08:08:23 puck
gorgeous emerald!
08:08:15 puck
I'd play a hamball board game
Legendary Stables
she does!! congrats Emerald!!!
08:06:46 Tea || Snaink
I don't know where board game came from. My head, I guess
08:06:25 Tea || Snaink
*not a sport
Emerald Grove Equine
Omg i think she has the new coat!
-HEE Click-
08:05:57 Tea || Snaink
gosh if someone made a game out of that I'd play it.
like a video game, not a board game xD
08:05:36 puck
08:05:18 Tea || Snaink
was it a polo hammy
SweetFire Fields
08:04:57 Coffeeholic
Okay, I'm glad but not glad.
08:04:55 Tea || Snaink
hammy soccer?
08:04:32 Tea || Snaink
it's hammyball.
08:04:29 puck
It lived, unfortunately. We had to deal with that thing for years xD
SweetFire Fields
08:04:01 Coffeeholic
Was that a 2-point shot? Or is this hammy baseball?
08:03:23 Tea || Snaink
and she scooooores!
SweetFire Fields
08:03:03 Coffeeholic
Oh shit. Doesn't sound like it ended well
08:03:01 Tea || Snaink
well-aimed hammy
08:01:45 puck
My sister had one that was just mean. It'd just jump at you and bite. My mom tried to clean the cage once and it bit her finger and hung on and she jerked back and the hammy let go and went FLYING across the kitchen into the garbage disposal
08:00:54 Tea || Snaink
psychac-*coughing fit*
Angels angels
08:00:52 600+ Brindles
Geez lol
My first one was a rescue poor baby was kept in a tiny cage that was gross with like no bedding and he was so sweet the second one was bright orange and i loved her but was never able to tame her
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Match Help EEE TB mare January 11, 2021 11:09 AM

Wildfire Warmbloods
Posts: 25
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Mare is an EEE producer.
Stats in order of strongest to weakest:
She is VERY strong in Spd (went up wk7) and VERY weak in Mv (was still down wk7)
Looking for: EWW combo or WWW stud.
Budget: I'm willing to spend about 50K-75K on her, depending on quality of match.
Any help is appreciated.

Edited at January 13, 2021 09:59 AM by Wildfire Warmbloods
Match Help EEE TB mare January 13, 2021 10:06 AM

California Valley
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This guy matches her pretty well. He is strongest in Mv and Spd
Match Help EEE TB mare January 13, 2021 12:07 PM

Posts: 2343
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I have a WEE suggestion, I used him with my weak movement mares and he did pretty well for me. He's high on the DTBLB and is on the TBLB, plus, dirt cheap and matches your mare nicely.
This boy is a WWE with movement and not much more expensive, but the scope may pose a problem here.

Forums > Breeding Discussion

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