Moonlight Eventing
10:05:46 Moonlight
Yeah. It's not related to wifi but the server keeps timing out.
Golden apple estates
10:05:39 Taylor/Tay
I had server timed out, sorry error
MarbleFox Manor
10:05:00 Marble
@Dream do you keep getting a server timed out error? If so it's nothing to do with your wifi (as far as I know)
Golden apple estates
10:04:52 Taylor/Tay
I just had the same thing happen too!
Pony Paradise
10:04:38 Pony || Ducky
It's better now, but it went out for a second
Sunset Grove Farm
10:03:55 gertrude
yeh it wouldnt let me on, its been happening a few times lately, but im pretty sure eve said she contactd rhe webhost or something
Cherry Blossom Farm
Me too Maddie
MarbleFox Manor
10:02:52 Marble
Yeah same thing happened to me just now lol
Dream Weaver Ranch
10:02:44 Maddie/Madeline
I keep having trouble going into to HEE but that's probably my internet/Wi-Fi. I'm having problems with that.
Moonglade Manor
10:02:06 Ella soupington
Yup pony
10:01:17 Jacob
Moonlight Eventing
10:01:14 Moonlight
Yes, it's lagging out for me too

Stabulum Equorum
Pony Paradise
10:00:40 Pony || Ducky
HEE lagging out for anyone else?
09:57:15 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Yuss to the pearl Tosk :)
Sunstone Elite
09:57:08 Sun/Sunny
I don't do PON's over here so someone else would have to do it, but this match could be super interesting, especially with her being so short:
-HEE Click-

And yess Tosk. Those girls are so pretty
Dawn Creek Rescue
-HEE Click- Ohh wow .o.
09:56:14 Witch of the East
Maddie, Basil + Jasmine + Vanilla are for the love potion quest
Dream Weaver Ranch
09:56:08 Maddie/Madeline
Okay thanks!
09:55:56 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Maddie, you can craft items when you get all ingredients. It's found under Crafting in your inventory
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Forums > Breeding Discussion

ABLB boy for my Girl September 6, 2019 08:17 AM

Posts: 21

6/7: 222222
8: 223233
9: 233233
10: 333333

Which stallion should I take her to next month? She's given me 3 EEEs without items and I think she could give me a W with the right match. I'll consider any breed but ISH.

Edited at September 6, 2019 08:17 AM by Overland
ABLB boy for my Girl September 9, 2019 12:50 AM

Nordic Acres
Posts: 1679

I think any one of those three boys will do wonderful with her. I've bred to Morty and heirloom several times and love them both to pieces, they've thrown me some pretty awesome foals. Cardinal I haven't had a chance to use much but he matches where it's needed and a top ABLB stud :)
ABLB boy for my Girl September 15, 2019 01:43 PM

Keeper of the Lost
Posts: 1394
I'd avoid the top 10 boys, honestly, because they're all quite expensive and I doubt this mare would produce an ABLB foal. So, a bit lower of an ABLB boy is still a good match for her, especially if you're using an item.

100k+ Budget
+ Movement glass or dressage medallion (Best Choice)
+ Movement or Dressage (Highly Recommend Dressage)
(Best Cheap Alternative)+ Movement or Dressage

75k+ Budget (Best Choice)

Under 50k Budget (Best Choice)

Forums > Breeding Discussion

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