09:28:30 Noni
Moon, there's no stable on here named Daisy Feilds, so it is a typo
Llama Queen
09:27:27 Working Joe Llama
Bahaha *breaks down to sobbing* Got my PPP Apricot quest only to get a PPP rabi, sabino, splash quest
Moonglade Manor
09:26:11 Raven #2
not a typo, it is spelled that way in the name of the stable
Outlaw Horse Farm
09:22:27 Windi
Raven... Fields is spelled wrong.
09:21:47 Noni
Moon, there's a typo unless the stable name is Feilds.
09:20:18 Noni
I keep saving geldings but I have no room for more geldings at the moment Dx
Moonglade Manor
09:19:49 Raven #2
Is this set good?
I made it for am art trade

Llama Queen
09:18:06 Working Joe Llama
Hi Dah :D
09:17:47 Dah/River
Lol Llama!!
Llama Queen
09:13:26 Working Joe Llama
-HEE Click- you rotten SOB
Galaxie Equidae
09:13:10 Gala
My quests are all color quests 🤣
Helicon Show Horses
09:11:59 Helicon
I now have two EEE stallions with E bravery. It's really too bad I don't breed for it xD
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
Paradise Equine
09:10:17 PE, Paradise
Level 2 race up
Llama Queen
09:08:51 Working Joe Llama
thank you
The Rohirrim Riders
yes prlprl is homo for pearl
09:05:08 Noni
Okay giving up on this color quest xD I tried.
Llama Queen
09:03:41 Working Joe Llama
prlprl is homo for that gene, correct?
Shallow Brook
o okay thank you I was just wondering
White Hills
09:00:55 WH or Hills
Probably apricot Shallow
Shallow Brook
does anyone know whats the hardest color to get

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SB: 1k = 1,000

AB: 3.5k = 10,000

Will finish after AB

Will add text if wanted.

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