Hawthorne Estates
11:16:21 Hawt - RIDs
I had a meh season for breeding. A few PEE frame RIDs and a PEW AA
Good night y’all
All Breeds
11:15:08 Fawn
I have quite a few babies from this season Sarah
Hawthorne Estates
11:15:06 Hawt - RIDs
I did. My manager from there happened to be my girlfriends grandma. She said it’s in the mail, but she’s been in and out of the hospital with her heart so I didn’t press it.
My luck with catch wilds if terrible right now!! I caught 2 with the color black and one that has over 20k of that color already :(
Morning Glory Farms
11:13:38 Tericipatrivia/MGF
Lol I gotchu Jeri I need more flour first though
Jericho Stables
Legally the company is responsible to send you the W2 by January 31st. So if they haven't sent it then you should contact them
Moon Shadow Ranch
11:13:22 Moon
All Breeds
11:13:19 Fawn
Psssh I wish I had that luck
Hawthorne Estates
11:13:02 Hawt - RIDs
I guess I’m turning it into a KNN stable
Emmas Eventers
Wow Hawthorne
Jericho Stables
So get baking frand
Hawthorne Estates
11:12:10 Hawt - RIDs
It’s on my throw away account XD where I do random stuff
Jericho Stables
As long as you aren't selling it you can send baked goods from Canada to the US
All Breeds
11:11:42 Fawn
Oooh O.O
Hawthorne Estates
11:11:03 Hawt - RIDs
Did you see Fawny?

-HEE Click-
Cassa Belle
11:10:44 Cassandra/Jess
hola frens
All Breeds
11:10:34 Fawn
I did it with how often I moved within the last year.
Hawthorne Estates
11:10:32 Hawt - RIDs
I’m no good with baking sadly. Like cakes and pies and cookies.
Hawthorne Estates
11:09:48 Hawt - RIDs
I should’ve. But I just figured they’d mail it with my last pay check
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