Neptune Estates
02:53:06 K
-HEE Click-

EE combo ISH/AA auction! Cheap SB
Purple Pegasus Farm
02:52:44 Graceful
*Evil cackle*
Freiheit Farms
02:51:57 Frei
Dang but I wasn't safe from you xD
Freiheit Farms
02:51:30 Frei
You're safe for now Purple. For now >:(
Frosty Farms
02:50:46 Curiosity/Furiosity
Swoop ans miss everytim.e
Mysterious oak ranch
02:49:30 ⁇ Mystery WBs
it's ok I lost it xD
Frosty Farms
02:49:26 Curiosity/Furiosity
I can't raid myself... This takes awhile.
Purple Pegasus Farm
02:49:24 Graceful
That's my line.
Freiheit Farms
02:49:11 Frei
Nooo Oak why the breeding token xD
Mysterious oak ranch
02:48:59 ⁇ Mystery WBs
mwahahahaha nobody is safe
02:48:38 Creach💫
>:( Rude XD
Frosty Farms
02:48:32 Curiosity/Furiosity
Not my detergant! Why Oak? Whyyyyy???
Mysterious oak ranch
02:48:15 ⁇ Mystery WBs
02:48:13 Creach💫
NO! My coffee was stolen :(
Purple Pegasus Farm
02:47:39 Graceful
The treachery lol.
Freiheit Farms
02:47:24 Frei
Revenge xD
Frosty Farms
02:47:21 Curiosity/Furiosity
Ive raided everyone... Now I sit and wait.
02:47:19 Creach💫
I stole coffee :3
Freiheit Farms
02:47:02 Frei
Purple stole the roses I stole So I stole the leather cleaner so you couldn't give it to Purple xD
Frosty Farms
02:46:18 Curiosity/Furiosity
That wasnt my fault someone else took your pretty flowers.

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High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 26, 2019 01:05 PM

Rishy <3
Posts: 455
Keenan | Ro | Cross Country/Jumping/Eq Trainer | M: Conrad, Eastyn |
Keenan sighed defeatedly as he stuck his hands in his pants pockets, a disappointed demeanor overtaking his rather fun aura. "Understood..."

Conrad | Roxy | Dressage/Other Trainer | M: Eastyn, Keenan |
Conrad nodded at his brother admirably, almost as a father would. "Now that that's resolved, what is our next order of business?"
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 26, 2019 01:10 PM

Rishy <3
Posts: 455
Mallory | Chelsea | Hunter/Eventing Rider | M: Elizabeth, William |
A sweet smile lit up Mallory's face in amusement. This guy was too much... With a gentle laugh, the young woman softly said, "I meant location, but I'm sure the knowledge of your lineage will be very handy someday."

The young blonde studied William's face for a moment, though not in an awkward way. After he spoke, she once again replied, "I'm not a local like you two, I had to fly here by plane." Rolling her steely gray eyes, she added, "it's a long story, really. I won't hold you up."
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 26, 2019 02:54 PM

Stone Valley Acres
Posts: 1623
William | Fidget | X-Country Rider | M: Elizabeth and Mallory
"Thanks! I'm sure it will. After all, I am quite intelligent." he responded gratefully with a confident wink, yet another warm smile gracing his face.
"You're not local! Wow! Elizabeth, she's from far away!" Easily amazed, he excitedly stated turning to where Elizabeth was awkwardly standing. "That's so cool! I'm sure it's not too long; we have all the time in the world right now. You can tell us when you feel comfortable."

Edited at March 26, 2019 02:54 PM by Stormed Winter Ranch
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 26, 2019 02:58 PM

Stone Valley Acres
Posts: 1623
Elizabeth | Moto | Show Jumping Rider | M: William and Mallory
Elizabeth had been awkwardly watching her brother and Mallory chat on the sidelines, feeling slightly out of place. Thus, she was slightly startled when her brother turned to her, looking as though he'd seen something amazing. His excitement triggered hers and she continued "Yeah! It is amazing isn't it? They know all sorts of new things we don't. Don't you think we're boring? I think we're boring. We don't have any fun stories..."
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 26, 2019 04:34 PM

Rishy <3
Posts: 455
Keenan | Ro | Cross Country/Jumping/Eq Trainer | M: Elizabeth, Mallory, William |

Not long after, the meeting had fizzled into closing remarks, and the three trainers had resumed their getting-to-know-each-other period. With a rejuvenated gusto and his typical youthful spirit, Keenan jumped right into the conversation between the three riders who seemed to each be in their late teens.
"What is poppin'? Are we ready to par-tay?"

He asked the questions energetically, cutting Mallory off unknowingly. The young woman shyly smiled and nodded as heat rose to her cheeks, giving them a blushy color. Although it was truly due to the awkwardness that came with being interrupted, it was obviously assumable that she was blushing because she had taken a bit of a fancy to Keenan. Although, that was the last thing she was feeling internally; his boisterousness was rather disruptive and made her rather anxious. Although not necessarily in the market for a significant other, Mallory much preferred William's docile personality to Keenan's flamboyance. Additionally, the age gap between them was not quite acceptable in Mallory's brain, even though it physically caused her pain to think about that at all.

Cringing just slightly, the young woman crossed her arms and glanced over to Elizabeth, wondering if she too was uncomfortable with the boyishness of the man who was supposed to be a person of authority. She wasn't worried about William as much because of his seemingly chill, go-with-the-flow demeanor thus far. She even thought that the two young men would probably end up as close friends. "I have a question," she began, probably to Keenan, though the question was probably best suited for Eastyn.

"Shoot," the young man replied cooly, his intense gaze now directed fully at Mallory.

Blushing and shuffling around, looking at her feet, Mallory once again lost her words. "Forget it, I lost--I lost my train of thought... yeah..."

Edited at March 26, 2019 04:34 PM by Rishy <3
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 26, 2019 04:40 PM

Prythian Manor
Posts: 316
Eastyn King / Owner / M: All students
She turns to the students, raising her hand to signal for silence, "Welcome honored High Valley students. While you are here, you have the chance to start a career for yourself and get you on the right path to a great equine career. Questions will be answered by either Instructors or me if we are not too busy." She throws a look to Keenan, who by now was probably bored. "Thank you, and all of us here at High Valley hope that you have an amazing stay and experience in our stables."

She looks around slowly, panning over all the faces. "But first, you'll have a chance to eat and rest after your long journey. The house is at the top of the hill to the North and your food is waiting. I hope you make yourselves at home and again, we hope you enjoy your stay," she emphasis the 'go eat' part by nodding for the students to dismiss.
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 27, 2019 06:22 AM

Winter Fell Stables
Posts: 3680
Gabriella Grey/F/17/Rider/M: Eastyn

Gabriella walked over and watched and listened to Eastyn. When Eastyn was done Gabriella went and got her bike out of her truck. Then she started biking up to the house with her clothes.
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 27, 2019 06:46 PM

Prythian Manor
Posts: 316
<b style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"> Eastyn King / Owner / M: Conrad
<b style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Eastyn grabs a mesh riding jacket, the pine green material hugging her small frame nicely. She looks over her shoulder, "Conrad, I'm leaving you in charge. I have to warm up Arro before supervising and you know how stallions can get." She nods to Conrad and tosses a glare to Keenan before disappearing into the tack room.
<b style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">
<b style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">She grabs Arro's dark leather bridle, stacking it on top of the matching saddle and pine green saddle pad. She reaches for a hook and barely manages to grab the saddle, halter in hand, before it slips.
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 27, 2019 07:08 PM

RiverWood Ranch
Posts: 355
Alec Raider | 25 | Male | Eventer/Racer | M: Open

Alec pulled up to the barn in a big blue chevy, his radio playing Heaven by Kane brown. Throwing the truck into park, Alec steps out. He had a feeling that he was late, his steely blue grey eyes taking in his surroundings. He shuts the truck door and walks into the barn looking around. Finding what he was looking for he walks up to the chimara bay mare. "You must be scuttle he says looking the mare over. He looked over his shoulder, looking to see if anyone was around. The barn looked empty, however he turned on his heels and continued his stroll through the barn. There had to be someone here. He looks into what looked like an office, but didn't see anyone.
High Valley Stud / Play / OPEN March 27, 2019 09:56 PM

Rishy <3
Posts: 455
Conrad | Roxy | Dressage/Other Trainer | M: All |

Although surprised at the notion of the person in charge deserting her welcoming responsibilities, and breakfast, something that would be fundamentally mind-blowing to his brother, Conrad complied.

"Sounds good," he replied gently, uneasily glancing around. As he came to the conclusion that a good percentage of the students were old enough to at least know what good decision-making skills were, his intensity calmed into a placid state of ease.

{Elizabeth, Mallory, William}
In one corner, he saw a blonde girl who was already dressed to ride. He pegged her as an eager and bold rider, though he noticed her demeanor was anything but. He hoped that she was one of his students, or maybe Eastyn's...if she had any kids at all. He knew that her personality wouldn't be well suited with that of his brother's. With her was another teenage girl, though this one seemed more capricious and lively. Not much could really be observed about this young woman, for her back was away from him. Towering over the two girls was a young man, whom he assumed might have been related to the one girl, whom he seemed to occasionally glance over at and check up on. He decided that the three could be total strangers as well, and kept glancing onward.

{Gabriella, Keenan}
Thanks to the fact that the main barn was staged on a hill overlooking the many, many acres of property, Conrad could also look onward to see that there was a girl biking up to the house. Not much about her could be made out, since she was already pretty far away. The only thing that caught his eye about her was the fact that she was lugging up some bags, which probably could and should have been brought up by car. Already sprinting up there was Keenan, who was barely visible due to his great distance from the barn at this point. It was likely that he had ran full-speed for the almost-mile between the barn and the main house, which made the young man shake his head with a disbelieving smile. That man would do anything for food...

Finally, Conrad's wistful gaze found the entrance of the office, where a man he had not yet seen seemed to be looking for assistance. With a sudden rush of adrenaline thanks to the fact that he had been assigned to and required to carry the responsibility of filling in for his new boss, he quickly arose and shot over there with haste. "May I help you with something? I'm Conrad, one of the main trainers here."

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