Rockrose Eventing
05:22:02 skye
Ive already asked this but wasn’t around to see any reply, what can I do if someone has won my auction but hasn’t bought the horse? I sent the horse for private sale over three days ago, have messaged the person (they’ve been active), but no reply!
Kuewi KNN Stable
05:21:20 Bazinga Force
Please read the chatbox rules, Red Star Equine - anything sale related has to go to the sale chat.

Red Star Equine
Kuewi KNN Stable
05:20:23 Bazinga Force
You can get 1000 ebs for any horse that gets sent to the FR if it is older than 2yo.

So a lot of stables wait in the horse sales for cheap horses, so they can buy them, keep them until rollover and then FR them to earn some extra money
~ Hades ~
05:19:25 Queen Of Ootensils
What do y'all think?
Kuewi KNN Stable
05:18:46 Bazinga Force
FR = free range.

The place where the unwanted, but free HEE horses go
Park Grove
05:18:46 Parker
I always put my foals that I dont want up for less than 800ebs, it's a win win that way, i get rid and someone makes money by free ranging
~ Hades ~
05:17:21 Queen Of Ootensils
No problemo
sassyk Stables
05:17:09 Queen Of UngodlyCool
No good crying over spilt milk, its done, now its a lesson learnt.
Red Star Equine
Red Star Equine
What is from bound?
Red Star Equine
It was only I should have sold it for more and waited until it was older oof
Llama Queen
05:14:35 The Hag of HEE
That doesn't follow that everyone else does. And if it's FR bound, no one cares about the color.
Kuewi KNN Stable
05:14:28 Bazinga Force
oh yes - thanks Hades

I wanted to write it the other way round and missed to change this ;)
Red Star Equine
I just hate palominos to yellow
Kuewi KNN Stable
05:13:41 Bazinga Force
Any horse that is sold for such a low amount would get grabbed fast out off the sales and sold to the FR as soon as it is 2yo.
This will earn 300 ebs
~ Hades ~
05:13:40 Queen Of Ootensils
Kuewi don't you mean Public sale?
Red Star Equine
I know that
Llama Queen
05:13:31 The Hag of HEE
I wish the game tracked all placings for show horses and not just recent.
Kuewi KNN Stable
05:12:16 Bazinga Force
@Red Star Equine:

if a horse is up for private sale, anyone (!) may buy it.
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Need help with Mare Matching! September 14, 2019 06:14 PM

Freedom Elites
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Hello! I am relatively new to rating breeding (I was a color breeder, don’t judge XD) and also haven’t been on HEE for a bit.

Just recently got a EEE mare, and need some help with a stud for next year.
So if anyone has any stud ideas or may have a stud that matches well, please let me know XD (budget is 30k)

LH Cherokee Whisper
(Link isn’t working because I’m on my phone)

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Need help with Mare Matching! September 14, 2019 09:16 PM
Palm Beach Stables
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Please do not but title in all caps.
Need help with Mare Matching! September 14, 2019 11:33 PM

Posts: 866
What’s your budget?

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