~ Hades ~
05:13:04 LiTtLe PoTaTo MaN
Nyx no
My boyfriends little brother had a crush on me
Just found out he's dating my sister 😆🤮
The First Realm
Congratulations Tuff!
-HEE Click- yayyyyy gained a bar! :o
05:09:01 Nyx
awh are you sick or something?
~ Hades ~
05:08:32 LiTtLe PoTaTo MaN
Oh my god...
Almost threw up
05:07:52 Nyx
that is terrible! I had the same thing happen around my house a few years ago when a dude tried to abduct me and it was awful!
Misty Mountain Lodge
05:01:57 tuff
Yipee! My first EEE!
~ Hades ~
05:01:03 LiTtLe PoTaTo MaN
Well we just had a police helicopter circle around our house and hover there for about an hour
honestly it was scary as they had the tactical team and everything
04:45:00 Val
Oh wow, RID gained a bar xD
-HEE Click-
Tumbling K Stables
04:42:37 Tumbling
So, what are rerolls?
04:33:12 Koko
-HEE Click-
My PON's are finally getting stronger and stronger! Im so excited for them, they have been lacking behind my AA's and Tb's.
sassyk Stables
04:26:36 Queen Of UngodlyCool
-HEE Click- loving that wk 8
04:26:19 Val
-HEE Click-

Ooo, she leveled up in 2 disciplines x)
Cedar Elites
04:25:08 Koko
-HEE Click-
Oh! you will give me 2 up week 7 but you wouldn't give me all up week 5... >.>
Aspen Fire ES
04:07:49 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
Another horse in my barn passed away today ;-;
-HEE Click-
Equine Beauty
04:07:02 EB
Apologies wrong chat sorry.
Equine Beauty
04:06:29 EB
Auction finishing this evening EEE and Brindle:
-HEE Click-
Oceanwide Ranch
04:00:09 Veritas
-HEE Click- aaah I can't believe her week 8 held up! All at 3!
I am running a cross country show if anyone wants to enter just click on my name go barns cross country course
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Marble x Anime August 7, 2019 09:51 PM

Posts: 3001
Please don't post here if you aren't me or MarbleFox :3 thank you
Marble x Anime August 7, 2019 10:11 PM

MarbleFox Manor
Posts: 720

Age: 21

Appearance: Dark brown hair intense hazel eyes and fairly pale skin due to where he lives.

Personality: when hes hunting hes very intense and almost our of control fairly borderline phycotic... Otherwise however he is very genuine, sweet and respectful (for the most part) and very blunt with his words.

Hobbies: drawing/sketching and reading.

Other: Why is he after the vampires? Well hes not after all of them nessicarily... The others are collateral damage really. Hes after specific vampires as he wants revenge for them killing his parents when he was a boy and then again with his girlfriend and their 2 year old daughter more recently. He now lives off of the money he makes from his drawings that he doesnt hang in his secluded log cabin in the woods. His basement is where he tortures information out of vampires with various torture tools eventually killing them weather he gives them answers or not, he simply wants to avenge his family members.

Edited at August 7, 2019 10:11 PM by MarbleFox Manor
Marble x Anime August 7, 2019 10:24 PM

Posts: 3001
Name: Crimson
Age: 20
Appearance: She is very pale with emerald green eyes. She has long, dark red hair with black streaks within it. She stands about 5'6
Personality: Crimson is very brutal when she is hunting for humans. When she isn't she is usually cold, isolated, but when you know her and are close to her shes actually smart, brave, strong and funny. She is very protective, stubborn and kind as well.
Hobbies: Playing video games, cracking jokes
Other: She isn't much a fan of humans besides when they are food.

Edited at August 8, 2019 11:25 AM by AnimeAcres
Marble x Anime August 7, 2019 10:38 PM

MarbleFox Manor
Posts: 720
Ill start us off! :) Dont care too much about post length by the way)

Dax tightened his grip on the strap of his backpack as he walked along the sidewalk to the coffee shop sliding the hood off his head once he entered ordering a small coffee before heading back outside into the cold air setting up some of his artwork to sell sipping it as he waited for people to buy. Watching as some glanced at him with dirty looks and rolling eyes after a while getting $20 for one of his smaller pieces before he waited for another sale.
Marble x Anime August 7, 2019 11:08 PM

Posts: 3001
Sorry for the wait, I have a lot of rps, I don't either :)

Crimson slipped her hoodie on and walked down the streets quickly. She glanced at some of the people around her before seeing a coffee shop not too far away. She was getting better at containing herself around humans but still had a ways to go. Glancing around something popped out to her, it was a man selling art pieces on the sidewalk. The art looked good so she looked at some of it while walking and almost bumping into people.
Marble x Anime August 7, 2019 11:16 PM

MarbleFox Manor
Posts: 720
No problem ^-^ I have multiples too a lot of which take some time to reply so everyone replies at different times lol)

"Might wanna pay attention to where you're going and actually stop if you wanna have a look." He teased another man coming and looking grabbing up one of his sketches for another $20 the pages shiny due to him putting packaging tape over them in a fairly precise matter as he didnt have anything else to keep the page or drawing in tact.
Marble x Anime August 7, 2019 11:25 PM

Posts: 3001
Crimson lifted her head slightly as he spoke. She said nothing, walking up to him a bit slow and looking at some more. She nodded a little, glancing at the man who was selling the art then to the man who picked up a piece. Animals were one of the few things living that she could tolerate. Turning her head a little she saw one that caught her eye, it was a bit off but couldn't quite figure out what it was.
Marble x Anime August 7, 2019 11:31 PM

MarbleFox Manor
Posts: 720
He sat up and looked where she was looking "Ah... One of the rare colored pieces..." He said "You like wolves?" He asked grabbing it out and offering it out to her revealing a picture of a few wolves together one howling, one laying at the howling ones feet and another behind the howling wolf in the snow in front of a cluster of trees "Like it?" He asked.

Edited at August 7, 2019 11:32 PM by MarbleFox Manor
Marble x Anime August 7, 2019 11:36 PM

Posts: 3001
"Yes, I do like wolves. It looks very nice." She said, giving a small smile before it quickly went away. She noticed the detail. She took one of her hands out from her pocket and gently took it. She had seen a few wolves before, "They're as pretty as they are vicious.." She mumbled.
Marble x Anime August 7, 2019 11:57 PM

MarbleFox Manor
Posts: 720
He gave a nod "True." He said "But they arent vicious all the time." He said "I came nose to nose with one once... And to say the least... It didnt kill me on sight." He said softly "So... You wanting to buy?" He asked "If not I ask that you please move along... This is how I make my money..." He explained "And I dont have a lot of time before it gets too warm to sit out here."

Sorry for lateness by the way, had to step away but im heading off probably for the night now :) Bye!)

Edited at August 7, 2019 11:59 PM by MarbleFox Manor

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