Equine Beauty
03:45:35 EB
Thanks Soup - I'll be patient then.
Savannah stables
03:44:50 Savannah
Wow. ThatÂ’s a nice mare
Garner Stud
03:44:49 Soupy/Soup
Yeah, showing, round pens, and explore have had problems.
Garner Stud
03:44:26 Soupy/Soup
Man I'm bidding on a mare that's 3 and already 168k in winnings :D
Equine Beauty
03:44:08 EB
Hi folks. Is anyone having a problem training the spook out of their horses? I've been unable to use my round pen for two days.
Red Star Equine
03:38:50 Red Star
-HEE Click-
I bought as a yearling for 20,000 and I his record tells me I didn't waste my money :D
Olympian Stables
03:29:38 Blueberry
He is an SD yes
Graces stable 2
03:29:06 grace
no i dont think theyre new but i find them quite rare
Graces stable 2
03:28:43 grace
i think thats because he was doing SD at some time?
Sono Reizin
03:28:27 Sono
are sable champagnes on here new? I don't think I ever heard of one
Arabian times
Its a little odd but I'm not an 'expert' on training lol.
Savannah stables
03:27:40 Savannah
I have a tack addiction. Help
Olympian Stables
03:26:39 Blueberry
-HEE Click-
Is his training okay?
Madsie Manor
03:22:40 Madsie // 🥝
Yeah, crafted :)
Garner Stud
03:20:22 Soupy/Soup
Dash Warmbloods
Madsie Manor
03:16:51 Madsie // 🥝
I made a Sherpa map!
Madsie Manor
03:16:23 Madsie // 🥝
Hades thank you so much <3
~ Hades ~
03:15:35 Kittack
You're welcome Madsie
03:15:01 Bedlam
Madsie you can turn on alerts for rowel spurs in the store. They were in stock the other day and I got one.
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WSA SD Dressage RID Freshie August 1, 2020 09:18 AM

Mythical Woods
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Need this freshie tested, LC is only 1k.
Minimum breeding requirements are ESubSub(exact combination).


Edited at August 1, 2020 09:19 AM by Mythical Woods

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