01:03:13 Legion
No. They're both random and won't pass on
WB Warmblood Heaven
01:02:43 WB-Dreamys♡
-HEE Click-

Is that good that he is Pangere and Chimera if i wanna colorbreed with him?
Hayzed Pastures
Me at 1100 shows *nahhh im only halfway there*
Me now ..... im like.. two barns shy. This is not ok.
Majestic Wolf Ranch
01:01:43 Ranza II
-HEE Click-

Well, he's pretty.
12:57:00 desert
haha no, it's 1500. Get that FR farm up and running. And you're right! It's a really nice financial buffer for ROs when you get carried away lol
Haly Zui's Horses
12:56:26 Haly
I'm around 180 shows per week ...I can take my time :D
12:55:17 Summer/Lani
-HEE Click- ooh boo.
Hayzed Pastures
I thought it was 2000. Lol shit im a lot closer to hitting the cap than i thought...
Haly Zui's Horses
12:54:23 Haly
thank you! still a long way off
Bright Horizons
12:53:49 Horizon
Oops sorry that's per horse.
Bright Horizons
12:53:36 Horizon
3 I believe.
12:53:33 Legion
Haly Zui's Horses
12:53:00 Haly
what is the limit for show within 1 week?
Hayzed Pastures
I wanna have enough geldings to where i dont have to have the PPP/PEP mares with riders and showing/training. That gets way too expensive lol. All my showing usually goes to at least one sven and a nice brood. and so far. Every. Fucking. One. Has failed. So. I keep trying LOL. The FR farming will be for that damned quest and then the lovely RO nights where... i spend too much on breeding and then dont enter shows or pay riders. And im fucked for the next 2 months lol. Thats happened before and i try to never let it happen again
12:50:46 Legion
There. Upgraded that barn. Now to yeet some geldings in.
12:49:00 desert
The money from showing that I normally earn strictly goes towards rider fees and more barns
12:48:19 desert
Do it! I 10/10 recommend FR farming! I invested in it when I realized I'd be hitting the show cap soon. And I don't have a profitable breeding program to fall back on. And the nice part is that every RO I get several surprise hundreds of thousands of ebs that I can then throw away on breeding :)
Hayzed Pastures
Soon i hope to have enough space to be able to FR farm a little for some extra cash. I usually get 200 shit foals every year that dont meet the standards. I even had to start culling some of the PPP fillies if they didnt have color cause i was running out of space x)
Fox Catcher Farms
12:45:58 Foxy
-HEE Click- By far my best capture ever
12:44:41 Dimmed
-HEE Click-
Oooh sexy

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~ Horses with Power~ Play, is open! April 25, 2019 08:32 AM

Frosty Farms
Posts: 4199
Tucked away in a secluded valley lives a herd of wild horses. While they may appear to be quite ordinary, All possess certain abilities to ensure the herd stay safe and undiscovered. Each horse may have two abilities that they grow with and learn to control from a foal, assisted by the herds leaders and caretakers. With this, the herds leader may change throughout history as new and old characters are introduced and dismissed.

While the herd members have a variety of sassy, quiet, outgoing, and determined attitudes, the herds drama stays in the RP. If one horse somehow gains the ability to be untouchable, it will be overthrown and removed from the herd. There are foals, so keep things PG for their sake and your own. Romance is okay, so long as the stallions and mares stick to each other. The herds gods (HEE) has a few rules of their own. Keep to them or rather feel their wrath. No one wants to be smitten. The horses do like to have fun, and only have as many horses as you can handle.

1. All HEE rules apply!
2. Be creative, add some sass!! Just keep it in the RP.
3. No godmodding! Whatsoever. Zip. No. Never.
4. Keep it PG
5. MxF romance only
6. Follow all HEE rules of RP
7. Have fun and be creative. Be the characters, feel their pain, joy, sadness. ThatÂÂ’s what keeps an RP going.
8. Addition: DO NOT Kill/ fatally injure another character without permission. But, if someone kills ones of their characters, they may create a new one.

Lead Stallion 1/1
Diablo-White forest- 7

Lead mare 1/1
Ivy~ Frosty Farms

Herd mares 2/6
Luna- Saratank

Protecting Stallions 1/6

Elders/teachers 0/3

Foals 3/6
Jayden- Winter fell-2
Danni- BreezieM30wRIDs-2
Healer 0/1

Healers apprentice 0/1

Stable name & number:


If you add another character or edit something please tell me!)

Edited at May 1, 2019 06:45 PM by Frosty Farms
~ Horses with Power~ Play, is open! April 25, 2019 08:33 AM

Frosty Farms
Posts: 4199
~ Starting Post~

Ivy/7/F/Herd mare/open

Ivy smiled as the wind played with her mane. The mare looked over the herd to make sure they were safe and sound.
~ Horses with Power~ Play, is open! April 25, 2019 11:24 AM
White Forest Farms
Posts: 841
Diablo stood away from the herd all alone. he watched Ivy on the hill and nickered softly.
~ Horses with Power~ Play, is open! April 25, 2019 12:43 PM

Gem Stone Estate
Posts: 586
Risky | Herd Mare | M: Open

Risky trotted around the valley quietly, stopping to graze every now and then on the sweet green grass. She looked around every now and then, observing her surroundings.
~ Horses with Power~ Play, is open! April 25, 2019 02:50 PM
White Forest Farms
Posts: 841
Obsidian saw a horse trotting nearby and whinnied to her warning her to stay close. Although he was the lead stalion, he was still protective in every way.
~ Horses with Power~ Play, is open! April 25, 2019 03:00 PM

Gem Stone Estate
Posts: 586
Risky | Herd Mare | M: Open

Risky lifted her head towards the whinny. Moving back towards the herd, she continues to graze quietly, her sabino coat glimmering in the sun softly.
~ Horses with Power~ Play, is open! April 25, 2019 03:04 PM
White Forest Farms
Posts: 841
Diablo / Lead stallion / M:Ivy

Whoops, wrong name XD))

Diablo watched all of the horses before trotting up the hill and standing next to Ivy nuzzling her cheek.
~ Horses with Power~ Play, is open! April 25, 2019 05:03 PM

Frosty Farms
Posts: 4199
Lol I saw!)

Ivy/ Lead mare/ Diablo

Ivy smiled at Diablo before nuzzling his neck.
~ Horses with Power~ Play, is open! April 26, 2019 08:43 AM
White Forest Farms
Posts: 841
Diablo / Lead stallion / M:Ivy
Diablo looked over to their herd and smiled at the horses down below.

Edited at April 26, 2019 08:45 AM by White Forest Farms
~ Horses with Power~ Play, is open! April 26, 2019 01:53 PM

Frosty Farms
Posts: 4199
Ivy/Lead mare/Diablo

Ivy smirked before she nudged him and ran down the hill.

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