Emmas Eventers
Congrats Purple
Conway Acres
01:02:22 Carra
Was watching that boy. He's a cutie!
Purple Pegasus Farm
01:02:02 Graceful
-HEE Click-

Yay! Got a chimera EEE! :D
Dunoon Grange
12:52:57 Dun
AH okay, thanks a bunch :)
McSmith Ranch
12:52:02 Mac | Thing 2
Always 2:16 game time
Purple Pegasus Farm
12:51:03 Graceful
2:16 AM GT.
1:30 GT I believe. If not 2:30 then
Dunoon Grange
12:46:54 Dun
Roughly what time are we able to train our horses?
I got him as a 3 year old and hoping I can start a new line with him. Plan is to inbred his daughter with him.
McSmith Ranch
12:27:07 Mac | Thing 2
He should be up week 4. Otherwise he's not worth it
Foals not goals.
I can not wait to see if my EEE stud will go up. He did not go up in wk 4 but if all is not up on 5 then he gets geld or sold. Same with any of his goals.
Olympus Eventing
12:17:02 Hasafasa | Abby
I'd probably just not breed on this account for a few months, and sit on a pile of show profits :p
Color Wonder Stables
12:16:40 Kass/Color 🌻
This is its last chance to give me an ABLB foal cause I haven't needed one to get ABLB three times in the past lol.
Color Wonder Stables
12:16:05 Kass/Color 🌻
I know right? Svens are cursed and if this foal is shit I will NEVER use one again.
Olympus Eventing
12:15:31 Hasafasa | Abby
This Ifurkling foal better have at least one W or I'm flipping the table >.<
Toucan stables
Color Wonder Stables
12:14:23 Kass/Color 🌻
Thanks Legacy. Really hopeful for a WWW.
Olympus Eventing
12:14:06 Hasafasa | Abby
Lordy, my cat is so needy xU
Color Wonder Stables
12:14:06 Kass/Color 🌻
Ohhh yes Olympus, Kass has mighty zoom fingers when I'm going for a LC. xD

My heart starts racing to where I can hear it and I hold my breath. Usually it works. LOL.

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MoonLight Herd (Play) CLOSED (reboot coming) November 6, 2018 05:57 PM

Posts: 3070
Please do not post here if you havent signed up and havent been accepted. :)
Sign ups are here

My name is Luna. I recently acquired this herd from a dangerous situation. A horrible stallion was forcing the mares to only have his foals even when they had mates, and chased off many of the colts before they were ready to be away from their mothers. The herd might be safer, but that doesnt mean all the dangers are gone. Will we survive what comes next?

All Horse Eden Rules apply of course
No crushes/mates with your own characters
Have fun
No descriptive births/mates/deaths
I do control day and night (To keep everyone on the same time)
Make as many horses as you like, minimum being 2 please.

Lead Mare-
Luna- saratank
Lead Stallion- Will be picked in the RP

Regular- Unlimited
Storm- saratank
Stormcloud- Warrior Horses
Thunderous Wind- Warrior Horses
Kyo- Bloodstone Elite
Allaia- Bloodstone Elite
Echo- Saratank
Sky- Saratank
Captain Nemo- Belmont Arabians
Blue Moon- Inferno Acres
Roxie- Inferno Acres
Moondance- GraysAnatomyStables
Simon- GraysAnatomyStables

Young horses- (6 months-1 year, No more that 8 to start)
Doll- SM Stables

Foals- (younger than 6 months, MUST have a mother, no more than 3 to start)
Kuro Kuro- Surf in Turf Stables (Not yet born)

Expecting mares- No more than 4 to start
Autumn- SM Stables
Stelly- Surf in Turf Stables
Timber- Belmont Arabians
Clue- GraysAnatomyStables

Elders- (20+ years, no more than 7 to start)

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MoonLight Herd (Play) CLOSED (reboot coming) November 6, 2018 06:34 PM
Posts: 143
Stelly/Expecting Mare/Female

The foal was coming and Stelly knew it. Her only question was did the others know it? The crisp cool air made her mane flow in the wind as she trotted towards Luna. Should I tell her? Stelly wasn’t sure if anyone should know. After the last stallion she assumed no one was completely trusting towards Luna but she DID chase away the stallion so She guessed Luna was trust worthy. “Hey Luna” Stelly said walking towards the mare

Edited at November 6, 2018 06:35 PM by Surf In Turf Stables
MoonLight Herd (Play) CLOSED (reboot coming) November 6, 2018 06:39 PM

Posts: 3070
Luna sighed. The sun had just risen over the mountains beyond the meadow. She flicked her ears as she wondered if she should move the herd. She has only taken over about a month ago, but she saw a few still on edge from when she was forced to kill the former lead stallion. Her eyes scanned the herd as she walked around them. She saw Storm still sleeping and wondered what he would think. The stallion had been second in command when the former leader was alive, but he happily gave up his rank to be equal with the others when they were free from the terror rein. She stopped when she saw an eagle flying over and watched before she went back to walking around the herd. She looked over at Stelly. "Hey Stelly" she replied.

Edited at November 6, 2018 06:40 PM by Saratank
MoonLight Herd (Play) CLOSED (reboot coming) November 6, 2018 06:58 PM
Posts: 143
Stelly/Expecting Mare/Female

“So how’s being leader going for you?” Stelly nervously stamped her back hoof. But is she really trustworthy? What is she chases away this one too? As she was thinking to tell or not she turned her head to watch the sunrise. It was brilliant with so many colors. She could see deep rich purples, pink the color of a flamingo, and even a sunny yellow color.

Edited at November 6, 2018 06:58 PM by Surf In Turf Stables
MoonLight Herd (Play) CLOSED (reboot coming) November 6, 2018 07:03 PM

Posts: 3070
(As of right now there is no lead stallion. she is the only leader right now)

Luna sighed. "Other still seem to be nervous about me, others are happy I took over. Hard to tell what everyone wants" she said with a small shrug. "Perhaps moving the herd would help. A new start for everyone" she replied as she looked around. She wondered if a meadow closer to the mountains would be better. She remembered a small forest around there that could bring more shade for them.
MoonLight Herd (Play) CLOSED (reboot coming) November 6, 2018 07:09 PM
Posts: 143
Stelly/Expecting Mare/Female

Finally Stelly decided she couldn’t hold in her secret anymore. “Luna I have a secret to confess.” The instant she said that doubt came and pushed its way into her mind. Emerald green grass tickled her leg as a breeze flew by her. The it occurred to Stelly to consider Luna’s feelings and thoughts too. How would she feel if I didn’t tell her my secret until the last minute? She might find me untrustworthy. Stelly shook her head and waited for Luna to respond.

Edited at November 6, 2018 07:09 PM by Surf In Turf Stables
MoonLight Herd (Play) CLOSED (reboot coming) November 6, 2018 07:11 PM

Posts: 3070
Luna tilted her head. "What is it Stelly" she asked. She flicked her ears and took a step closer in case she didnt want others to hear. She saw Sky and Echo grazing not too far away. Her blue eyes looked back at Stelly.
MoonLight Herd (Play) CLOSED (reboot coming) November 6, 2018 07:28 PM
Posts: 143
Stelly stamped her foot nervously and said “I-I think I’m Expecting soon.” A bright red ladybug landed on her long snout
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MoonLight Herd (Play) CLOSED (reboot coming) November 6, 2018 07:42 PM

Posts: 3070
Luna gave a kind smile. "Another new addition can help with happy change" she replied. "I will talk to Storm about moving the herd and if we do, ill be sure to keep it at a steady pace for you and let me know if we need to stop" she said.

(I am going to wait for others before I post more)
MoonLight Herd (Play) CLOSED (reboot coming) November 6, 2018 07:56 PM
Posts: 143
Stelly sighed in relief. “Ok and than you Luna” Stelly said returning Luna’s smile. Stelly trotted off feeling instantly better. Maybe she is trustworthy after all. Stelly thought as she continued to graze in the beautiful meadow.
(All right thatÂ’s fine)

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