09:35:48 Legion
perlino roan
Sorry Good
Is that goood?
Purple Pegasus Farm
09:35:17 Graceful
-HEE Click-

What color is he under the white?
Green Grass Stables
09:33:29 Giz
Just rated this mare...
-HEE Click-
Sunstone Elite
09:29:31 Sun/Sunny
Aww. Buddy does not like the thunder :(
09:28:49 Legion
Oof. I should bring my plants in but I don't wanna get up
How do i trade a item in a member shop?
Breezie Rose
09:25:23 Goat Mama
I was thinking of maybe doing an african deer themed "half breed"? Like maybe an antelope horse?
Breezie Rose
09:24:05 Goat Mama
Kinda, yeah XD
I'm so in love with this filly i just got, i wish she was mine in real life lol -HEE Click-
Jericho Stables
Hippocampus giraffe
09:22:30 Legion
At that point it's be a quarter breed lol
Breezie Rose
09:22:28 Goat Mama
I did one once before. It's not /fully/ hippocampus I guess?
Shivering Sea
09:20:18 Shiv
Hippocampus half breed? O.o isn't an hippocampus half horse already? Think there's something I don't catch xD
Star Catcher Estate
09:19:26 Fleur|Amoeba Mom
Lol Breezer if I had ideas I’d send em
River Bend Stables
09:17:03 River
-HEE Click- Look at what I just Rated
Breezie Rose
09:15:55 Goat Mama
Hmmm I have a customer wanting a hippocampus half breed stable set but I have no ideas XD Send help
Castlewood Canyon
that one lacks movement and is the worst choice so far I think
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