kiwi Mountains
01:44:27 aurora
ok so October RO got m 1 EEE filly. Last RO gave me two EEE fillies. will that mean I will get 3 EEE fillies this RO?
Silver Galaxy Ranch
01:41:04 Sean | Trip | SGR
Thanks Tangle, Mayfield :D
01:40:04 Tangle || Tabgle.
Would an art-related guide go under Guides or Art Help?
01:39:23 Tangle || Tabgle.
Yay Sean :D
01:39:16 Equestrian Geek
That's so awesome! your very lucky! xD
Silver Galaxy Ranch
01:38:17 Sean | Trip | SGR
-HEE Click-
holy fuck I just randomly bred you because I didn’t want to waste my free breed approval lol. But like seriously, a WEE? Awesome!
01:37:23 Equestrian Geek
-HEE Click-

a SPP ISH colt- :} the ratings payed off. :>
Silver Galaxy Ranch
01:32:26 Sean | Trip | SGR
I just posted 7 paragraphs, 616 words in total, for a semi-literate rp. It was supposed to semi literate, but I guess I can do extra literate instead lol
Moonland And Elites
01:30:42 M&E, Moo, Loony
December is going to be so stressful for me lol
Storm Stable
I am so not ready for it
Spirtasi Whims
01:27:42 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
Oh shoot it is!
kiwi Mountains
01:26:53 aurora
wait, RO is tomorrow o.O this moth has gone too fast
45 more minutes till i can get my filly aproved lol
Moon Wolf EQ Center
01:16:09 Wolfy || Luna || Ath
-HEE Click-
I have this song stuck in my head
RockRidge Warmbloods
01:15:37 War hawk | MM5693
I got cold so I moved to my room
Star Catcher Estate
01:15:08 Fleur
oooo pretty Tasi!
Spirtasi Whims
01:14:46 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
Oh that's so cute Fleur
Spirtasi Whims
01:13:14 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
The lighting is gonna be fixed of course and the hair still needs to be done but this is it so far
Star Catcher Estate
01:11:42 Fleur
I'm working on some super overdue art x)
just finished this one
Moon Wolf EQ Center
01:09:05 Wolfy || Luna || Ath
I just finished up two of my pieces and am searching for stock for another piece
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Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 04:18 PM

Arabian Heritage
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Really? I thought it was extremely rough. Leva is going to be a challenge for me to play. Manipulation isnt my strong suit but it really fit her. We shall see how this goes!

Whispering Wood Barn said:
WOW Ara that starting post is amazing! ... I am so going to be rusty and not as good DX

Azerr | Stud | 3yr | M: Comanche, Grace, Leva

Azerr continued to walk quietly with his head low as he entered the area in which the herd was currently occupying. The first equine he noticed directly near him was the young black stud (Comanche) in which he currently had an akward, love-hate thing with. His orbs rolled over his frame to clearly recieve the gruntled message that he did not want to be bothered. With a flex of his own audits back, Azerr rolled his orbs and continued to walk past. He had lost sight of Leva at this point but he had no doubts where she would end up.
It wasn't until the sweet familiar voice of a pretty mare (Grace) tickled his audits did the stud finally smile just a tad. "I wasn't sneaking off." He protested, swinging his gaze around to meet the black paint's. "I was just looking at what I should be expecting. It isn't right that Kai doesn't allow us to roam yet he will be kicking some of us out soon." He huffed. The thought of leaving the only home he had known made him sad, especially when leaving meant he wouldn't be able to find peace with his friend.
Still unable to find where the filly (Leva) had gone off to, he gave another roll of his orbs. "Leva isn't worth the time to mess with. She's just a tease and rather a fly on my rump." Azerr snorted and then smiled. "But I have no doubt you could take her." He winked.

Leva | Filly | 2yr | M: Comanche, Grace, Azerr

The filly threw a playful buck in the direction of the startled black stud (Comanche) as she pranced past, chuckling in the crisp cool air. Oh how the weather felt great after a storm as the sunshine down on her pale coat and the wind kept everything from overheating.
The filly ran up to the big roan stallion in the company of one of the herd mares. He greeted her warmly, as did the palomino at his side. She chatted with Kai long enough for Azerr to notice and break a sweat. However, when the gray mare flashed a quick glance his way, she was disappointed to see he was too distracted by the black filly (Grace) to notice her. With a groan, she politely dismissed herself and made her walk away from the pair very evident to the stud. Scanning the herd a bit boredily, Leva's orbs landed once again on te black stud, Comanche. With a daunting grin, she pranced in his direction.
"Oh, why the long face?" She teased the stud immediately upon her arrival. Leva flicked her thick plummage against her round hips as she circled around his rump to face him. Knowing of his impairment, she was cautious when she approached.
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 05:02 PM

Whispering Wood Barn
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@Ara - Yes! XD
Comanche (Secretariat)| Male 3yrs| M: Open, Azerr/Leva/Grace

Audits perked and flicked as he was nosey to listen in on Azerr and Grace's conversation as they seemed to walk closer. Golden orbs flashed to the painted fill [Grace] feeling the wind from a playful buck she had thrown his way, made him grunt as he swivled his head back to catch her following Azerr like a puppy. Rolling his orbs in disgust, as he allowed his greedy orbs to dance over the pained undead ladys body.. 'soon' was the only evil thought that whispered in his mind. He had his frame low to the ground just enjoying his own company, he wasn't too far from other undead ladys of the herd, orbs darted to each of them, studying them at times. All he knew is he didn't want to be bothered by Kai, even the name of the man flesh boiled his skin at times. Grunting softly, he pulled up a daisy from the ground stripping it of it's roots as he munched on it.

Plumage flicked as he heard the sweet words of the grey filly catch his attention. Lifting his frame up as his audits flicked as she seemed to prance around him, audits pinned for a moment, as he turned his frame his golden orbs catching her orbs and held them. ''Don't you have better things to do than bother me? Like, grab someone else's attention perphaps'' he smirked. Hopeing she wouldn't be as sassy as she normally was, but soon his hope died like he thought when her spicy words, stung his frame with irratation ''Aren't you a little old for childish games'' he snorted out spitefull. Audits soon laid flatto his frame, nostrils flared as he took in her sweet scent, he had to admit her scent danced off his tongue but, he chose to ignore it... for now.

Edited at May 1, 2020 01:53 PM by Whispering Wood Barn
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 05:34 PM

Silent Oak Ridge
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Grace | Mare 3 years | M: Azerr, Comanche
Grace chuckled at Azerr's comment before catching Comanche's gaze. She knew what he wanted, it was the same with every mare. She was surprised it was taking him so long to approach her, not that she wanted his attention, but she also knew that while Kai was around the black stud probably wouldn't try anything. She let out a sharp snort before pinning her ears and lowering her muzzle back down to the ground.
"No, it's not fair. I can't wait to see it for myself; I hope it's all that I've thought it to be," the black paint gazed off a bit at the foilage surrounding them losing track of her thoughts. She shook her head to clear it before turnign back to Azerr. "But that's someways in the future so why worry now."
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 05:54 PM

Arabian Heritage
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Leva | Filly | 2yr | M: Comanche

"Ouch. That one actually hurt, Manch." She gasped dramatically but her playful spirit was untattered. "C'mon, you know you're my favorite." She winked, finding a nice patch of grass to yank from its roots. The wind blew low between their legs, carrying the scent of the other two (Grace & Azerr) straight into her nostrils. having watched the stallion before she greeted him, she knew the black stud was aware of them too.
"I just thought you could use some entertainment, seeing you look so sad watching a mare that hardly notices you must be disappointing." She shrugged nonchalantly stealing a look at Grace now unsuspecting of them. "Besides, Kai would never allow such a thing and I know how you practically idolize him and his rules." She continued on, watching his body and waiting to see when she would hit just the right nerve to set him off. She turned her inspection into that of a lustful look cathcing his orbs. "I mean, I don't see how she could possibly resist you but ... I guess everyone has a type." She winked before walking off for another patch of virbrantly green grass to sit back and watch with.

Azerr | Stud | 3yr | M: Grace, Comanche, Leva

Azerr followed the small mare's gaze to find the black stud at the end of it. The dun bay flattened his audits annoydily with a stomp of his hoof. "Don't worry about him." He tried to reassure her. "He wouldn't dare test Kai." He added, letting his orbs frind their way back to Grace's gentle features.
He tilted his head as he listened to her. "Are you planning on leaving as well?" He asked, taken a bit. He usually mares stayed with their birth herd unless the lead ran them out which he wouldn't expect Kai to do, especially to an unrelated filly. "I mean, I dont blame you. Just a little surprised."
"And I'm not worried about it." He answered defensively. "I just don't want to get out there and struggle to learn the most basic things is all." He shrugged, plummage swating around his colorful hips.
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 06:15 PM

Cando Farm
Trivia Team
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( Sorry im so late! I hope this is good enough : ) )
Name: Delta
Preferable name: Dell
Gender: Mare
Age: 3
Role: Band Member
Personality: Dell is a very well most would say pushy mare for she dosn't take no for an answer. For being a bit of an older mare she tends to be more aware of whats around her, and her surrounding threats, But more of the fears of the outside world. But ohh Dell can sure be a complainer! Like said before she dosn't take no for her response so she will push until she gets what she is after, and it can turn out dirty. Dell is a very stubborn but laid back type of mare, meaning she will not accept you as you seem to be. You have to be more of a force for her to even notice you for a minute. But when she is more laid back during the time she will be a calm and soothing mare thats not afraid to get close. Dell hates when horses get into her personal space or her time that she might need away from other horses, and that never seemed take the right toll for what she really wants. But if you can nit pick her right you might just see the sweet dove that lives behind the devils walls.

When everything is off of her mind, So she can explore the beauty and beyond that more into the horizon that is the dawns of new life to find out. When Dell's in the sportzy mood she can love to go for a nice play.

Dell dislikes to many things if we are going to be truthful. But to put it all into short stuffed words shes going to have to say, Threats that usually only effect herself. Larger creatures that stand taller then her, and mostly fish. Oh those slimy yucky creatures that some eat!
Appearance: ^^
Dell's blood can be traced back to the lead stallion, For a while for may sires of the dams before her time was the lead bloodline.

Dell has a pure brother that had been left behind at the age of 3, and hasn't seemed to be spotted nor has been found.
- Alaio - Is her pure brother from the same dam.
Other horses in the herd may be related to her, but it has never been set for sure

Edited at April 27, 2020 07:30 PM by Cando Farm
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 07:28 PM
December Snow Stable
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Name: Diablo
Gender: Stallion

Age: 3

Role: Band Member
Personality: Diablo is a very calm stallion. A very calm stallion. Which is interesting because his siblings seem to be quite the opposite. Being the youngest of his brothers he doesn’t get as much respect, but you won’t see it from him. His head is always held high and his mouth is always carful with its words. He tends to watch the herd. He doesn’t stick to himself, however, he likes to be in the center of the herd making sure all is well. He gets concerned when other stray off on their own, though he won’t show it. He does know he is a handsome stallion, but as of right now has no intention of a mate as of now. In the future possibly. He is very smart and skilled in his fighting.
Likes: Havung all his herd members close.
Dislikes: When no one gives him respect.

Appearance: Image Above
Background: like most of the herd members, related via lead stallion of prior herd. He was born out of a mare who died during birth, a mare who had lost her foal took in Diablo and cared for him as if he was her own. He was raised in good graces and with a strong will implanted in him, but after being kicked out, he was suppressed that will.
Other: I mean once we get our characters established a mate could possibly be in the mix of things.

Edited at April 27, 2020 07:38 PM by December Snow Stable
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 08:59 PM

Arabian Heritage
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Both of you, welcome! Join on in whenever you're ready!
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 10:16 PM

Cando Farm
Trivia Team
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Delta l Mare l 3yrs l Mentions: Open

A seemingly large black mare's orbs flashed open showing the fear that had lived in them forever. As she laid down in a large meadow, long grass blades brushing against her small and dense sides that curved pushing in against her bony ribs, that you could see slightly. Thorough the deep black pelt that had a soft overlay of light gray. Dell's sweaty relay dappling over her sleek coat that was reflecting the sun rays that had beamed down on herself for so long. Her skin absorbing the rays as the others bounce back to the large yellow ball of fire. That seemed so close, yet a bird couldn't reach the height it was presumed to be at.

At that moment the large black equine was down on the damp ground that she had collapsed down onto before last night. Still not fully sure how and why she ended up in that spot, and why that spot? Why not a foot away, why here? Dell had to stop asking herself the ' W ' question she called it, for she spoke it to much. And to early before she should ever, but she managed to make something out of it, at least for the first time she could really think much about it. Audits perked to the height of ability that she possibly could. Trying to see if there was any others around, for she seemed to just be her and a long old meadow. And seemingly right she was, it was just Dell and an unassumingly empty meadow

The brave headed mare slowly pushed off of the hard and stony ground. Legs shaking under herself, seeming like they couldn't hold Dell up. But like always they managed to keep her standing. Wild wind curling up and around the black mare from every direction, and so could Dell feel it. Audits twisting following the slight howling mummer of the air as for it seemed to call her name once more. Large hues widening taking in the scent of old ever green trees as the danced around in Dell's sight frame that was seemingly small but it was very intense
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 10:21 PM

Whispering Wood Barn
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Comanche (Secretariat)| Male 3yrs| M: Leva, Grace

Letting out a soft hum through his muzzle, frame raised high as his orbs seem to watch every move Leva made. Rolling his orbs with a smirk at her wink ''Exactly why am I your favorite, surely you don't want someone that's blind as a mate'' he snorted out forward. He could feel orbs landing on him in the distance, seeing Grace looking back at him, in the corner of his blurred vision he shot the painted undead lady a smirk with a flick of his plumage before drifting his attention back to Leva.

Rolling his shoulders as he paced over to where she had stopped to graze, he found himself, teasingly nipped at her withers sending a chill down her spine, words he spoke rolled of his toungue every so tauntingly as his golden orbs traced over her features, he could feel her body graze against his ''Feel that spark?'' he chuckled as he soon pace around towards the back of her and stood there, almost trying to intimidate her at what he might do. ''Oh.... Grace notices me, why do you think I'm making myself so warmingly to you'' he smirked as he locked his orbs to her as he contined to pace to her side ''Because otherwise, I'd ignore you like the rest of us do'' he grinned. He could care less if he hurt her feelings, snorting softly he looked away then peered back at her ''But, I do love your attention, you must enjoy mine, yes?'' he coursed a small love nibble to her neck.

Golden orbs seem to light up at her last words, smiling sweetly ''I assume I am your type?'' rolling his broad shoulders, he rested a hind hoof as he shifted his weight, the mention of Kai sent his audits back ''Kai, don't own me'' he spat out sour. ''He would be mindful not to test me''

Edited at May 1, 2020 01:53 PM by Whispering Wood Barn
Rite Of Age | Invitation Only April 27, 2020 10:37 PM

Whispering Wood Barn
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I love this art! *drools* So pretty! <33333

Cando Farm said:

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