Madsie Manor
03:22:18 Madsie // 🥝
Puck aww sweet. Mine is called Florence aka Flo. Tea she full on bolted down to the other side of the arena. It completely unseated me.
03:21:51 puck
Ooh ink that's exciting. What do you do?
Mount Your Horse
I know right! I was like
"Well these two jump just fine thank you!" and he looked at me and said "Quarter horses that jump?!"
Blitz Farms
03:21:27 Blitz x TB
Also that stupid idea that blue eyed horses are unstable needs to go away too.
I had a pony earlier this year that I started. She was an absolute sweetheart. She was only 13 hands, so too small for me in the long run, but tall enough for me to start. I would walk out to the middle of the pasture, hop on her back, ride up to the gate, then get the halter and go tack up.
Moon rise pack
what color do you think i should breed to her
03:20:32 Tea
We used to be at a barn with a mirror and Zippy would check himself out in the mirror every time I rode him past it lmao
Ryshadium RIDs
03:20:29 InkSpren
Ew, the DMV. :(
I was crazy busy the past 2 months, finally starting to get back to normal. Currently on another VA rotation, which is cool.
03:20:27 puck
Omg Mads I "have" (shes not mine but everybody calls her my horse) a 16.2 ISH mare too. She was a bit calmer than yours today though lmao
Moon rise pack
I had to leave for a little but the pon mare i caught is a shiny dunalino
03:19:44 Tea
That's fcking stupid, MYH
color doesn't matter
There's a chestnut paint at my barn who jumps, and a red roan ex-eventing horse, and there used to be a blue roan POA... color doesn't matter
03:19:29 puck
Hey ink! Life's going. No major crisises going on except today at the DMV 😂 you?
Blitz Farms
03:19:24 Blitz x TB
Mount, ugh! How terrible :/ The prejudices and stereotypes really need to stop. It boils my blood people always ride on the "dumb warmblood" stereotype too. I think he's lovely.
Madsie Manor
03:19:21 Madsie // 🥝
I rode my 16.2 ISH wuss today :D she spooked at herself in the mirror and about 10 different things to spook at.
MakeEm Fancy
03:19:20 Ally 🌺
My babies



Spirtasi Whims
03:18:53 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
The proportions are off but I think this could be fun to draw one day lol
Ryshadium RIDs
03:18:44 InkSpren
Hey puck, how's life?
03:18:16 puck
Hahaha I rode one of the ponies today and she wanted to be so bad but she kept it together
Mount Your Horse
Blitz huck is about 15.2- 15.5 hands curly is around 15 hands
Mount Your Horse
I am an English rider and their vet came to see Huck after an riding accident and the vet was like "what do you ride?" I responded with "English" and he said the rudest thing that Huck was the wrong color to be riding and to stick to the bays...
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Matching/breeding help for PWP AA chestnut sabino mare October 17, 2020 04:55 PM
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Bijoux, that is a nice offer. I think I already bred her this "year," so her next breeding would have to be next "year." I would love to take you up on that opportunity to see what she may bear. I'm just testing the waters with breeding for ratings, to see if it's something I might be interested in rather than breeding just to breed. I will change my horse's training to all disciplines to hopefully see where their weaknesses are. And many of my horses I will be selling.
Matching/breeding help for PWP AA chestnut sabino mare October 18, 2020 01:22 PM

Nordic Designs
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Even after changing training you still won't be able to accurately see where she's strong and weak since she's already received multiple weeks of CC. It will appear as though she'll be weak in mv int and Scp

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