Neptune Estates
02:53:20 K
Wrong chat so sorry
Freiheit Farms
02:53:16 Frei
Im still holding on to your leather cleaner though xD
Neptune Estates
02:53:06 K
-HEE Click-

EE combo ISH/AA auction! Cheap SB
Purple Pegasus Farm
02:52:44 Graceful
*Evil cackle*
Freiheit Farms
02:51:57 Frei
Dang but I wasn't safe from you xD
Freiheit Farms
02:51:30 Frei
You're safe for now Purple. For now >:(
Frosty Farms
02:50:46 Curiosity/Furiosity
Swoop ans miss everytim.e
Mysterious oak ranch
02:49:30 ⁇ Mystery WBs
it's ok I lost it xD
Frosty Farms
02:49:26 Curiosity/Furiosity
I can't raid myself... This takes awhile.
Purple Pegasus Farm
02:49:24 Graceful
That's my line.
Freiheit Farms
02:49:11 Frei
Nooo Oak why the breeding token xD
Mysterious oak ranch
02:48:59 ⁇ Mystery WBs
mwahahahaha nobody is safe
02:48:38 Creach💫
>:( Rude XD
Frosty Farms
02:48:32 Curiosity/Furiosity
Not my detergant! Why Oak? Whyyyyy???
Mysterious oak ranch
02:48:15 ⁇ Mystery WBs
02:48:13 Creach💫
NO! My coffee was stolen :(
Purple Pegasus Farm
02:47:39 Graceful
The treachery lol.
Freiheit Farms
02:47:24 Frei
Revenge xD
Frosty Farms
02:47:21 Curiosity/Furiosity
Ive raided everyone... Now I sit and wait.
02:47:19 Creach💫
I stole coffee :3

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Lazy x Flying | Private July 17, 2019 10:26 PM

Lazy Duck Elites
Posts: 5967
Ares sighed upon seeing her head nod and listening to her words. His sigh was deep. He closed his eyes momentarily, before opening them and nodded his head softly at Iris. "Alright... If I have any problems with you misbehaving, or being on your feet, I'm bringing you back here, Iris," He said sternly before he turned to look at the healer. "I was helping her get dressed and my arm roughly hit her stitches," He said, not exactly telling a, but not the whole truth.
Lazy x Flying | Private July 17, 2019 10:44 PM
Posts: 921
Iris nodded her head, quickly.
“I promise Ares, I’ll be good,” she whined, she wanted anything but to stay here. She would hate it, Ares leaving every night, sleeping in an uncomfortable bed. She let out another whimper, her tears slowly falling down.
“Okay, just ensure you are very gentle, perhaps she should dress herself next time.” Th healer suggested. Iris was laying him no mind, no mind at all.
Lazy x Flying | Private July 17, 2019 10:47 PM

Lazy Duck Elites
Posts: 5967
Ares nodded, glancing at the healer, "Thank you," Ares shocked himself by saying that... But, Iris was changing him. He looked back at her and saw her tears. He frowned, wiping her tears away with the pad of his thumb, Kissing her hand. "Don't cry... Does it still hurt?" He asked her, softly.
Lazy x Flying | Private July 17, 2019 10:54 PM
Posts: 921
Iris was slightly shocked, by his words, but still was more focused on herself. She nodded to his words.
“It hurts, it really hurts.” She whsipered. It didn’t help, that whatever Axel had done, was starting to ware off. The goddess whimpered and rested her face in his palm.
Lazy x Flying | Private July 17, 2019 10:57 PM

Lazy Duck Elites
Posts: 5967
Ares frowned deeply. He caressed her cheek as she rested her face in his hand. He felt so, so bad. He kissed her head. He sighed deeply again. "Do you want me to take the pain away again?" He asked, quietly. He kept rubbing her cheek, being really gentle.
Lazy x Flying | Private July 17, 2019 11:03 PM
Posts: 921
Iris closed her eyes at him and then shook her head.
“No, I will be okay.” She whsipered out to him, still shaken up.
“I just want to go home.” She added, her voice so very gentle. She knew she had made a mistake, she wasn’t careful enough, because she didn’t truly feel the pain from it all, now, she learned her lesson.
Lazy x Flying | Private July 17, 2019 11:07 PM

Lazy Duck Elites
Posts: 5967
Ares sighed deeply and kissed her head. He looked back at the healer. "When can I take her home? Also, we'll need a wheelchair," he murmured, looking back at Iris with his gaze still guilty, He closed his eyes for a while before opening them again. "We'll go home and rest in bed and watch movies, that sound alright?" He asked her, his voice soft,
Lazy x Flying | Private July 17, 2019 11:21 PM
Posts: 921
The healer smiled.
“Now, I will grab you a wheelchair, and be right back.” He said, and scurried away. As soon as he left, Iris looked up at Ares.
“Stop thinking it was your fault. I was being completely childish, it was my fault Ares.” She told him, blurting it out, as she gazed at him.

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