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I am so not ready for it
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Oh shoot it is!
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wait, RO is tomorrow o.O this moth has gone too fast
45 more minutes till i can get my filly aproved lol
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I have this song stuck in my head
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I got cold so I moved to my room
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oooo pretty Tasi!
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Oh that's so cute Fleur
Spirtasi Whims
01:13:14 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
The lighting is gonna be fixed of course and the hair still needs to be done but this is it so far
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I'm working on some super overdue art x)
just finished this one
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I just finished up two of my pieces and am searching for stock for another piece
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It appears
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are we all working on arts at unreasonable hours of the morning? XD
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Nice, tasi!
RockRidge Warmbloods
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I definitely wont use stock in palettes, got it lol
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Alright got four portraits done, two more to go!
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just finished
-Click- I don't think I have ever done a chimera before it was pretty fun
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I had a few school friends but now pretty much all my friends are online
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Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 26, 2020 08:38 PM

Arabian Heritage
Posts: 929
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This is an INVITATION ONLY roleplay! Meaning, unless one of the original players invites you, or another accepted player is granted permission to invite you, no one outside the provided list is allowed to post on this forum. Want to join? It's easy! First read through all of the rules and guidelines to make sure this is a RP for you and them PM 166331 to express your interest and a little example of your writing skills. Responses are usually less than 24 hours unless something emergent or drastic occurs (highly unlikely).
If you have been invited, please state so and by who. Thank you!

Original Members:

Ara - 166331
Silent Oak - 192759
Whispering Wood - 168766
To be edited*


Cando Farm - 302664
December Snow Stable - 192424
Painted Perfection - 226803
To be edited*

Rite Of Age:

A story about coming of age a little sonner than expected.

A Little Bit About the Characters:

So all of the original characters will be from the same birth herd. The studs will all be full or half brothers since their father will be the lead stallion of that herd (up to 2 exceptions will be permitted). With mares, I will leave the option open as to if they will also siblings or they may have joined the herd with their dams while in foal OR as young foals with their mother (No stray fillies wandering on their own into the herd - lets keep it realistic).
The studs are ALL 2-3 year olds that get driven out of their birth herd due to a rough housing incident, beginning their rite of age journey early. Some of the fillies were also involved in and find the lead stallion's decision unfair for their beloved friends so under his nose, they escape to find the reckless colts.
They new herd much assemble themselves and find their way through life as a single functioning group as dangers and challenges attack them daily.

Da Rules From Mwah

1. No Godmodding - that being said, each writer may practice the right to evade an attack from another character while fighting.
2. Chit chat is fine but you can put chats above your character's responses in the SAME post in order to keep this thread from getting cluttered with chat
3. No Cursing
4. No romance described above a PG13 level
5. No images stolen images or inpropperly credited photos from outside sources are allowed in this forum, just as they are not allowed anywhere else on this site.
5. ALL of HEEs other rules apply here
6. Minimum of 5-7 sentences per post - Including details!
7. (Stealing from a friend) Please provide a (legal) picture of your character OR short appearance description with each of your posts.
8. (Stealing XP) Since there will be a good amount of writers involved here, please make sure to address which horse you are speaking to so there is no confusion
9. When starting, there will be a 2 character cap for each writer but once the traveling begins, you may add as many characters as you like as long as you are able to efficiently continue to play your original characters.
10. There will be 4 mares allowed as original characters but once the traveling begins, you may add as many as you like.
11. There will be 6 studs allowed as original characters but once the traveling begins, you may add as many as you like.
*These numbers can be adjusted as the number of writers participating grows before we start*
12. There will be some moving around on the forums as the herd moves. More will be explained as that happens but when it does be sure to keep an eye out for the link to that other forum and follow the story there!
13. fights between studs of bachelor herd are common and it will be encouraged here as we figure out the pecking order of our herd, even between the mares. Since these are simply fights for dominance, no one should be greatly/fatily injured.
*HOWEVER if it is a sight out of an argument or anger, all outcomes are fair game between the writers.


PM me at 166331


If you find yourself stuck and don't know what else to write in your post, ask yourself if your post addresses the following things:
1. Don't just write what your character says, tell us what they are thinking about or are too afraid to say outloud.
2. What is their body language while they are in this situation?
3. How do they feel about the situation that they are in?
4. How do they feel about the others around them?
5. What about the environment around them? What does it look like? How do they feel about being there?
*If you neglect to follow this rule, you will first be asked to correct your post. Of you refuse to comply, you will be politely asked to leave. We want this Rp to be fun and exciting for everyone and that isn't possible without detail!

Edited at April 29, 2020 04:49 PM by Arabian Heritage
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 26, 2020 09:13 PM

Whispering Wood Barn
Posts: 660
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You Know I'm Down! :D Imma Start This Handsome Devil Here!

Love The Rules Ara! <3

Muwahahahahaha. Say Hello To Comanche 2.0!

Name: Secretariat (His Mother Named Him Secretariat but, he perfers to be called Comanche after his father)
Nickname: Comanche Or if you are brave enough... Tariat but, He Will Tell You To Call Him Comanche :p
Gender: man flesh
Age: 3
Personlity: Rude, defensive, aggressive, sassy, snotty, arogant, always on gaurd, jumpy, ruthless, spiteful, petty, easily angered and easily startled, flirty, ladies man... YET! if he ever.... which is almost never.... opens up he is a hopeless romantic sweet fluffy marshmellow
Looks: Solid Black, with white socks, white frame, white patch on right side of his body behind his shoulder, Long black plumage and mane, long black forelock, green/gold orbs, partically blind in both eyes, permanent rope burn scar on his back left leg ankle, around his muzzle and 2 rope burn scars on his neck
Likes: Space, Alone Time, Easy To Get undead ladys, Sensative/Push Over man fleshs, Mountains, Rivers, Dark Forest/Swamp, Fighting Other man fleshs (he almost never looses), Red Apples, Playing With Fragile Hearts (watch out ''bi'' or ''gay'' zombie army he will play your equine hearts like a fiddle DX), Loves To Play Games, Loves Playing Vitum, Will Pretend He Don't See Others Around Him, At Times Plays Deaf To Mess Around
Dislikes: Green apples, Wild Horse Rustlers, Humans, Clingy undead ladys, Hot Headed/ Other Aggressive man fleshs, Wolves, Being Bothered, Hard To Get undead ladys/Equines, Sassy/Hot Headed/Attitude undead ladys.

Role: Band Member (for the time being ;))
Background: Comanche/Secretariat is a hard man flesh to get to open up and figure out. Due to his blindness he has trust issues, he is hard to get, and hard to be-friend and even love. He isn't much a friendly at first but maybe once you get to know him you will see all his good qualities hidden benethe the dark surface. He loves getting any undead lady he can to have his little zombie bebehs but, only the right equine can win his heart over all. Will he be mated to one or more..... time will tell. The burns on his pelt remain a mystery to others, only Comanche/Secretariat holds the answer key if you can get him to open up about them ;) ***Obviously with this being a bachelor herd. The way he earns his rope burn scars will be made in this RP but, if he ever travels over to the other RP forum it's obvious that he will have already had them because after the events happen they will be permanant***
Related To Anyone In Herd:
*His dam: joined when he was a year old

If any wants to be related to him, pm me :D (His Father who is not the OG father of these bachelors had lots of little zombie bebehs so tech... he SHOULD have half/siblings)
Other: Beware

Find Out More Later When I Post Him ;) <3

Edited at May 1, 2020 01:54 PM by Whispering Wood Barn
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 26, 2020 09:17 PM

Arabian Heritage
Posts: 929
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My Reccomendations

SO, to begin this RP and to make sure that it continues on without dying in two weeks, I want to bring up some things I think might help and if ya'll agree, we can keep them as guidelines and if not, we delete! :) If you have any yourself please post below!
1. Maybe we keep romance between just the OGs minimal? For one, some may be related and two, if romance doesn't take president of everything, we can really make our characters have some great adventures without feelings getting in the way!
2. Anywhere they go, they are not able to be safe for longer than 48 hours. This makes sure there is always something interesting coming around to keep everyone ready to write!
3. We can have background characters come and go throught the "action scenes" to give some variety to their sticky situations.
4. eventually everone can post in an order so no one gets left behind? We can always change this as time goes on and writers come/drop out. Also no one gets left in the dust.

Sign Ups:

Role: (should only be band member/band leader)
Appearance: (If pic, post above your sign ups - description here)
Background (optional for OG - but at least add heritage, are they related to any other characters/lead stallion of birth herd??):

Current Herd Members:

Band Leader:
(to be fought for in RP)
Band Bachelors:
Band Boss Mare:
(NOT mated/paired with lead stud - unless desired)

Band Mares:
Rose In a Hurricane

Edited at April 29, 2020 04:50 PM by Arabian Heritage
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 11:20 AM

Arabian Heritage
Posts: 929
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Name: Leva

Gender: Mare

Age: 2

Role: Band Mare (for now *wink wink*)

Personality: To an unsuspecting eye, the mare just appears to be a dainty, elegant specimen coming of age. On the surface she can act poised and level headed just like any of the other fillies of her crop. However, Leva shows strong determination which leads to her getting what she wants, not taking no for an answer in any circumstance. Besides her pretty face, she is a master of manipulation which requires a lot of planning, thinking, visioning and strategising. That being said, Leva is careful to study her foes so she can always be one step ahead. She knows how they think and act and with that knowledge, she is able to plan not just for the present but also the future and for any circumstance. Another skill of hers is adaptability which aids her wittiness. She relies on her self reliance yet, she is able to adapt to working with other as necessary.

Likes: Manipulating trusting individuals, playing mind games, getting what she wants, sunshine, mountains, thunderstorms, sunshine, cherries (weakness!), clovers

Dislikes: Know it all horses, authority over her, water, beaches, fog, apples

Appearance: (above)

Background: She is a daughter of the herd stallion.
Siblings: Azerr - half brother (same sire)

Edited at April 27, 2020 12:25 PM by Arabian Heritage
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 11:31 AM

Arabian Heritage
Posts: 929
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I will add a stallion too I guess. We need to invite people
Name: Azerr
Gender: Stud
Age: 3
Role: (should only be band member/band leader)
Personality: Usually calm and responsible but he does have a playful side being young.
Appearance: (above)
Background: Son of the lead stallion
Leva - half sister
Comanche - claimed as step brother
Other: He is close to Grace

Edited at April 27, 2020 03:18 PM by Arabian Heritage
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 12:04 PM

Silent Oak Ridge
Posts: 288
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Name: Grace
Gender: Mare

Age: 3 years old

Role: band member
Personality: Grace is a very sweet mare. She cares for those she trusts and is indifferent to strangers. She isn't against making friends, but tends to only hang around/trust a handful of individuals. She is quiet and kind, but she has a darker side as well. She is a skilled fighter, who rarely shows mercy when it comes down to it, but even still doesn't find killing tasteful. She prefers to heal, and usually keeps to herself. She can be very stubborn and snarky, but she tries to keep her temper in check and be kind to those around her. She is also extremely awkward when it comes to any type of romance and has committment/trust issues with even her friends. She is loyal to those in her group, and even if you aren't her bestest friend or she's never even spoken to you, she considers you family and will stand with you.
Likes: thunderstorms, summer nights, mountains, rivers, black berries, wild strawberries, and healing
Dislikes: complainers, arrogant/aggressive stallions, extreme heat or cold, drizzly rain, and beaches
Background (optional for OG - but at least add heritage, are they related to any other characters/lead stallion of birth herd??): Her mother joined the herd when she was pregnant with Grace, so she grew up around the other foals. Even though she is not related to any of the others, she still considers them family, even if she doesn't get along with many of them.
Other: She is really close to Azerr.

Edited at April 27, 2020 12:06 PM by Silent Oak Ridge
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 12:16 PM

Arabian Heritage
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Azerr | Stud | 3yr | M: Open

The night had been dark with the storm clouds pouring over head but now in the daylight hours, they diminished and the sky became empty of everything but the sun. Thunder that had clapped like a war drum was replaced by chords of the crickets crawling from their storm shelters. As the lightning faded, all was calm and rather peaceful until the air filled with the quick march of hooves traveling through the land.
The bay paint colt weaved through the trees back towards the herd, hoping no one had noticed he was gone. If so, he could always tell his father that he had taken shelter during the storm instead of exploring out of the herd's territory when he explicitly wasn't supposed to. But who could blame him? In just a few month, he and the rest of the three year old colts would be sent out into that same land to fend for themselves. Azerr just wanted to be prepared, as he always was.

Azerr slowed his gait to a walk as he reached an earshot distance from the others, taking his time so he could catch his breath before anyone say him. However, with a herd as large as his, that was always nearly impossible.

Leva | Filly | 2yr | M: Azerr, Open

As much as the young filly loved to witness the loud clashing and rumbles of a thunderstorm, it was no surprise that she had hidden away in the shelter if the forest's thick canopy to watch the storm quickly pass over the herd's territory. Something about the anger of the storm's war cry and fierceness sparked something within Leva.

The young thing was just getting ready to head back towards the herd when she caught the fleeting white traces of the stud (Azerr) across the quiet clearing. Leva followed his body until it disappeared and she took after him quietly with a wicked glint in her blue orbs.

Walking in his hoof prints left behind, Leva was able to sneak up on the upwind stud without his knowledge. When he finally stopped as they neared the herd's resting place, she sprung. "Where have you been, Azerr?" Her voice was deep and stern to throw him off of who she exactly was. By the way he nearly jumped out of his skin, Leve knew she had accomplished just that.
Azerr spun around with a submissive bow of his head right up until his chocolate orbs landed in the mischievous filly. "What do you want, Leva?" The stud grumbled, pinning his ears rather embarrassed. A cheeky grin overcame the filly's features as she looked him dead in the eyes. "You're not sneaking away again, are you dear brother?" She asked innocently but the stud wasn't falling for it. "Go away, I wouldn't tell you anything anyways." Azerr snorted and continued back towards the herd. He had fallen for that trap a time or two before with this handful of a mare but he wouldn't risk any trouble this close to leaving. His father might send him on his own early and that would means almost immediate death for his poor soul.

Unphased by his harshness, Leva trotted up to his side, "hmm, is that what you would say to Kai as well?" She asked with a smirk. Even as Azerr stopped once again in his tracks, the filly kept walking. The stud watched her for a few moments before he huffed out loud. "What do you want from me, Leva?"

Over her shoulder he could hear her laugh. "Not sure yet, but I will keep in touch and let you know!" She nickered and galloped on back to the herd. Azerr took a few extra moments to calm himself before he finally made it back to the herd. He could hardly stand that nuisance of a mare but there was little he could do to fight her. Their father would always choose the side of the mare's, that's just how it was. He hated feeling like he was under her hoof but there was nothing he could no except shake her off until she decided to exchange her silence for a favor.
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 12:17 PM

Whispering Wood Barn
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I will ask a player that was around for the ogirinal OG Comanhce if they atill RP and would like to Join.

Edited at April 27, 2020 12:34 PM by Whispering Wood Barn
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 01:13 PM

Whispering Wood Barn
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WOW Ara that starting post is amazing! ... I am so going to be rusty and not as good DX
Comanche (Secretariat)| Male 3yrs| M: Open, Azerr/Leva

Audits perked at the sounds of the rolling thunder, green/golden blurred orbs flicked to the dark sky to watch the flashes of lighting roll across the lands dancing like glittering strings of pure evil. His blackened coat was damp from the showering of gentle kisses of rain that recently passed by, long plumage flicked as it hit his back flanks and stuck it him like glue. Letting out a snort, his orbs seemed to have drifted to the ground, quietly he took a bundle of the lush wet grass into his mouth, chewing it peacefully as his mind seemed to wonder.

He had been in his herd for almost 3 years now. At first his dam was unsure of bringing Comanche to this herd due to the fact he was partically blind in both eyes, could he see? Yes. But, not clearly, his vision was blurred but, could still make out the details and colors of anything he seen. Comanche knew the leader wasn't really anything to him at all and oh how he despited his mother's relationship with that man flesh but, oh the stories his mother would muster up to tell him about his true father. Knowing the heartbreak his mother incountered from his father, he didn't much knowledge it when he was younger for he was always too estatic about the details she would tell, knowing he can't change the past, but, oh how he wished he wasn't here.

Shaking his large body as droplets fleed from his coat, his frame lifted from grazing and turned towards the many distance nickers and shrills of younger little zombie bebehs running from the older ones. Smirking devilishly with a chuckle watching as they all seemed to annoy one another, his orbs soon fell upon his dam. One thing for sure was he was very... very protective over his mother. Studying his dam as she grazed on the lush wet grass, her palomino coat shinning from the soaking raindrops as her white mane clung to her neck. Slowly and carefully he made his way past the other zombie army of the herd, if any addressed him he would bob his head to them only to get away from them quicker, but he had to admit they all seemed to be mindful of the fact he was easy to startle due to his blindness. Rolling his orbs at the annoyance of everything around him, large hips swayed with each step as he soon approached his mother.

A soft nicker came from his dams soft muzzle as she rose her frame to greet her son with a nuzzle, smiling as he nibbled his mother's forelock. She had smiled in return as she nipped at his muzzle. Feeling the touches from his mother and their talks always made a bad day good for him. Audits perked as his frame turned to the direction of a deeper nicker of calling. Orbs flashed to his mother, as he soon felt her leave his side and whinny in return. Rolling his orbs, he could feel himself get annoyed for he knew who was calling her. Stomping a hoof, he lowered his frame once more to graze.

Huffing to himself, as a gust of wind quickly flew by him. Souring his face, as he got startled, he jumped in a half rear before his hooves thudded back to the ground, audits pinned as his orbs narrowed as he could see the faded shape of [Leva] running by. Baring his teeth, he stood tall, orbs soon flicked to the left hearing the similar hoofs of [Azerr]. He could see the man flesh walking by, obviously acting like he had been up to no good. Audits pinned towards the painted man flesh, as with a huff he turned the opposite direction, with a flick of his plumage warning the stud to buck off.

Edited at May 1, 2020 01:54 PM by Whispering Wood Barn
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 02:49 PM

Silent Oak Ridge
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Oof I feel like this is rough but here it is! XD
Grace | Mare 3 years | M: Azerr, Leva
Grace woke with the herd, her coat damp with the rain from the storm that continued to rumble in the distance. She noticed that most of her herdmates were grazing off to her right, but noticed Azerr off by himself. She brought herself to a standing position before shaking herself off, a few blades of grass refusing to fall from her sides. She turned her head to dislodge them before running her teeth lightly over her knees to clear the dirt and grass away there as well.
She caught sight of Leva racing through towards the herd, her pale coat easily distinguishable through all of the others. That filly was more trouble than she was worth even if she did entertain Grace with her antics at times. She turned to look at where the bay paint stood and made her way over towards him. "Caught sneaking off again?" she murmured as drew near to him. He had that look on his face that usually meant Leva had been pestering him. She lowered her neck to snatch a couple bites of grass before facing the stallion once again. "I could always take care of her if you wanted me to. Just saying..."

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