Bumblebee Stables
01:51:46 Tea/Bee 🐝
Ah. Sure. Which mares?
Kelpie Keep
01:51:36 Kel
No @Wild
Sunlight Hearts
01:51:03 Lys
I don't have a lock unfortunately.
Sunlight Hearts
01:50:35 Lys
Anyways Tea wanna help me decide on a sire for my mare? I have two in mind.
Wild West Barns
-HEE Click- Is this chimera cause of her nose? (Idk if I spelled that correctly)
Bumblebee Stables
01:50:28 Tea/Bee 🐝
Do you have your door locked? Just in case.
Sunlight Hearts
01:48:55 Lys
I'm in my room and that's where i'm staying
Sunlight Hearts
01:48:19 Lys
I have a bad feeling my mom's gonna get in a wreck. She just stormed out of the house drunk.
Bumblebee Stables
01:47:51 Tea/Bee 🐝
Where are you in your house at the moment?
Sunlight Hearts
01:46:47 Lys
I know. It gets horrible. The cops usually get called.
01:46:32 Obi
I'm trying to hunt a player down. I have forgotten their name but I have their deviant art account. I'd love to talk about their art again

Bumblebee Stables
01:46:04 Tea/Bee 🐝
As long as you don't get involved, they won't harm you. I know how to deal with that kind of stuff.
Sunlight Hearts
01:45:11 Lys
I'm scared.
Bumblebee Stables
01:44:54 Tea/Bee 🐝
I don't have very good luck with colts. i just trust the filly's more to not rate horribly.
Sunlight Hearts
01:44:04 Lys
My parents are fighting x(
Bumblebee Stables
01:43:07 Tea/Bee 🐝
Indeed. I have the colt curse so, i'm adding in a filly straw to beat the odds ^^
Sunlight Hearts
01:42:04 Lys
Hoping its a filly I see😂
Bumblebee Stables
01:40:45 Tea/Bee 🐝
I'm not sure, but if she rates well, which i hope she does. I'll hire a rider for her, get a name, and see how she trains.
Sunlight Hearts
01:39:23 Lys
Oh thats wonderful! What're your plans for the foal if they turn out well?
Bumblebee Stables
01:37:35 Tea/Bee 🐝
This one, + Filly straw. I'm so excited for it <3
-HEE Click-
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