I have a question about the At gene in the genetics practice game, may i ask it here?
Hidden Sun
09:08:18 Artie
I'm obsessed with all my little baby geldings, they're so cute and now they're showing. I feel like a proud mom :') hahaha
The Family Business
09:07:56 TFB
How big is a club avi?
Hidden Sun
09:07:42 Artie
Morning :)
BlueBells Ponies
09:07:08 Ally
that always makes me so confused when people say morning, then I realise its different time zones XD Morning! XD
Hawthorne Estates
09:06:50 Hawt
Ehyo ^~^
09:06:31 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Heya Hawt :)
Sunset Grove Farm
09:05:21 gertrude
jm is still up for those interested
The Family Business
09:05:18 TFB
Good morning HEE!!
Hawthorne Estates
09:05:16 Hawt
Morning guys
Equii Eventing
09:03:31 Ally
im trying to figure out what size to get in men shirts in a UK 8/10 (US 4/6) so im wondering if I should get medium or small I want it to be big but not a dress XD
Lucky Ranch
09:01:10 Grapey II Eggs
Pony Paradise
08:59:28 Pony || Ducky
I hate this nasty green I get every time I first add in the transparency code >.<
Moonrose Mountains
08:57:59 Diva
As bad as it may be, discussing your mother in such a way in online chat is just not the way
Moonland And Elites
Lucky Ranch
08:56:47 Grapey II Eggs
Moonland And Elites
2020 is a terrible year
Moonland And Elites
Spirtasi, I'm mentally drained
Phoenix Acres
08:50:31 Shhh it's not grape
ooh shes gorgeous! You can still keep her ^^
Cherry Blossoms
-HEE Click- she was my favorite until the ratings...
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Match help FOUND! August 18, 2019 01:31 PM

Posts: 1817
I have an EEE stallion, and I was wondering who would be a good match for him next RO. I wish I had an EEE mare, so my budget could be lower. My current budget, is under 100k, so a cheap mare (could even be a PEE combo). Also, this is my first time matching any horses, and I’m new to showing, so any information helps!
Wk 4: 211122
Wk 5: 221222
Wk 6: 222222
Wk 7: 222232
Wk 8: 222333
Wk 9: 322333
Wk 10: 332333.

Edited at August 21, 2019 09:44 AM by Sagebrush
Match help FOUND! August 19, 2019 08:52 PM

Posts: 807
I have some WB mares in my “mine” barn if you want to see if you like anything. All the WBs are available for brood next month except the 2 year olds.
Match help FOUND! August 19, 2019 08:52 PM

Posts: 807
I was assuming you want a WB but I have other breeds available if you would like.

Edited at August 19, 2019 08:53 PM by Bijoux
Match help FOUND! August 19, 2019 09:02 PM

Posts: 1817

Bijoux said:
I was assuming you want a WB but I have other breeds available if you would like.

Yes, I would love a WB

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