Annapytt Ranch
01:16:50 Anna
Emmas Eventers
It's due at 1:30
Annapytt Ranch
01:13:15 Anna
Why didnt i get my bank payment?
12:36:18 Crazy Color Hoarder
This calls for a new banner!
Wild Warmbloods
I just spent more than half my money on Hay Bales, so I probably won't need any more till I die
12:25:31 Crazy Color Hoarder
Ok so I found my phone has a quality reading image resizer built in
So I compromised & did that plus cropping but I got the whole picture in my bio
If anyone knows a better way feel free to pm me
12:11:07 Crazy Color Hoarder
Please help im very challenged
I have a lovely piece of art done by mythical mare & I can't figure out how to make it work on my avatar
The Old Gods
12:09:42 Dead King
Farm Land
12:08:09 Lulu
you need Jesus
Boulder Creek
Well. It'll be in all of our nightmares tonight.

OR one lucky person can BUY it!

#onepersonstrash #anotherstreasure
Farm Land
12:06:43 Lulu
when i seen that i want to pour bleach onto my eyes
Wild Warmbloods
... just don't even ask ...
Aspen Fire ES
12:05:59 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
What the heck did I just witnessed when I clicked that link? xD
Wild Warmbloods
Dot dot dot
Wild Warmbloods
Wild Warmbloods
... I sighed into the Weirdest conversation ever seen on chat... what the heck is thag
Freiheit Farms
12:02:46 Frey ☼
I clicked the link out of curiosity and I- what xD
Golden Gate Stables
haha what the heck
Farm Land
12:01:42 Lulu
dude the in the fuck
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Good match or nah? November 15, 2022 03:29 PM

Kats Horse Ranch
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do they go together?
i havent had much luck breeding so i have resulted to asking 4 help....
Good match or nah? November 15, 2022 05:09 PM

Eyrie of the Stars
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When I match, I try to pair top 2 strengths with top 2 weaknesses both ways. Her weakest trait, Scp, definitely isn't his greatest strength based on his wk 7, though his Scp was up wk 11 with Int and Hrt, so it could be number 2 or 3. That's okayish to me. However, based on his wk 12, his weakest trait is Mv, and based on her wk 4, that is not one of her top 2 strengths. Since she doesn't have any other tracking, Mv could actually be a weakness, so that makes the match definitely bad to me.
Good match or nah? December 26, 2022 06:18 PM

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I'd take them time to learn how to match. There are some nice guides out there. It'll help you succeed and you won't have to ask others or take chances every time.

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