Black Dragon Stable
11:50:15 BDS / Black / Stormy
40 hr/wk job, new husband, trying to get moved, + finding out I'm expecting = No time. lolol. My life is chaos at this point.
Maryland Farm
11:50:13 Sham
That feeling when you sign up to a rp but live in different place than everybody else so you wake up and see thay've posted 30 times overnight...
11:50:11 Legion
..Plus, his and Xena's applications would just...Yeah they're massive lmfao
Alisha's Ranch
when you only have one bridle and two saddles saddles are both light brown and the bridle is dark brown thats when you know you need to do a tack haul XDD
11:49:10 Legion
Set species annoys me and I'm too lazy to jump through hoops to get Clayton' "species" addd.
Black Dragon Stable
11:48:21 BDS / Black / Stormy
I'm interested in the RP, but noo time what so ever to participate. Which sucks
Equine Stables
11:47:11 Deelad
*Gasp* I need a showing guide! Where in the forums can I find it?
11:47:05 Legion
Yeah. Figured I'd write something because a lot of people were asking how I show my horses
Whitefire Farm
Eury, your guide is the best thing I've come across in this game and it's bookmarked on my pc
11:44:30 Legion
..Oh. -sliiiides away-
Whitefire Farm
I understand the basics but its the noodling around until I understand it all the way
Whitefire Farm
The Lazy Ninja
11:43:25 Jessie
Ok thanks legion
Covertwood Stables
11:42:53 Covert
i'm finally letting go of my old careless showing days and i'm so lost lmao - like i read eury's blogs and it makes sense i just have no idea what i'm doing
11:42:45 Legion
...My attention has been perked.
Covertwood Stables
11:42:11 Covert
hey i have a question about showing correctly - so if you have a 1 year old, you train them for five weeks first before you do anything with them - are they meant to level up within this time period or do you just track the progress?
Glass Rose
Literate sci-fi forum RP if anyone happens to be interested.

-HEE Click-
11:41:56 Legion
That's a palomino pearl.
The Lazy Ninja
11:41:23 Jessie
Breed a triple Premium Pearl horse (ee Prlprl CcrC)
11:40:40 Legion
If it's "palomino pearl" then it has to be a palomino pearl. If it just says "pearl" which no other color, then yes.

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High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 23, 2019 12:30 PM

Prythian Manor
Posts: 317
Welcome to High Valley Stud, home to the
greatest riders around.

You have been on a waiting list for what feels like ages. But today is the day, you finally got your acceptance letter to High Valley!

About The School
Here at High Valley, you all have a chance to prove your might, skill, and determination to your instructors while showing, training, and making new friends. Your instructors will be keeping a close eye on you and tracking your progress. In the beginning, you'll have the first day to get to know your horse with planned activities, then you'll be put through an assessment before you start your lessons the next day. And of course, you'll be riding only the best, supplied by your instructors. Here, you'll finish off your college education, get valuable knowledge, and have a chance at a world title.
The stables are situated on a cliff, surrounded by rolling emerald hills, shadowed Pastures, and extensive trails. We currently have:

1 - Race track
2 - Small indoor training arenas
3 - Multiple horse pastures
4 - 10 stall barns
4 - Large outdoor arenas
4 - Round pens
7 - Single horse turnout pastures
20 - Miles of trails

* Read the Note below
- Hate the character, not the player/stable
- Keep romance to a low, even though it is allowed, don't be descriptive. Keep it low-key
- If you read the rules, type your favorite dog breed in the Other box

Skylar Leviathan / Foto / Hallucination Manor
Hallie Mae / Maga / Dreams of Luke
William Gray / Fidget / Stormed Winter
Elizabeth Gray / Moto / Stormed Winter
Mallory / Chelsea / Rishy
Elisabeth Johnson / Dennis / Vanrosalie Stables
Leah Lavette / Belle / Jumping / Rishy

Eastyn King / EK Arrogante / Owner / Adasona
Conrad Kellison / Roxy / Dressage + / Rishy
Keenan Kellison / RO / Cross Country / Rishy

Edited at March 25, 2019 05:48 AM by Adasona Elites
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 23, 2019 02:03 PM

Prythian Manor
Posts: 317
Eastyn King / Owner / M: Open
After waking up early, Eastyn heads out and checks the horses. Today was going to be exciting. The new riders would be here soon. She set to work feeding, watering, and grooming the horses.
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 23, 2019 06:46 PM

Charmed Estates
Posts: 1774
Conrad | Roxy | Dressage/Other Trainer | M: Eastyn |

A leisurely drive down a well-groomed private road led Conrad to the base of a pristine equestrian center. As he exited his vehicle, he grumbled: the angry autumn rain clouds were beginning to open up. He shrugged on a puffy brown raincoat over his flannel long sleeve shirt, though his apparel did not at all hold the signature "I'm a horse person" stains. Perhaps this was due to the coffee-colored hue of the jacket, perhaps it was the sign of upkept laundry on the behalf of its owner. None of his apparel was really cause for staring, although the sleek equine he led out of his trailer certainly was.

A gorgeous, shiny equine exited from the trailer with little help from his owner. Even in the misty, dull lighting, the gelding's coat had a certain glow to it, perhaps due to its carmine hue. Eyecatching chroming covered the horse's legs from apricot hoof to humerus and the tip of his ears to the bottom of his peach-colored muzzle. While his build was chunky and primarily and visibly held Quarter Horse blood, traces of Sport Horse supported a muscular, refined frame. The gelding was truly exquisite in build, color, and demeanor, and the fact that he backed and led himself was a plus.

Conrad and the blood bay walked side by side into the first barn they saw. Inside the barn was surprisingly peaceful, even for the early morning hours. Only a handful of riders and staff were milling about, which made it quite easy to notice a young woman he assumed to be Eastyn.

His cautious nature led him to wait several moments before approaching her, mainly because he did not want to interrupt her morning chores. This gave him the chance to silently inspect her and further ensure that he had found the right person. He had, if all the internet articles he had researched about her were correct. The woman, a year his minor, looked quite the same as in the several articles he had read about her, yet she was more in her element here. However, age was only a small factor at their ages, and even less so due to the professional basis of their relationship. "Excuse me, are you Eastyn King?" He approached her cautiously, offering his hand for her to shake. It did not go unnoticed that his sheepish nature held a bit of hesitance, though it was easily able to be brushed off as first day nerves. "I'm Conrad Kellison, pleased to make your acquaintance."

(I've written this like three times now and it won't post, kill me now Dx)

Edited at March 23, 2019 07:44 PM by Rishy <3
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 23, 2019 07:55 PM

Charmed Estates
Posts: 1774
Mallory | Chelsea | Hunter/Eventing Rider | M: Conrad, Eastyn |

Mallory was next to arrive, though it was a great deal of time after Conrad's dependably early entrance. She debated whether it would be possible to turn back now, but came to the conclusion that she had nowhere to go "home" to, relative as the term already was.

Sighing, she pulled her outer cardigan a little closer to her small frame, shivering despite evident humidity brought on by the scattered showers. She plodded into the barn as quickly as her short legs would carry her to escape being cold and wet. However, she saw a man and a woman who seemed to be chatting professionally, so she decided to go around, saying hello to the friendly horses. This happened to be most of them since Conrad's early entrance had delayed feeding time for a large percentage of the equines in this barn.

Edited at March 23, 2019 07:56 PM by Rishy <3
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 23, 2019 07:57 PM

Charmed Estates
Posts: 1774
I'm going to wait on Leah and Keenan since Keenan is a fashionably late kinda guy and Leah is, well... Leah xD
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 23, 2019 10:16 PM

Posts: 1423
Jesabel's Belle |:| Belle |:| 8 |:| TB x Arb |:| Pasture, along drive |:| Mallory & Leah

Long legs thundered along the railing of the large pasture. Her tail slightly raised as she galloped along the drive. The roan mare raced a vehicle (Mallory). She slowed to a walk, throwing a rear in, she hasn't been fed and was mad about it. She wasn't a grazing horse, and hated being inside, so she was usually one of the last to be fed. Belle flicked her black tail and bucked, her ears pinned and eyes hard, she looked mean and scary. She pranced around as she waited for her rider to get here, maybe her rider would spoil her and give her food.

Edited at March 23, 2019 10:21 PM by SMGaming
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 24, 2019 01:47 AM

Stone Valley Acres
Posts: 1724
William | Fidget | X-Country Rider | M: Elizabeth

The drive to the the stables had been one of the many tiring drives in William's short life, filled with excessive chatter from Elizabeth who was either teasing him, goading him or simply talking about the scenery outside the car. He was very much incapable of inserting a phrase, let alone a sentence edge wise. And thus, all he did was gently shake his head in amusement, his soft hair swinging in the same direction.
His thoughts were interrupted by Elizabeth looking intently at him with her serious face before voicing her opinion on his hair. "I think you ought to shave your hair off instead of having fluffy and wavy hair in light fringe and down to your ears." William spluttered "I like my-"
"I know. But you look weird. No wonder no one looks twice at you in approval. Tsh."
Considering that William could not even argue, he let it slide. He felt the irritation melt away like ice as they drove up the lane. He felt a smile on his face as his sister exclaimed "Look Will! There are so many astounding horses. What do you think? It's cool isn't it? Amazing... I want to become the best rider ever! Do you want to too? The sky is pretty. It's the bluest blue I've ever seen!"

He parked the car along the side of the courtyard and climbed out, keys in hand. His keen blue eyes scanned the courtyard and the surrounding areas, already memorising the layout. He looked back to where Elizabeth should have been and sighed for the umpteenth time in three hours. It was of no surprise that she was missing. Or rather, happily skipping towards the barn. Laughing, William followed at a slower pace, taking in the clean air as he followed his sister.

Edited at March 24, 2019 01:48 AM by Stormed Winter Ranch
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 24, 2019 02:02 AM

Stone Valley Acres
Posts: 1724
Elizabeth | Moto | Show Jumping Rider | M: William, Mallory
Elizabeth had easily avoided her brother and set off towards the barn where she saw another girl going round. Her initial shyness kicking in, she hesitated at the entrance and looked back to see where her older brother was. Comfortingly, he was a matter of a few steps away from her, though he was chuckling to himself. "You are so bouncy but you're too afraid to even say "Hello" ' William's snide remark swept past her as she eagerly agreed before pushing him into the barn, sheltering behind his large frame with the great ease of immense practice.
Peering out from behind him, she felt safer and smiled warmly up at her brother. He was the only person left for her anyway. Then William spoilt the mood by rubbing her hair cheekily, inducing Elizabeth to shove him. She emitted a "Hmph." and pointedly glanced away from him.
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 24, 2019 08:33 AM

Charmed Estates
Posts: 1774
Mallory | Chelsea | Hunter/Eventing Rider | M: Elizabeth, Keenan, Leah, William |

Mallory had felt calm and at ease when it was just her and a few others who hadn't bothered to say as much as a quick greeting. She preferred it this way, especially on the account of her crippling shyness. So, when a young man and his sister, assumably, came bouncing in, disrupting the sluggish serenity of sleepy ponies and stable hands, Mallory was slightly overwhelmed.

Nonetheless, her large, expressive eyes scanned over the pair. When her eyes caught the young woman's, she offered a kind, reserved half-smile, almost making an effort to greet them. Almost...

Keenan | Ro | Cross Country/Jumping/Eq Trainer | M: None |

Just then, the peace of the stables was even more disrupted, this time to an irrecompensable level.

"Yo, what is up, my dudes? How is everyone feeling this morning?"

Conrad | Roxy | Dressage/Other Trainer | M: Eastyn, Keenan |

"Enter: Hurricane Keenan," grumbled Conrad as he forced his gaze to fix on his younger sibling.

Keenan | Ro | Cross Country/Jumping/Eq Trainer | M: Conrad |

Keenan's vibrant boisterousness was not well received. In fact, besides dull silence, it was only met with the eye-roll and disbelieving grumbles of the locals.

"Geez, tough crowd in here. What'd I miss, a funeral?" While the young man's demeanor stayed optimistic, he was internally dying. At his last barn, he made a living off of all the single women and teens who thought he was a god reincarnated. Here? It would take all the material in his short comedic portfolio to get someone to crack a smile. He turned to his brother, cringing in an exaggerated, humored manner. "This is definitely going to be a good fit for you, my man."
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 24, 2019 08:51 AM

Stone Valley Acres
Posts: 1724
Elizabeth | Moto | Show Jumping Rider | M: William, Mallory
As Elizabeth's blue eyes caught those of the other, she returned the smile with her own, accompanied by a small wave. She felt the adrenaline run through her blood and heated up in embarrassment. She quickly averted her gaze and retracted to stick by her brother who, as usual, had no problem offering a bright smile and a confident wave. Anxiety and uncertainty flooded her, removing the mild shred of confidence.

Edited at March 24, 2019 08:52 AM by Stormed Winter Ranch

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