Woodroffe Stud
03:33:53 Beeze
-HEE Click- is she worth breeding to an EWW+ stallion or nah?
-HEE Click- how has this person showed their horse 8 times in a week?
my barn manager won't enter horses I've assigned to her even when my horses are fed, riders are paid, etc, and I don't know why?
ABC Breeding
02:28:40 PNW
Goodnight, Ink. :)
Argenthyne Appendix
02:27:27 InkSpren
02:23:36 PNW
Hello, confusion. I'm PNW.
Alluring Luminosity
02:16:14 Bri 🌺 // AL
I am confusion.
02:13:21 PNW
Purple Pegasus Farm
02:12:49 Graceful
That makes two.
Argenthyne Appendix
02:10:49 InkSpren
I am so confused.
ABC Breeding
Wow she must be stupid or somthing, okay well ima go hang out with coi (Jumping ellites) so see ya. Oh and have a great morning
ABC Breeding
srry i did a refresh ignore my stupid phone and me
ABC Breeding
Okay...Well if she got blocked on this, Back to wolfquest and scocial media LOL
Woodroffe Stud
02:01:32 Beeze
what is with the genetics game the past few days - 4 combinations are you serioUS
ABC Breeding
Um i keep getting insta'd by coi,she got blocked
Purple Pegasus Farm
01:55:15 Graceful
I keep trying too. Been an odd couple of days for me.
Khatovar KNNs
01:53:20 InkSpren
Get some sleep, girl.
Purple Pegasus Farm
01:48:38 Graceful
Whoopsie. I guess that's what happens when you've had only five hours of sleep in the last four days. 😂
Khatovar KNNs
01:47:42 InkSpren
It's okay, I love you anyway.

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Reputation | Thread | Open July 1, 2019 10:52 AM

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Let's say talking talking to S butyiu have to respond I just caught your horse
Reputation | Thread | Open July 1, 2019 11:19 AM

Winter Fell Stables
Posts: 6989

GAbriella Grey/18/Rider/The Chancler/M:

gabriella walked out of her big tack room with her Jumping and dressage saddle that were in there bags. She walked in to the barn then into the tack room. She put her saddles on the saddle rack then she went back out to her truck and went back into her trailer.

Reputation | Thread | Open July 2, 2019 01:23 AM

Posts: 1538
Savannah Storm | 16 | Rider | Avatar | M: Jasmine, Avatar

"Thanks so much," Savannah said, taking Avatar's halter. "He hates trailer rides. And well, he's a stallion." She checked her horse over and after making sure he was fine, clipped on his lead rope.
(sorry for the late response :))
Reputation | Thread | Open July 4, 2019 12:58 AM
Tanglewood Eventers
Posts: 89
Edited at July 5, 2019 05:37 AM by Tanglewood Eventers
Reputation | Thread | Open July 4, 2019 05:22 AM

Winter Fell Stables
Posts: 6989

GAbriella Grey/18/Rider/The Chancler/M:

Gabriella walked out with her tack box and took it into the barn. She put it under her saddles then closed it again. Te tack box was a dark woody color with shinny gold round the edges.

Reputation | Thread | Open July 5, 2019 06:49 AM

Posts: 1538
Savannah Storm | 16 | Rider | Dying To Be Famous | M: Open

Savannah led Avatar to the stall Jasmine had pointed at. She gently unlatched the door, careful not to spook Avatar, and led him in. He was frazzled after the trailer ride and side-stepped anxiously. "Easy, boy," she murmured, taking out her curry comb from her pocket. She groomed him, with long smooth strokes. He needed to look his best for the tryouts.
Reputation | Thread | Open July 7, 2019 05:54 PM
Aspen Fire ES
Posts: 2827
Heather Proudstorm | 19 | Rider | Nightmare | Barn | M: Open

-Heather walked up to Prince's stall and sees that he's doing alright as he was calmly eating his hay then she walked off to go find the horse she was assigned to for the tryouts-
Reputation | Thread | Open July 8, 2019 01:08 AM
Tanglewood Eventers
Posts: 89
Savannah Storm | 16 | Rider | Dying To be Famous | Barn | M: Heather

Savannah put down her brush and stuffed it in her pocket. She exited Avatar's stall and went to find out what horse she was riding for the tryouts. She saw another girl walking in the same direction as her and nodded her head in acknowledgment.
Reputation | Thread | Open July 8, 2019 08:30 AM

Rishy <3
Posts: 1018
Tanner | Rider | 17 | Providence | Barn | M: Open
Tanner stepped foot in the barn, glancing about as he searched the aisles for his own horse, Vido. Along the way, he noticed several riders, all girls or so it seemed. That was alright, he had concluded long ago, because they could always seem to spread drama amongst themselves without dragging him into it. Or, perhaps, he'd be the basis of their drama, though it often seemed that once they got past his looks and realized he never came out of his shell, they left him alone once more.

Scanning the board, he saw his name with that of an unfamiliar horse. After hearing the name of the girl who was trying out currently, he concluded that he had at least thirty minutes until he had to ride, so he grabbed a handful of horse treats from the tack room and made his way, searching aimlessly for two horses he couldn't seem to track down.
Reputation | Thread | Open July 8, 2019 09:04 AM

Posts: 1188
Natalie Cavallon | Corazon Amor

Natalie pulled up in a blue Chevy truck, pulling a grey Lakota, 4 horse trailer. Natalie had been here before, because she was Jasmine's niece, but she had demanded no special treatment and her aunt agreed. She took Cora to her assigned stall. Then quickly brought her stuff in and went to put it in the tack room. Just as she finished that, Ms. King came over the loud speaker announcing that tryouts had started and for the first rider to report to the arena in 5 minutes with there assigned horse.

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