Cain Manor
12:33:33 TFB || Gym Coach
Movement looks sketchy
Diegos Show House
Would this be a good pairing?

-HEE Click-
Cain Manor
12:29:20 TFB || Gym Coach
Please tell me someone watched the video
Moon rise
I'm behind on time right now i have a lot going on.
Toucan stables
12:26:20 Toucan
Lol soupy
Amhain Dull Liath
12:25:47 #1 dumbass
It.. It's literally Wednesday GT right now I-
Cain Manor
12:25:39 TFB || Gym Coach
Holy fuck I didnt think of that.
-YT Click-
Moon rise
@your ugly jumper, i have to wait till wednesday which is in 23 hours.
Garner Stud
12:24:42 Soupy
Your ugly Jumper
12:24:11 I Love foooooooood:D
anyway im gonna go get some more food
Amhain Dull Liath
12:22:50 #1 dumbass
Too cold? To humans, shrivels and falls off. Which is why an intimate humanxwitch relationship is NOT recommended. Must protect ya boys.
Garner Stud
12:22:13 Soupy
It freezes and falls off OMG what if witches had no tits cuz' if body parts get too cold and frost bitten they could fall off?!
Your ugly Jumper
12:21:43 I Love foooooooood:D
moon in 2 hours you can
Your ugly Jumper
12:21:14 I Love foooooooood:D
lol yeah i wouldnt eithere
Moon rise
The wait is killing me i want to breed approval one of my horses but got to wait till tomorrow.
Cain Manor
12:20:21 TFB || Gym Coach
What happens when something gets too cold
Amhain Dull Liath
12:19:47 #1 dumbass
Shh don't worry about it Soupy this is a normal brotherly conversation

And yes, we all agreed that witch tits are cold enough to send you shivers by even just giving them a glance. But how they feel? We could never know unless we touched one. And we do not know where to find a witch.

.. Let alone one that would consent to boob poking.
Cain Manor
12:19:45 TFB || Gym Coach
Your ugly Jumper
12:19:24 I Love foooooooood:D
Cain Manor
12:18:41 TFB || Gym Coach
See cold! Cain is ALWAYS right
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