Lucky Ranch
09:01:10 Grapey II Eggs
Pony Paradise
08:59:28 Pony || Ducky
I hate this nasty green I get every time I first add in the transparency code >.<
Moonrose Mountains
08:57:59 Diva
As bad as it may be, discussing your mother in such a way in online chat is just not the way
Moonland And Elites
Lucky Ranch
08:56:47 Grapey II Eggs
Moonland And Elites
2020 is a terrible year
Moonland And Elites
Spirtasi, I'm mentally drained
Phoenix Acres
08:50:31 Shhh it's not grape
ooh shes gorgeous! You can still keep her ^^
Cherry Blossoms
-HEE Click- she was my favorite until the ratings...
Wild Dragon Meadows
08:46:16 Wings_of_night
You should try this:
Spirtasi Acres
08:44:16 Wings/Spring Day
Aw Shoot Moon are you okay though? Like as well as your foot and hands are you mentally okay?
Shadow Woods
08:39:39 Shadow
Oh ok, sorry to hear about him Moon
Moonland And Elites
Also my foot and hand got busted up
Moonland And Elites
I thought this week was gonna be great but it took a turn for the worst, Leo died and Dusty attacked Keisha
Breezie Rose
08:36:36 The Goat-Mother
Someone take the capture button away from me please
Moonland And Elites
I know, I was heart broken to see him lifeless in his tank T^T
Pony Paradise
08:35:51 Pony || Ducky
Aw, betta fish are awesome..
Moonland And Elites
Shadow, Leo's my betta fish
Spirtasi Acres
08:32:13 Wings/Spring Day
i'm never sure if it is normal to hear your dog snoring from across a room
08:30:23 Tangle || Rebel Fork
I'm not sure whether to be happy or pre-drained xD
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