Ladybird Estate
03:57:13 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
Upset? Why? has anything happened?
Ladybird Estate
03:56:38 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
Thanks ^-^
I was just asking because I really (like really really) want to learn to ride and hopefully compete professionaly at some point in my life, and my parents say that only people can do that if they've learnt to ride at like 6
MakeEm Fancy
03:53:22 Ally 🌺
I dont have insomnia im just so upset and stressed that i cant sleep :/
Black-Dagger Equine
03:52:31 Bitch Goddess
In my opinion there isn't a age to old unless you're 78 and unhealthy
Ladybird Estate
03:51:30 Rockbirdeth Of HEE
Odd question, but I was just curious
What age would you guys say is too late to start learning to ride if you want to ride and compete professionaly
Black-Dagger Equine
03:51:28 Bitch Goddess
I have terrible insomnia
MakeEm Fancy
03:51:09 Ally 🌺
Not being able to sleep sucks
Nice to know! Thanks xx
Black-Dagger Equine
03:50:47 Bitch Goddess
48 now
Shivering Sea
03:49:29 Shiv
The number of stables online is on the right side below the menu bar :D
thats alot. how did you igue out?
Shivering Sea
03:47:39 Shiv
56 people online to be exact
Anyone else online?
03:44:36 Madsie // 🥝
9:44am for me, amd I just finished my croissants
Black-Dagger Equine
03:40:40 Bitch Goddess
I'm hungry but it's 4:40 am
Wings Of Glory
03:39:40 O Great Potato Wing
i feel like only i would eat a burger at 3am
03:37:33 Tangle || Rebel Fork
Another joinme lol. This time working on a collab ;)
03:34:20 Madsie // 🥝
Dipped In Chocolate
Starburst Geldings
03:27:17 Queen
Got any names guys? -HEE Click-
~ Hades ~
03:20:14 Queen Of Fpoons
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SB :) I feel bad XD
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Cando Farm said:
SB :) I feel bad XD

Just have it. This was like my first piece lol

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