Clover Leaf Stables
08:09:23 Clover / While
I love the variety of sabinos. Makes them all interesting.
Omega Stables
08:08:53 Bekah
I very much appreciate that I now have horses named Coke Zero and Baja Blast
Llama Queen
08:07:52 Older Than Dirt
Sabino is a VERY wide range of markings
Hayzed Pastures
Like Llama said its the high leg whites. And more specifically the V shape at the top of them
Omega Stables
08:06:38 Bekah
Ooh. That's interesting. I thought it had to be spotty
Llama Queen
08:06:16 Older Than Dirt
the high white legs and white face are both indicators of Sabino
Omega Stables
08:05:17 Bekah
How is this sabino lol -HEE Click-
Omega Stables
08:04:48 Bekah
I've been naming horses after soda brands, it's cute
Clover Leaf Stables
08:03:50 Clover / While
I swear if it rains boiling water I'll take that too, just for some rain.
Wild Wind Stables
WhatÂ’s the game time?
oh ok
Llama Queen
08:02:11 Older Than Dirt
Free accounts cannot do so Atlantic
how do you privately sell a horse to someone
Llama Queen
08:01:07 Older Than Dirt
part of me just wants to cull all these colts.. no real reason though :p
Omega Stables
08:01:04 Bekah
Why can't raspberries survive in my fridge for more than 2 days. I washed you and put you in a closed container with paper towel, and still you die
broken links
Emmas Eventers
That sounds a lot like typical British weather Clover lol
07:58:57 Jane
I love this mare so much

-HEE Click-

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LH Dark Cassiopeia | Need Mare Matching help! September 17, 2019 12:08 AM

Freedom Elites
Posts: 1502
So I got her recently..

She lines to The Darkling

Has produced:
1x EEW
1x EEE
1x EPE
1x PPE
1x PPP

Just need a little help and advice on a good match for her.

Budget is 50k

If you think one of your Stallions would match well, just post him and I will check him out. Or if you have any suggestions, you can send me the link.


Edited at September 17, 2019 12:09 AM by ~Running Free~
LH Dark Cassiopeia | Need Mare Matching help! September 18, 2019 05:45 AM

Posts: 2175

Fixed link

Forums > Breeding Discussion

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