-HEE Click- I like to name my horses after the parents, This dosn't simulate at all XD
After The Storm
04:34:41 Decrepit Llama
It's may and 85 degrees... just hell to the no
Capricorn Elites
04:34:32 Capri | Capri-Sun
And i have blisters on both sides of my feet 🙃
Capricorn Elites
04:33:47 Capri | Capri-Sun
We went to an alpaca farm *^*
Jericho Stables
I just remembered I have trivia tonight
Llama Queen
04:31:35 The Hag of HEE
oh I have to go to another account for a moment for you Tosky
Llama Queen
04:30:46 The Hag of HEE
Tosky :D
04:30:24 ♞ Tosk
Granny llama x3
Garner Stud
Thank you Memento~
Memento Mori Farm
Garner yes! See guide for adult coat -HEE Click-
Jericho Stables
There is patterns... patterns are white.
Llama Queen
04:27:36 The Hag of HEE
both parents are patterned.. why wouldn't the foal be?
Garner Stud
Shadow Ridge Farms
04:24:43 idk what I'm doing
-HEE Click-
Meet...this guy! A lucky catch from the jungle.
Black Rose Ranch
04:24:12 meralax
-HEE Click- confusion is at Its max here.
04:23:03 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Garner, yep.Will grey out at 3
Garner Stud
Hey this horse is grey? -HEE Click-
04:22:23 ♞ Tosk
Ever since i started working with children... That is one thing i will never get out of my head again...
04:21:39 ♞ Tosk
Let it gooo, let it goooo >_>
Black Rose Ranch
04:21:32 meralax
No clue. My horses are broken
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