08:46:05 Sierra
-HEE Click-
Not a knn but still a pretty seal brown !
Obsidian Sport Horse
08:44:27 Tyelpë
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click- ;) iiSea these are are few more kids
08:41:12 Sierra
-HEE Click-
I agree Tyelpe.
Obsidian Sport Horse
08:37:56 Tyelpë
-HEE Click- pretty girl. Seal KNN are just gorgeous
Black universe
I'm just stupid WHEEZE
Wolf Moon Stables
08:30:27 Tyelpë
Universe your not dumb it took me awhile to figure it out too lol
Valley Ridge Stables
08:29:05 Thea
What's DT?
Whispering Pines
08:28:53 Sage
Hi! Looking for match advice :) Please PM me!
Black universe
I'm just stupid WHEEZE
Black universe
Is it bad to say that for the longest time i thought "HEE" Meant you guys were laughing but then i realized-
Darrow Song
Everyone was talking about it earlier so I signed up but HEE is much better
Wolf Moon Stables
08:25:49 Tyelpë
Darrow I play DT too. :)
Wolf Moon Stables
08:25:19 Tyelpë
-HEE Click- pleasantly surprised. Pretty Chimera girl.
Spirtasi Whims
08:23:46 Tasi / Chat Killer

Yup I think I like this a lot more now
Thistleberry Farm
08:23:27 its Olive!
ok guys its 2:30 AM so i really should go to bed LOL.

Fancy Elites
I'll get onto DT
Darrow Song
There are 2 people on DT including me....
Spirtasi Whims
08:14:17 Tasi / Chat Killer
I love that Thunda!
08:14:15 Bun #2 in the Oven!
Thanks!! Breezie did amazing 🔥

Side note.. I didn't realize Anomoly was SbSb
Jellos Warmbloods
08:12:54 Giggles Wubs
That's beautiful Thunda!
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