Gelt Bridge RIDs
07:09:15 Gelt/Ellie 🐴
I knowww, think it's because someone's always got one haha! Popular!
07:07:31 Tosk's RID
But there's nothing wrong with ISH ;C
Dark Eventers
07:07:02 Darkie
-HEE Click-
Gelt Bridge RIDs
07:05:52 Gelt/Ellie 🐴
-HEE Click-
Thanks! Got her too but she's ISH so I'm annoyed!! I hope she stays as little as the X so I can breed her with PON... I don't want ISH :/
07:04:56 Tosk's RID
Cute Gelt :D A bloody one
Gelt Bridge RIDs
07:03:21 Gelt/Ellie 🐴
-HEE Click-
HG, Tosk... bask in the ambience that is this pretty little thing
07:02:19 Tosk's RID
I think ima just... save that picture. Is is legal?
Lycans Dream
07:02:13 Lycan, Dreamers
-HEE Click-

Fuck you-

I hate this years RO-XD XD
07:01:55 Tosk's RID
Q_Q How is he so pretty...
-sends his pretty ass to fr-
Fairview Fields
07:01:52 Lee
*.* Thats beautiful
After Dark RID
07:01:27 Drafty
*.* that lace on sooty is to die for Tosk
Wild Rose Warmbloods
07:01:23 Rose / WRW 🌹
That's beautiful Tosk!
07:00:36 Tosk's RID
Oh gosh...
-HEE Click-
Weeping Willow Ranch
07:00:14 Stalker of Chat
-HEE Click-
Cant wait for week 4s X3
Lycans Dream
06:59:44 Lycan, Dreamers
Search > Search Horses
Dovecote Hill
Yes i did it but how do i search for others horses so that i can choose one?
Fairview Fields
06:57:43 Lee
I'm trying to be productive :'D
Llama Queen
06:57:39 Queen of the Rumble
go to the horses page and there will be a 'breed horse' button on the bottom of the page.
Lycans Dream
06:57:38 Lycan, Dreamers
-HEE Click-
He grew to a gorgeous stallion!
Dovecote Hill
How do i breed a horse thats not mine? Im new btw :)
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Matching/breeding help for PWP AA chestnut sabino mare October 17, 2020 04:55 PM
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Bijoux, that is a nice offer. I think I already bred her this "year," so her next breeding would have to be next "year." I would love to take you up on that opportunity to see what she may bear. I'm just testing the waters with breeding for ratings, to see if it's something I might be interested in rather than breeding just to breed. I will change my horse's training to all disciplines to hopefully see where their weaknesses are. And many of my horses I will be selling.
Matching/breeding help for PWP AA chestnut sabino mare October 18, 2020 01:22 PM

Nordic Designs
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Even after changing training you still won't be able to accurately see where she's strong and weak since she's already received multiple weeks of CC. It will appear as though she'll be weak in mv int and Scp

Forums > Breeding Discussion
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