Lotus Flower Estate
09:30:41 ᪥ Lotus
The best play 👌
Star Catcher Estate
09:30:24 Fleur|Amoeba Mom
You should listen to the soundtrack Onyx ;)
The soundtrack is the show in it's entirety, just without visuals. There really isn't any "dialogue"
Hayzed Pastures
Hamilton is a play.
Pony Paradise
09:30:11 Pony || 🦆
I like I Know Him better personally xD
But Groff as a whole is just hilarious lmao
Dark Walkers
09:29:17 Onyx
O.o I am just sitting in the corner of the room wondering what yall are talking about. I mean I have heard of Hamiliton I have never watched or heard his songs before xd
Breezie Rose
09:28:43 Goat Mama
What should I name her? Cos I have no ideas XD
Equestrians dreams
09:28:32 MJ
Oh yayyy thanks lucky! My first piece
Lotus Flower Estate
09:28:00 ᪥ Lotus
Y'all are making me want to go watch it but i dont have time 🙃
Star Catcher Estate
09:27:24 Fleur|Amoeba Mom
oh absolutely Jeri xD
It's one of the best songs in the show.
I also love Farmer Refuted
Pony Paradise
09:27:23 Pony || 🦆
Pssh I'm watching Hamilton right now xD
Lucky Ranch
09:27:16 Licky 🍇
If you credited everything, then yes :)
Jericho Stables
You'll Be Back is my favorite part of Hamilton
Lotus Flower Estate
09:26:23 ᪥ Lotus

I use my boyfriend's netflix so I can also have Disney+ lol
Equestrians dreams
09:26:15 MJ
Is my crediting right? -Click-
equestriansenter 8
Lucky Ranch
09:25:30 Licky 🍇
Agh I want to get Disney+ but i dont have the money for a second subscription (already have Netflix)
Lotus Flower Estate
09:24:14 ᪥ Lotus
I still have yet to watch Hamilton on Disney+
Star Catcher Estate
09:23:53 Fleur|Amoeba Mom
also congrats Breezer!!
09:23:53 destiny
09:23:41 destiny
Uhhh 🙄 k
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Reputation | Thread | Open June 17, 2019 09:00 PM

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Deep in the dense Pennsylvania woods far beyond where the paved roads end, is a huge white barn surrounded by rolling pastures and a large white farmhouse called Misty Morning Farm. For 50 years a farm 1500 miles away called Fox Run Stables hosts a country wide show called Reputation. For 25 years MMF sends an Elite team of riders that have trained all year for this show. There are 6 open spots. MMF has won both classes at Reputation for all 25 years we have attended, holding the Champion title for 25 years. This year there are 6 classes and we are competing in them all. So will MMF continue to hold the Champion title or will it be handed to someone else. It's up to you. (I will be the judge at the show, so in the end I will make the decision depending on how you perform.) You will take one of your own horses and then you will be assigned 2 lesson horses. You will tryout on one and just be assigned another.

Riders 7/7

Levi Ackerman; Horses: Wings Of Freedom, Stargazer and Silver Storm

Savannah Storm; Horses: Dying For Game, Perfect Paradise and Snow In Summer

Natalie Cavallon; Horses: Corazon Amor, Dark Dragonfly and Tuck Your Knees

Tanner Sharpe; Horses: Providence, Splashing Up and Just You Wait

Alexandra King; Horses: AK Kallaga, Indigo Sunset and Full Of Jazz

Gabriella Grey; Horses: The Chancler, Interstellar, Sandy Sable

Heather Proudstorm; Horses: Nightmare, Whimsical Humor and Elite Perfection

Order Of Go For Tryouts

Levi Ackerman; Horse: Stargazer

Savannah Storm; Horse: Perfect Paradise

Natalie Cavallon; Horse: Dark Dragonfly

Tanner Sharpe; Horse: Just You Wait

Alexandra King; Horse: Indigo Sunset

Gabriella Grey; Horse: Sandy Sable

Heather Proudstorm; Horse: Elite Perfection

Note: If you want to switch PM me, I don't know if it will happen but we can try, but you have to have a reason, like my rider is super nervous and you put her on a crazy nervous horse.


MMF Splashing Up "Splash" is a 16.2hh, 9 year old, Buckskin Pinto, Mare, of the American Warmblood breed. Splash is sometimes hard to control, but is very sweet on the ground. She has never bucked or bit.
Rider: Tanner Sharpe

MMF Dark Dragonfly "Bug" is a 15.2hh, 12 year old, Flaxen Chestnut Splash White, Mare of the Morgan breed. Is very unpredictable and is for only the most advanced rider.
Rider: Natalie Cavallon

MMF Full Of Jazz "Jazzy" is a 16.0hh, 14 year old, Black, Mare of the Quarter Horse breed. Jazzy is so sweet and does whatever is asked of her.
Rider: Alexandra King

MMF Silver Storm "Storm" is a 17.1hh, 8 year old, Blue Roan, Gelding of the Draft Cross breed. Storm is sweet but very anxious, you have to be very calm and quiet
Rider: Levi Ackerman

MMF Interstellar "Stella" is a 16.2hh, 4 year old, Bay Pinto, mare of the Thoroughbred breed. Stella is rude and demanding, she requires to be ridden in a certain way. You will find that out quickly.
Rider: Gabriella Grey

MMF Snow In Summer "Summer" is a 15.2hh, 11 year old, Grey Blanket, Mare, of the Oldenburg breed. Very slow moving, requires a lot of leg but is willing.
Rider: Savannah Storm

MMF Tuck Your Knees "Tucker" is a 16.1hh, 6 year old, Palomino Pearl, Gelding of the Swedish Warmblood breed. Tucker is very forward and has trouble relaxing. He also needs a calm, chill rider.
Rider: Natalie Cavallon

MMF Indigo Sunset "Indi" is a 15.2hh, 8 year old, Brown Pinto, Gelding of the Paint breed. Indi is super calm, and is a push button horse.
Rider: Alexandra King

MMF Sandy Sable "Sadie" is a 15.3hh, 13 year old, Pearl Splash White, Mare, of the Selle Francis breed. Sadie is is super chill and is always taking naps. Even during the lesson.
Rider: Gabriella Grey

MMF Perfect Paradise "Ava" is a 16.0hh, 8 year old, Bay Brindle, Mare of the Thoroughbred breed. Ava is quirky, and has a very interesting personality, but is good in the saddle.
Rider: Savannah Storm

MMF Elite Perfection "Ellie" is a 16.3hh, 7 year old, Buckskin, Mare of the Spanish Warmblood breed. Ellie is very good, almost a push button but she can get out of control with an excited or nervous rider.
Rider: Heather Proudstorm

MMF Stargazer "Star" is a 17.1, 10 year old, Blood Bay, Gelding, of the Thoroughbred breed. Star acts like a Stallion and is hard to control and ride in general with mares around.
Rider: Levi Ackerman

MMF Whimsical Humor "Whimsy" is a 15.1hh, 12 year old, Chestnut Leopard, Gelding of the Quarter Horse breed. Just like his name he has a humorous personality and is not the smartest horse.
Rider: Heather Proudstorm

MMF Just You Wait "Ace" is a 16.1hh, 11 year old, Palomino, Gelding, of the American Warmblood breed. Ace has an outgoing personality and takes a special person to get along and succeed with him.
Rider: Tanner Sharpe

Edited at June 29, 2019 01:01 PM by HMHRealityCheck
Reputation | Thread | Open June 29, 2019 10:52 AM

Posts: 3477
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Jasmine King | Owner | Corazon Amor | M: none

Jas slid the white, barn doors open and smiled when she heard the chorus of whinnys and nickers. "Alright, alright, I'll feed you guys."

This RP is officially OPEN
Reputation | Thread | Open June 29, 2019 11:12 AM

Posts: 7014
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(what do you mean by 'tryouts'?)
Reputation | Thread | Open June 29, 2019 12:59 PM

Posts: 3477
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Your trying out for the team, obviously the seven will make it but will get me used to your level and way of riding. During the tryouts don't do things like jump four feet and have the horses rear on command, which they do, but you are going to learn that during the year before the show. For Tryouts you will preform a Dressage test of your choosing, the set up jump coats and our smaller XC course
Reputation | Thread | Open June 29, 2019 02:42 PM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 4988
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Heather Proudstorm | 19 | Rider | Nightmare | M: Open

-A 2019 red wrangler jeep with a grey horse trailer that has a built in tack room drives up to the stables on the gravel road as it was a bit bumpy then she parks her vehicle, turning the engine off in the process. She let out a nervous sigh then grabs Prince's red nylon halter with a black & grey lead rope already attached to the halter as she gets out on the driver side and shuts the door, locking her jeep up then makes her way around to the end of the trailer as she starts unlatching the trailer door on each side-
Reputation | Thread | Open June 29, 2019 03:19 PM

Posts: 3477
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Jasmine King | Owner | Corazon Amor | M: Heather

Jasmine walked up to Heather, "Hi, I'm Jasmine, Misty Morning Farm's owner. Nice to meet you. What is you name?" She said, looking at her clipboard.
Reputation | Thread | Open June 29, 2019 03:23 PM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 4988
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Heather Proudstorm | 19 | Rider | Nightmare | M: Jasmine

"Hello, I'm Heather. Pleasure to meet you, Ms. King" -Heather shyly said as she sets the trailer door down on the gravel ground as it was like a ramp then she went inside the trailer as Prince sweetly nuzzles his short owner. Heather gently patted her large gelding's neck then she puts his red nylon halter on. Once she's has his halter on, she leads the old boy out as he is very well behaved and very well taken cared of as he has a natural muscular body build because of his breed-
Reputation | Thread | Open June 29, 2019 04:59 PM

Hesin aica Stables
Posts: 23583
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GAbriella Grey/18/Rider/The Chancler/M: Open

GAbriella pulled up in a dark blue truck with a big grey goose neck trailer behind it. Gabriella parked her truck and got out. her long black hair was in a pony tail and she was wearing her tan breaches, black tall boots, and a royal blue polo shirt. She closed her truck door and walked to the back of her trailer and opened it up. She walked in to the trailer and then walked out with a dapple grey stallion with a black mane and tail and black up to his knees, and blue eyes. The stallion was 17 hh and had on a royal blue travel blancket with gold piping and he had on matching shipping boots and a matching blue halter and lead. gabriella walked him out of the trailer and closed the trailer door up. She walked into the barn and found a stall with his show name on it. Gabriella took off his blanckst and shipping boots and then walked him into the stall after hanging up his stuff on the stall door.

Reputation | Thread | Open June 29, 2019 05:11 PM

Posts: 3477
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Jasmine King | Owner | Corazon Amor | M: Heather, Prince

"So it says here, that you brought Nightmare or Prince. He is in stall number 6, it has a brass plate with his name and the same if for the tack room with a bridle and saddle rack and space for your tack trunk. In the tack room is also the horse assignment list. Find me if you have any questions."
Reputation | Thread | Open June 29, 2019 05:17 PM

Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 4988
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Heather Proudstorm | 19 | Rider | Nightmare | M: Jasmine, Open

-Heather nods a bit then shyly explains- "His real name is Prince, Nightmare is just his show name and thanks" -She shyly said then leads Prince over to the stable to go find his stall number 6-

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