total :)
Lucky Ranch
04:50:50 Scrambled Eggs/Grape
XD how many do you have?
-HEE Click- lines of breeding is where this got me. Not proud of that colouring.
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