King Stables
-HEE Click-
If he didn't have that stripe, he would have a chance.
Red Panda
06:49:40 Panda
-HEE Click- Oof i only like her face...
Hy Brasil
06:48:37 Croft
haven't bred a single foal yet, just can't wait to spend every penny I have to get that new PPP
King Stables
Back to school, in advisory right now.

We have a fucking auditorium larger then the schooL! Yet we are having a "Zoom Class" in Class, IN SCHOOL.

Please tell me that this is stupid and confusing.
Spirtasi Whims
06:45:21 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
Good morning Llama!
Red Panda
06:45:03 Panda
-HEE Click- would have thought he was a 1/1 not a 1/3 but I'm not complaining I still love him
Moonlight Stud
06:44:47 Lee
Also morning HG <3
Moonlight Stud
06:38:59 Lee
Oreius is open to petting!
Llama Queen
06:38:36 Queen of the Rumble
oohh I want to pet the pretty wings!
Spirtasi Whims
06:37:58 Tasi/HEE Cheerleader
Ooh nice art Lee
Moonlight Stud
06:36:51 Lee
-HEE Click-
06:27:11 Scout
Level 2 race up
Gulfstream Stables
another ASS rated foal
Tamarack Mountain
06:19:29 Opal
what is the "bug"?
Living Legends
-HEE Click-
Oh nice! :D
RockRidge Warmbloods
06:16:18 War hawk | MM5693
oh my, check for a forum for it first
Olive Tree Equine
06:15:18 cloud
-HEE Click-
wait whaattt im posting in bugs
Moonland And Elites
06:14:22 M&E, Moo, Loony
Ahh! Revenge is 9 years old T0T
Olive Tree Equine
06:12:20 cloud
my friend is here and keps calling my 1/1 horses "deseeeaaassseeed"
06:11:58 Charli or CB or Char
Heeza pretty one...
-HEE Click-
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   Matching/breeding help for PWP AA chestnut sabino mare September 28, 2020 06:08 PM
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I don't know much about this game other than breeding, training, and showing my horses. But I am looking for the best match for one of my Anglo Arabian mares, Lucky Drawing ( I wish to get a good foal from her (many of her foals are good, but I don't have a good stallion to breed her with to get a good enough foal) and desperately need some help. I want/prefer a good stallion that has at least 1 world-class rating in either dressage or show jumping, but I'm not going to be overly picky. I'm willing to pay a good price, but anything over $50k I'll have to think over. A lot of good stallions that I've looked at have exact rating requirements (usually PPP), so I'm really struggling. Any suggestions? Thank you all for your help.
Matching/breeding help for PWP AA chestnut sabino mare September 28, 2020 06:26 PM

Holly Hill Farm
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Looks like you're going for SD. I would just breed her to a SubWW combo
Matching/breeding help for PWP AA chestnut sabino mare September 28, 2020 06:49 PM

White Hills
Trivia Team
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Are you trying for AD (PPP+) or SD (SubWSub+)?
Matching/breeding help for PWP AA chestnut sabino mare September 29, 2020 01:39 PM

Nordic Designs
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It sounds like you want to breed to a WEE or EEW combo stud and you're mistaking their exact minimum breeding requirements as the breeding requirement as a whole.
breeding requirements are there to make sure that someone can't breed a lower rated horse to the stud. So if the min requirements are ppp the horse can be ppp pep EPP PPE eep Epe pee eee wee ewe eew wpp PWP ppw or anything else ppp or above
Matching/breeding help for PWP AA chestnut sabino mare September 30, 2020 06:48 AM
Megan's Meadows
Posts: 329
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Being trained SD she's not matchable to AD studs. If you train her SD she will only gain training bars in the traits of that discipline. Like this you can't tell where here weaknesses are. Like the others above I'd suggest using her as a SD breeding mare given she has produced several E foals with a P-rated stud (only considering CC). It's easier to match as well as she seems pretty even in all XC traits.
Matching/breeding help for PWP AA chestnut sabino mare October 13, 2020 03:03 PM
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I feel rather stupid for lacking the knowledge on breeding, but much of what is being said I don't quite understand. What's SD and AD? Perhaps I just need some mentoring on how this game operates. I think horse breeding is interesting, but know almost nothing about it other than the basics...
Matching/breeding help for PWP AA chestnut sabino mare October 13, 2020 07:10 PM

Elektra's elites
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Best bet looking in the SD form to find you a stallion
Matching/breeding help for PWP AA chestnut sabino mare October 13, 2020 10:27 PM

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AD is basically all disciplines and breeding for ratings. SD is single discipline which means you are just trying to breed in one single discipline. In her case you would be breeding for Cross Country. You can look at the Cross Country leaderboards if you want to go that route. See if breeding her to a WC CC stallion gets you a WC rating.

Because she has been only been trained in Cross Country you do not know her strengths or weaknesses so it will be hard to match her for AD. That said, if you want to try for ratings I do have the #18 AA leaderboard stallion (Hyksos WEE) and would drop his breeding requirements on RO so you can try with him if you would like.
Matching/breeding help for PWP AA chestnut sabino mare October 14, 2020 02:43 AM
Megan's Meadows
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AD: all disciplines - you try to breed the best possible rating (world class (W)) in all three disciplines: dressage, cross country and jumping
SD: single discipline - you pick one discipline and try to breed the best possible rating in this discipline. If you take a look at the LB like "best sires dressage" you'll see horses with ratings like WSA.
In order to breed good foals you need to match your horse's weaknesses with a stud that's strong where your mare is weak in. To do that you need to train your mare in eventing. This way she'll gain training bars in all disciplines and will show you her natural weaknesses and strengths. You note down when she gains bars (by training week) so when you're matching her, you know what to look for when searching for a stud.
You're mare is a PWP, meaning she's great in CC but P (Premium) is now only the third highest rating there is. So in order to have her for AD you'd always needed to find a stud super strong in both dressage and cross country triats. And even if she'd manage to produce an EEE or EWE the foal would still be weak in dressage or jumping compared to other EEE+ foals.

As she's also being trained in one discipline only, she only gained training bars in the three traits of that discipline (with cross country it's hrt, spd and str). Meaning you might be able to see which of the three traits is strong or weak but you can't tell how she's doing in the others. This makes her really hard to match for all disciplines.

I've added a great guide for new players. It was made a while ago so there's no mentioning of the new rating and some brood and selling prices are way too high, but it explains the mechanism of the game very well and covers all subjects a new player needs to know: Hyrim Beginner's Guide

Edited at October 14, 2020 02:43 AM by Megan's Meadows
Matching/breeding help for PWP AA chestnut sabino mare October 14, 2020 02:45 AM
Megan's Meadows
Posts: 329
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Here's also a link to the HEE dictionary where you can see all common abreviations used: dictionary

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