Nordic Acres
06:03:06 Keo
Idk the signs but according to Cheeto she was showing the signs so I hurried over 😂😂 idk what signs she was showing.. and we definitely felt movement but it was just a weeee bit to early lolol
Procyon Ponies
06:02:59 InkSpren
Sometimes I prefer to take roads I'm familiar with instead of roads that are more direct.
Emmas Eventers
Pretty Wraithcry
Wraithcry Farm
06:01:53 Crazy Cat Lady
I have done endurance in the past. I am considering doing it again but for now I just ride for fun :)
I sold all my English stuff so part of that is me trying to repurchase everything ;’)
Mondor Ridge
06:01:49 Jess~Mon
Our stud got out and bred one of our mares this year <.>
Mondor Ridge
06:01:23 Jess~Mon
Omg thats awful Keo XD
Nordic Acres
06:00:49 Keo
I remember being at Cheetos house last summer waiting for her mini mare to foal... stayed out in the barn ALLL night long... turns out she wouldn't foal until 5 months later.. brat never conceived with her first stud but conceived immediately with her second stud 5 months later unknowingly lmao. Bratty lil minis
Silver Acres
Shes a cutie, what discipline do you do?
Wraithcry Farm
05:59:59 Crazy Cat Lady
This is the daughter I am thinking about. Her name is Sophia.
05:59:45 Legion
There's easily a half dozen different streets that could have been taken that didn't require hopping on the highway and going that far south.
Silver Acres
-HEE Click-
Ok imma just leave this here because I burst with pride everytime I see it. I was not expecting this and he has such a good color rating ee I love him I cant wait
SilverWish Stables
05:59:26 Wish
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
Any name suggestions?
Mondor Ridge
05:58:52 Jess~Mon
I want food.
Jellos Warmbloods
05:58:36 Giggles Wubs
Maybe there was traffic or accidents or something.
05:58:35 Legion
And I'm just sitting here going "wut"
05:57:53 Legion
He was by the resturant, headed east, hopped on the highway, went south, jumped on another highway, went west, got off the highway, and now he's on some diagonal road going NE
Mondor Ridge
05:57:22 Jess~Mon
oh jeez Eury LOL

Ally, I love my mini's, they are the best when taught like a big horse.
Wraithcry Farm
05:57:02 Crazy Cat Lady
I worked at a barn with a mini. He passed away sadly. Best most naughtiest little guy ever lol
Color Wonder Stables
05:56:41 Kass/Color 🌻
Roadwork detour maybe?
05:56:02 Legion
Just being baffled on the route this guy's taking to go pick up my food

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Rescue Ranch||Riding RP||Sign Ups||CLOSED June 3, 2019 04:22 PM

Cloudy Legends
Posts: 186
About the RP:

Each year, a select few of riders are chosen to come and work here at “Rescue Ranch”, a rehabilitation center for horses. And this year, you’re one of them. But you’re about to learn it’s must more than just a job;
it’s a family.

On your first day, you will be assigned a horse to rehabilitate and “rescue” based on your personality and skill. The rest is up to you. How will you go about healing?

Welcome, to Rescue Ranch.


- All HEE rules apply!!!
- Keep the cursing to a minimum!!!
- No sharing and/or asking for personal information!!
- Hate/Love the character, not the person!!
- Absolutely no OP!!!
- All characters MUST have flaws!!
- No arguing with ANYONE when OOC
- I have every right to decline your form!!
- Put “Legend” in other
- LGBTQ+ is welcome (I’m not even straight either...)
- Have Fun!!!

Ranks & Meanings:


The owner, of course, is rather self-explanatory. They help out and rule over all the others.
Owner (1/1):
Stella Arios-F-Cloudy Legends

Rescue Crew:

The rescue crew consists of the people who go out on missions to save the horses in need. They are divided into two teams:

The Red Team (4/4):
Jasmine King-F-HMHRealityCheck
Meckenize Stuart-F-FrostedShadowPath
Oliver Scott-T-MarbleFox Manner
Satashma Circione-F-Cloudy Legends
Carson Odell-M-Arabian Heritage

The Blue Team (1/4):
Christopher James(trainee)-M-FrostedShadowPath

The blue team is for those training to be a rescuer.


The riders are the ones to are assigned a horse to rehabilitate. They’re paired with their horses based on their personality and skill. Please keep the ratio of horses and riders even!!!
Riders (6/unlimited):
[P]Carson Oddel-M-Arabian Heritage
[P]“Seven”-F-Dancing in The Dark
Oliver Scott-T-MarbleFox Manner
Satashma Circione-F-Cloudy Legends
[P]Meckenzie Stuart-F-FrostedShadowPath
[P]Christopher James(trainee)-M-FrostedShadowPath


The horses are the ones who are rescued. When making one, please include wether they have been rescued already or still need rescued. Also include why they were rescued.
Horses (7/less then riders):
[P]Ferox-M-Dancing in The Dark
Calypso-M-Arabian Heritage
[P]Gunner-M-Cloudy Legends
Shadow-M-Cloudy Legends
[P]Devanni-F-Arabian Heritage



Age (16+):
RP example:


Are they already rescued?:
Why do they need rescued?:
RP example:

Rescuers and riders are now combined. It is now an option to be both.

Names of horses and riders that have a [P] in front of them have been paired.

There is now only two rescue teams, one being for trainees and the other being for those who have surpassed training.

Those under 16 will be ranked a trainee

Edited at June 21, 2019 10:41 PM by Cloudy Legends
Rescue Ranch||Riding RP||Sign Ups||CLOSED June 5, 2019 03:33 PM

Cloudy Legends
Posts: 186
You may now post!!!!

Edited at June 21, 2019 10:12 PM by Cloudy Legends
Rescue Ranch||Riding RP||Sign Ups||CLOSED June 5, 2019 03:39 PM

Posts: 1447
It says you are assigned a horse but why do we fill out a horse form if the are assigned
Rescue Ranch||Riding RP||Sign Ups||CLOSED June 5, 2019 03:45 PM

Cloudy Legends
Posts: 186
Horse is just one of the roles. You don’t have to make one.
Edited at June 5, 2019 03:46 PM by Cloudy Legends
Rescue Ranch||Riding RP||Sign Ups||CLOSED June 5, 2019 03:46 PM

Posts: 1447
Oh so you create a horse or a person
Rescue Ranch||Riding RP||Sign Ups||CLOSED June 5, 2019 03:47 PM

Cloudy Legends
Posts: 186
Yep :)
Rescue Ranch||Riding RP||Sign Ups||CLOSED June 5, 2019 03:48 PM

Posts: 1447
Oh okay
Rescue Ranch||Riding RP||Sign Ups||CLOSED June 5, 2019 03:48 PM

Cloudy Legends
Posts: 186
Before you create a form, just know that I added that you need an RP example.
Edited at June 5, 2019 03:49 PM by Cloudy Legends
Rescue Ranch||Riding RP||Sign Ups||CLOSED June 5, 2019 04:00 PM

Posts: 1447

Name: Jasmine King
Nick-name: Jas
Gender: Female
Age (16+): 22
Role: Human, Rescuer and a Rider
Appearance: She looks like a city girl, but she definitely is a country girl. She has fair skin with mid thigh length dark hair that is always in a French braid. She very rarely wears makeup. She has very bright blue eyes that change from light sky blue to dark ocean blue depending on her mood.
Personality: She is tough and someone you don't want as your enemy. She is kind to her friends and animals. Has as many male friends as female. One of the flaws that she has is that she worries about her reputation to much and what people will think of her.
RP Example: As Jasmine filled out the application form, she felt a bit of nerves. What if, the horse is beyond help or what if no one likes me or I fail or, or, or... It will be okay. Don't worry. Yeah, I will be great. NO. I'll be amazing. My horse will turn out great.
Other: Legend, would prefer a gelding to a mare or stallion but anything is okay.

Edited at June 11, 2019 06:49 AM by HMHRealityCheck
Rescue Ranch||Riding RP||Sign Ups||CLOSED June 5, 2019 04:02 PM

Posts: 1447
What do you mean by the RP example

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