River Bend Stables
04:10:11 River
Jericho Stables
You don't know who dale earnhardt is yet have a horse named that with a very coincidental 3 for a barn name?
sea-tac stables
04:08:51 meralax
Welp the sweet victory of loosing a job is wonderful, Isn't it?
Jericho Stables
Lolol yesss
River Bend Stables
04:07:03 River
-HEE Click- I Caught this Boy
I don't know Who Dale Earnhardt Is
04:06:28 ♞ Tosk
-HEE Click-
She's gonna get some afro circus art one day, lol
Jericho Stables
Thank you :P
04:04:52 ♞ Tosk
It's so pretty
04:03:21 ♞ Tosk
I got PON spots. With pretty near Leopard pattern :D
Jericho Stables
Since I can cross them with ish and get spots :P
Coldwater Meadows
04:02:48 CM
~6mths. She mentioned the next one around October.
Silver Cedar Farms
04:02:32 Meesh
@ CM oh sorry about that!
04:02:20 ♞ Tosk
Since when do you breed KNN? <_<
04:02:15 West || Turnip
Jericho Stables
Pretty sure llama said only once or twice a year
04:01:49 ♞ Tosk
I stopped myself by buying the items i need :'D
Jericho Stables
I got a pee knn earlier
04:01:32 Bailey
Same freedom
Coldwater Meadows
04:01:29 CM
Meesh, pricing goes in sales chat
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LH Dark Cassiopeia | Need Mare Matching help! September 17, 2019 12:08 AM

Freedom Elites
Posts: 1698
So I got her recently..

She lines to The Darkling

Has produced:
1x EEW
1x EEE
1x EPE
1x PPE
1x PPP

Just need a little help and advice on a good match for her.

<div align="center">Budget is 50k
<div align="center">
<div align="left">If you think one of your Stallions would match well, just post him and I will check him out. Or if you have any suggestions, you can send me the link.
<div align="left">
<div align="left">Thanks.

Edited at September 17, 2019 12:09 AM by ~Running Free~
LH Dark Cassiopeia | Need Mare Matching help! September 18, 2019 05:45 AM

HEE Newspaper
Posts: 6149

Fixed link

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