01:24:56 puck
Mac, what was it?

My dreams always get super fucky when I'm stressed, but that's normal.
Onward Meadows
01:24:49 Kayla
sometimes I have dreams that continue where they left off a few days in a row
Stormsong Manor
01:24:43 Darth Ven
I also kept having dreams about having a baby boy before I got pregnant with Link
McSmith Ranch
01:24:36 Mac | Thing 2
It's a dream I wish I could have again lol
01:24:30 *saying dumb shit*
I used to interpret my sisters dreams when I was younger.
Stormsong Manor
01:24:09 Darth Ven
I'm pretty sure my medication affects my dreams. They get super wild.
Onward Meadows
01:24:09 Kayla
Thank you!
01:23:56 puck
ven, that's really cool!

kayla, good luck!
McSmith Ranch
01:23:37 Mac | Thing 2
There's one dream I will never be able to forget. It felt too real.
Onward Meadows
01:23:30 Kayla
Onward Meadows
01:23:11 Kayla
Puck, yeah it's not very fun, luckily my friend is coming by thursday to gold with me as I need to practice for a tournament this weekend
Stormsong Manor
01:23:05 Darth Ven
Helps you understand yourself better
Stormsong Manor
01:22:52 Darth Ven
I'm super interested in dream interpretation and have been doing it for about 15 years
Onward Meadows
01:22:21 Kayla
I've gotten used to spelling the word gait because im searching for a horse right now
01:22:02 puck
ugh kayla that sucks :(
01:21:53 Tea
I keep getting pestered in my dreams by someone I'm trying to think about less.
Maeby Greats
01:21:49 *Mae* AKA Meme queen
-HEE Click-

She’s doing OK for 5 weeks :(
01:21:39 puck
Ven, that's always fun. I did that for awhile. One of my favorite dreams was when I was in the ATLA universe and I Was bending all the elements even though there was another avatar. Somebody said "you can't do that, you're not the avatar" and I was like "I can do whatever I Want, it's my dream." Anyways that line made it into one of my books xD
Onward Meadows
01:21:39 Kayla
Onward Meadows
01:21:19 Kayla
I remember most of my dreams vividly
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