Song Sparrow Stables
08:39:07 SSS
That foal is sadly Varnish though
08:38:09 River
Well, At least I got this nice little girl out of my nice Blanket mare. -HEE Click-
Song Sparrow Stables
08:37:33 SSS
-HEE Click- Nevermind i figured it out
08:35:32 Gracie
Im so sorry river Huggles
08:33:31 River
- Sadly the foal was lethal white and perished. - dang it.
Song Sparrow Stables
08:31:43 SSS
Ugh I finished a horse manip but the byte size is too big and my program to lower the byte size won't lower it enough
Moonshine games
08:31:16 Pumpkin/Moon/Doll
I have too meny horses
Or Picnic In The Snow
Snowy Picnic? (Picnic coming form the blanket in her name like Picnic blanket and snow being the colours
Olive Acres
08:29:23 Henning
I forgot February didn't have 31 days in it. Holy fuck.
Sacred Circle Ranch
08:28:42 Bruja
Black Ice
Chaz's Star Stable
RiverDanceStables - I think you should name her Misty or something like that
Havering Stable
@River Snow on Steel
Purple Pegasus Farm
08:25:14 Graceful
It's a breeding item that adds 2+ to all foal traits.
08:24:53 River
I love this girl's coat so much! Anyone got a good name for her? -HEE Click-
08:21:28 River
What is a Sven?
Moonshine games
08:13:01 Pumpkin/Moon/Doll
Anyone want to rp? PM me if so
Lucky Ranch
08:08:12 Lucky
yay! *does happy dance* XD
08:07:28 Asia/Love
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River Woods High School RP Thread February 4, 2019 06:03 PM

Tiger's Acres
Posts: 3527
Welcome to River Woods High school! Located in Northern California, the prestigious private school has 6 different buildings on their large campus tucked in the redwoods. Even though the school is a private school and only the best of the best in academics and sports can attend, there are still the typical jocks, populars, artists, gamers, and all the other cliques on my heard about in popular television and books. Which one will you fit into?

The school has 2 dorm buildings. Curie Hall for the girls, named after the chemist Maria Curie. It's colors are deep purple and maroon. It is 2 stories and has 30 rooms. Two girls per room unless a special arrangement has been made.
The Hawking manor is for the boys. Named after the theoretical physicist Stephan Hawking. It's colors are grey, and blue. It also has 2 stories ans 30 rooms. Same rules apply for Hawking Manor.

The four different school buildings are the arts building, it includes all the music courses like choir, band and orchestra, we well as wood working, art, and pottery. The next building is the science and math building. All the different math courses and science classes like biology, anatomy, physics and chemistry are in this building. The third building is the writing building. It hosts all the English classes as well as drama, language classes and creative writing. The final building is the athletic building. It has a basketball court, indoor swimming pool, weight rooms and rock climbing wall. They also have a football field, track and tennis courts outside.

Dorm rules

Curie Hall
-no boys in any room besides the common room
-curfew at 10:30
-permission is required to use the dorm kitchen
-permission needed to host parties or sleepovers
~more to come and subject to change

Hawking Manor
-No girls in any place besides common room
-curfew is 10:30
-permission required to use dorm kitchen-permission required to host parties and such
~Rules subject to change and more to add

Role play Rules
~NO perfect characters
~obey all HEE rules
~I have the right to deny or kick you out
~minimal swearing
~Reply with a minimum of 3 sentences
~Maximum of 3 characters
~If one goes inactive with no known reason for more then a week, they will be kicked out
.*More to Come and Subject to Change

Link to Sign Ups-

Edited at February 6, 2019 05:07 PM by Great Comet
River Woods High School RP Thread February 4, 2019 06:06 PM

Tiger's Acres
Posts: 3527
The cliques

1 Patrick Hargrove
2 Tess McLaughlin
3 Brady Wilson
4 Ava
5 Aidan McLaughlin
6 Ashton Grey
7 Drew Lanning
8 Ethan


1 Brooke Wilson
2 Lelia Woods

1 Brielle
2 Alessandra Ryder
3 Jules Redlin
5 Gabriella Grey
Leader-Troy Saboo


1 Jay
2 Niklaus Ryder
5 Forest Wilson

New kids
2 Elena Keenrid
4 Nadia Black
6 Annabelle Hart

Jocks are the star athletes. They are typically boys, but csn be girls. They are commonly seen with the populars who tend to be their girlfriends.
Nerds are those who are very smart in academics. They tend to be awkward in social situations. They are very confident in their star subject and let everyone know in the classroom. They are shy and associate with geeks often. Can be either gender.
Populars are the girls who look good on the outside, but are most commonly mean and only care about themselves. Some can be different though. Mostly date Jocks.
Artists are those who love the arts. Whether it be drama, music or actually art. They can be both genders. They are very kind and love expressing themselves through their work.
Geeks are the people who love comics, video games and movies. They know popular culture and like to share it with their fellow geeks and occasionally nerds. They shine in the technology classes.
Loners are those that don't fit in any of the categories. They are typically very shy and salty. They are also not that good in school, but their parents are rich so that's how they got into the school.
The new kids are the ones who arrived only this year they are trying to fit in and be accepted by a clique and finally fit in. Either gender and can date whoever they want.

Room arrangements

Curie Hall
124:Tess, Elena
105: Leila, Jules
183: Forest, Gabriella
134: Annabelle, Nadia
168: Brielle, Brooke
171: Alessandra, Ava

Hawking Manor
237: Troy, Ashton
251: Aidan, Brady
294: Drew, Jay
212: Patrick, Niklaus
286: Ethan

*let me know if I messed something up.

Edited at September 30, 2019 02:19 PM by Tiger's Acres
River Woods High School RP Thread February 4, 2019 07:24 PM
Former Stable
Posts: 0
I stood in front of the school and glared at the kids milling about. Most of them were familiar but there were a few new kids. The last place I wanted to be was back at this school. But the so called "parents" were too busy to have anything to do with me. So over summer break I was carted off to one camp or another. Winter break I was back at the house alone and spring break was when I would really indulge myself and go somewhere remote and expensive. Just to spite father. Groaning I look at my papers and go to find my room for the year. Everything I owned had been sent ahead except what was in the black backpack slung over my shoulder. Tyler butted my hand with his wet nose. I took a deep breath and ruffled his ears to let him know I was okay. He was the only thing keeping me sane.

Edited at February 4, 2019 07:28 PM by TheHidden
River Woods High School RP Thread February 4, 2019 08:26 PM

Charmed Estates
Posts: 2568
One more year until I can bust out of this hell-hole. Tess inwardly grumbled malicious thoughts to herself as she trudged up the faded brick steps of the girls' dorm she had come to despise. A rebellious smirk danced on cerise lips as she pondered on the most efficient way to murder a teen-aged girl. Such ambitions allowed her to glide down the hall thoughtlessly, save for the notion of choosing not to peek into any of the rooms. It was an acquired habit by the third year at RWH, since people around here tended to have no notion of the meaning of the word “privacy.” Said Tess, at least. Oh boy, the things you could--and probably would--see in one year here were plenty, but three years? Enough content to compile a novel.

The chardonnay-blonde clambered up the single flight of stairs in a dull manner. Once she reached her room on the second floor, she mindlessly threw a tiny gray backpack onto the monochrome single bed, which took the likeness of a bubblegum pink trundle. She glared distastefully as if someone had played a wicked prank on her. Of the long list of nightmarish situations Tess McLaughlin preferred not to deal with, the notion of every single thing in her room being pink had to belong at the top. She summoned a distasteful sigh, of which she heaved a few antagonized words from: “hating my life was not on my list of things to do today.”

Edited at February 4, 2019 08:32 PM by Rishy <3
River Woods High School RP Thread February 4, 2019 08:44 PM
Former Stable
Posts: 0
((Hey rishy what do you think about Tess and Sarryn being room mates?))
River Woods High School RP Thread February 4, 2019 09:02 PM

Empire Estate
Posts: 242
Will Lore I Senior I Loner I Open

Will walked across the campus, a duffel bag slung over his shoulder, cell phone pressed to his ear. "I just arrived," he said to his friend on the line. "Back in that hell hole?!" said a voice in the background, causing Will to sigh. He was on the phone with his best friend, but there were other guys in the background. Other guys he sometimes wished he could kill. Or at least fight. "Not quite a hell hole," he replied loudly, hearing a laugh in reply. "Talk to you later, buddy," Will's friend said. "Yeah yeah, bye James," he said, attention already wandering as he hung up. This was his first time being here on a first day, having only come half way through the year before. This was going to be chaotic, and he was going to be miserable. If he had still been on the phone with his friend, though, he would have been assured everything would be fine in a week, and pessimistic as he was, he took that as solace.

Selene Rugen I Junior I Artist I Open

Lenie wandered through the halls, searching for her dorm. She wasn't sure who she'd be sharing with yet, but she wasn't too concerned. Yet. One stressful thought at a time, she told herself, finally finding her room number. Her suitcase and extra bags were sitting at the foot of a bed, and there was no one else there. Alright, she thought, I'm here first. Great. She sat down on her bed, setting her book bag beside her. She immediately took out her essentials; phone charger, laptop, camera, and her photo album from home that contained pictures of her parents, cats, and the horses she had ridden when she was little and over the summer. She grabbed her pillow from a bag, setting it at the head of her bed and just lying back for a few minutes.
River Woods High School RP Thread February 4, 2019 09:10 PM
Former Stable
Posts: 0
As I was walking I heard someone on the phone. I looked up and saw Will, another loner like me. I immediately ducked my head. Tyler picked up on my anxiety and whined, grabbing my hand in his mouth and pulling me in a different direction. Deep breaths Sar, deep breaths.
River Woods High School RP Thread February 4, 2019 09:19 PM

Charmed Estates
Posts: 2568
(I don't care, whatever you want to do. She's not an easy one to live with, though. Heads up on that lol.)
River Woods High School RP Thread February 4, 2019 09:24 PM
Former Stable
Posts: 0
((Sarryn either. I figured it could be interesting.))
I allowed Tyler to pull me inside and up to my new room. When I opened the door the first thing I noticed was all the pink. The second thing I noticed was my new room mate. Tyler looked up at me and tilted his head. He wanted to check the other girl out. "Can my dog sniff you? Hes friendly I promise just dont touch his stomach."
River Woods High School RP Thread February 4, 2019 09:40 PM

Charmed Estates
Posts: 2568
Tess looked the young woman up and down skeptically, obviously appalled by the notion of living with someone such as she. On looks alone, the two girls were polar opposites. Where Tess emphasized her subtle, natural beauty, the other girl seemed gothic and--frankly, insecure. Tess pegged her as the type of girl to claim to talk to wolves or summon the supernatural. Perhaps she’d find a black cat or a spider under her pillow one day--not to give anyone any ideas.

She grimaced, burying her head in her hands regretfully. “Oh, God. God no. Not another year will I be stuck with one of you all. The dog is fine, the rest,” she waved her hands around, gesturing to the dark aura surrounding the gothic teen, “the rest of this is what doesn’t work for me. Do you even play any sports? You know what? Don’t answer that. See you around, I’m just..gonna...go now.”

Neon yellow converses barely and hastily tied, the young woman barged out of the room, headed towards the guys’ dorms. Thankfully, she had been able to scoop up one of her footballs before her abrupt departure.

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