Jellos Warmbloods
06:07:00 Jello? Is that you?
Sounds like they might be your parents dogs. XD
Abstract Dunes
06:06:55 Abs
Lucky Ranch
06:06:49 Grapey II Eggs
Dream Weaver Ranch
06:06:38 Chloe/Coco
No! They live with my parents my greyhound mix lives with us
Dirty Paws
06:06:33 ♘Tosk
Just a bit soulless.
Equity Falls
06:06:19 Dimmed | KNN
Naw Tosk is innocent <3
Dream Weaver Ranch
06:05:56 Chloe/Coco
9 dogs
2 German Shepherd
2 Pit Bull
2 Great Dane
2 Golden Retriever
and one itty bitty greyhound mix
Dirty Paws
06:05:45 ♘Tosk
:C You know me, Jeri. I'm as innocent as one can be
Jericho Stables
I have a pet aardvark
Equity Falls
06:05:32 Dimmed | KNN
XD build a rabbit barn and call it the playboy mansion
Stormsong Manor
06:05:20 Ven
Nine dogs in an apartment is a lot
Abstract Dunes
06:05:17 Abs
Do they all live with you in your apartment with your dog and boyfriend?
Riverstone Grove
06:05:04 Lee
Good question Tosk ..xP
Lucky Ranch
06:05:02 Grapey II Eggs
I thought you had one...?
Jericho Stables
You happened 😂

And tosk. Im not buying this "I'm innocent" shtick from her 😂
Abstract Dunes
06:04:58 Abs
Oy vey lol.
Dream Weaver Ranch
06:04:22 Chloe/Coco
Oh, Teene that's a lot! I have 9 dogs
Equity Falls
06:04:18 Dimmed | KNN
Oh no Jeri what happened
Dirty Paws
06:04:00 ♘Tosk
Oi. Why are we even awake, Lee.
Jellos Warmbloods
06:03:24 Jello? Is that you?
Only my snakes eat rats lol
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