05:21:21 X Account
I just realized I stupidly (and accidentally) deleted a ton of art that I bought. Stupid me strikes again >.<
Moon Shadow Ranch
05:20:14 Jungkook
Very nice Pickle!

Super excited for RO!
Skye's Paradise
05:18:43 Pickle
I'm like "is that price a typo error?".
Skye's Paradise
05:17:49 Pickle
-HEE Click-
An ABLB mare. Look at the price. I couldn't believe it. She's like #83, but she's not been to the high boys Moon except for one time.
Moonrose Mountains
05:17:26 Diva
I waited for today for hers week 4,and now I'm too tired to find a match
-HEE Click-
Birch Wood Farms
Ouuu exciting! I’m getting a WWW stud straw and i’m debating if i want to cross him with the proven EEE that gave me a EWE once and gives me EEEs whenever I want or the EWE Mare that i’ve bred once and kinda had a flop.
Skye's Paradise
05:15:45 Pickle
Ah, okay Sarah, I didn't see that.
Cedar Elites
05:15:31 Koko
If this match flops since im risking it by going with it without knowing her strengths or weaknesses, Im gonna die and then cry.

Im praying that some miracle will let this totally not flop.

-HEE Click-
Moon Shadow Ranch
05:15:29 Jungkook
Which mare Skye?
Skye's Paradise
05:14:57 Pickle
I'm so stoked for RO. I bought a mare today, and she's getting a Sven.
Birch Wood Farms
i really should be doing matches but i’m not :) I have 2 matches i’m excited for but other than that i’m hoping my new guys can pull through
05:14:04 Golden|Sierra|Sara
@Blondy) It's okay ^^
05:13:49 Tejas
Yall not only is it RO it will also be December 1st
blondys paradise
05:13:15 blondy
@sara sorry was going off first nickname.
Gelt Bridge RIDs
05:12:59 Gelt/Ellie 🐴
I know, That's why I said to pm me? I never asked for a brood..?
05:11:23 Golden|Sierra|Sara
@Blondy) People like to call me golden but my nickname is actually Sara ^^
Birch Wood Farms
no problem ^_^
Moonrose Mountains
05:11:02 Diva
There is no brood offering, discussions in Main
05:10:46 Golden|Sierra|Sara
@Pickle) J bought her, Someone else tracked the week8 wrong ;P
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Yr 138 - Sexy Sven Contest (Late Christmas/Sawyers BDAY) November 21, 2020 05:01 PM

Posts: 1421
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Sorry I have been so busy, Sexy Sven will continue in yr 138 to celebrate Christmas and Sawyer's first Birthday.
This will be held in January so that everyone has a chance to spend time with family. Join us in yr 138 for a mega scavenger hunt for the Sexy Sven!
This will be even larger and harder than before.
There will be Sexy Sven hidden in my stable.. but not just mine alone.. There will also be Sven hidden in other's stables.
Hints will be given, but not many. It will be hard, but that's the point.
Please note: I WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING REQUESTS TO BUY HORSES DURING THIS EVENT. If there is a horse you would like, please save it for after the event.
Mods cannot participate.
You cannot assist others with finding the Sexy Sven. This defeats the purpose of the event.
You can win more than 1.
Links to the horse with the Sexy Sven will be given once found.
THERE ARE OLD SEXY SVEN HIDDEN IN MY BARN STILL. Sorry, but they have been lost in the hoard. Once found, I will remove their art upon notification.
There will be 5 Sexy Sven hidden. This number may change.
This event starts 1/10/2021.
I reserve the right to change the rules at any time.
Good luck everyone!

Edited at November 21, 2020 06:11 PM by White_thundacat
Yr 138 - Sexy Sven Contest (Late Christmas/Sawyers BDAY) November 21, 2020 06:24 PM

Shivering Sea
Posts: 314
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Oh my...
This is going to be so crazy
Yr 138 - Sexy Sven Contest (Late Christmas/Sawyers BDAY) November 21, 2020 11:17 PM

Bioshock Manor
Posts: 964
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I love this XD
Yr 138 - Sexy Sven Contest (Late Christmas/Sawyers BDAY) November 22, 2020 02:49 PM

Madsie Manor
Posts: 1113
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I'm so excited! This is going to be wild!

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