Hollow Tree Acres
07:59:40 Crazy Goat Lady
Hopefully the whole soulmate thing is real, Dim! <3 Just wish mine would come asap 😂
Hollow Tree Acres
07:58:44 Crazy Goat Lady
Sun, I don't have a type at all. I just see someone I like and there's an instant connection. Personality is the kicker though. He could be Niall Horan and have a bleh personality and I'm like no
Equity Falls
07:57:37 Dimmed | KNN
You'll find that one day Stump <3 just keep an open mind. I never wanted to be with someone who had kids and now I've got a "step-daughter" lol. But I couldn't be happier and couldn't ask for a better relationship
Hollow Tree Acres
07:57:35 Crazy Goat Lady
It's not like I'm saying I want a 6'3 Blonde hair blue eyed tan country boy who's loaded but I wouldn't complain if he were 😂
Rains Horses
07:57:10 Rain
I feel the same way honestly I'm happier single then in a relationship
Sunstone Elite
07:56:56 Sun/Sunny
We all have some sort of dream guy I think Hollow lol. I do, at least, but realistically, I'm just going to wait it out for the right guy.
Hollow Tree Acres
07:56:04 Crazy Goat Lady
My friends say I'm too picky when I comes to guys because I want someone with a good head on their shoulders that wants a farm as much as I do one day, and wants to help out. Someone super sweet and caring but apparently that doesnt exist 😂 My man is gonna have to put up with my craziness and my goats 👀
Hollow Tree Acres
07:54:04 Crazy Goat Lady
I used to not care either but now I'm starting college and it makes me sad seeing happy couples 😂
Lucky Ranch
07:53:59 Grapey II Eggs
xD same duckey
Spirtasi Whims
07:53:09 Wings/Spring Day
I hope I'm not the only one that doesn't want to be in a relationship, not because of reasons having to do with a bad one but just because I wouldn't care to be single or in a relationship
Equity Falls
07:51:10 Dimmed | KNN
Honestly most guys up here are absolute shit too 😂 which is why I was single for 4 years. The two most recent guys are from down south and the Caribbean. Adrian is Jamaican and Kendrick was from Alabama. They both respect me more than any man I've met from up here
Pony Paradise
07:50:11 Pony || Ducky
I can guarantee I'll be single for a long time
White Hills
07:50:04 WH or Hills
The first time I met my boyfriend neither of us knew we liked each other and we both thought the other one was way older lol, we only really became friends 7 months later and then started dating a month after that
Lucky Ranch
07:49:24 Grapey II Eggs
I just want a guy that genuinely likes me. And animals. And uhh...wont ditch me lol
Hollow Tree Acres
07:48:34 Crazy Goat Lady
I'd just really like to find a guy I like that likes me back. The guys around here don't respect anyone. I'd rather have a guy in his 20s than a guy my age because at least they're more mature
Crystal Gems Stables
07:48:32 Tay Tay/ Taylor
ohh ok
Sunstone Elite
07:48:00 Sun/Sunny
Exactly Hollow. And not next month, 133** Thinking and typing fail lol
Lucky Ranch
07:47:57 Grapey II Eggs
National Treasure
(KNN stud)
Equity Falls
07:47:55 Dimmed | KNN
You know Stumpy I was never one to just fool around until last year and it was honestly very eye opening. Although I still had a lot of insecurities it really taught me a lot about myself. It helped me be as open as I was when Adrian and I first started out. Literally we jumped into everything so fast and I've gotten over almost all of my insecurities with him. Sometimes it's not a bad thing
Lucky Ranch
07:47:38 Grapey II Eggs
*mum pulls up in her convertible playing lucke bryan*
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I'm looking for match for this girl. ABLB if possible, not looking to spend more than 150k but have no idea who would be best


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Mare match November 4, 2019 12:28 AM

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Both of these boys would be good matches


Mare match November 6, 2019 08:29 AM

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