Sikoa Acres
Tumbling K Stables
06:09:44 Tumbling, Tumble
-HEE Click-

He's so pretty. Why couldnt he be a higher rating :(
~ Hades ~
06:03:23 Chat Loner
what were the odds of capturing a white horse?
I just did it !!
Sikoa Acres
Very pretty girl!
~ Hades ~
05:50:57 Chat Loner
Preferrably everything but that works as well
05:50:33 Tangle || Woody
A saddle?
~ Hades ~
05:49:43 Chat Loner
Because I want to draw one
05:48:13 Ceci / (Call me) AL
-HEE Click-

I have a foal with a hat
Sikoa Acres
I have some tack. Just haven't put any on my horses in a while
05:43:06 Tangle || Woody
I used to have millions, but then I got rid of all my tack. Why do you ask?
~ Hades ~
05:42:24 Chat Loner
Does no one have a tacked horse?
Sikoa Acres
This girl has some belton:
-HEE Click-
Sikoa Acres
Very pretty, Raven
Raven Hollow Elite
05:34:30 rAtTiUs
-HEE Click-
Cant believe i acctually spotted it
~ Hades ~
05:34:18 Chat Loner
that they don't mind posting
~ Hades ~
05:33:46 Chat Loner
anyone have any tacked horses
Raven Hollow Elite
05:30:21 rAtTiUs
Found another belton
Raven Hollow Elite
05:28:38 rAtTiUs
Found another belton
Summer Lane Farms
05:25:57 Summer
Good mooning, Ven :)
~ Hades ~
05:25:04 Chat Loner
Dammit I'm in the mood for drawing now
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Absolutely totally 100% pissed August 12, 2019 08:04 PM

Hayzed Pastures
Posts: 748
Ok.. im gonna rant because i am honestly at my breaking point with my family. To those who are bored enough to read through this.. enjoy cause its a RIDE. I apologize but i NEEEED to get this off my chest and I have no one to talk to anymore.

So. We dont just have the most amazing relationship to begin with. And that goes not only for both my parents but my brother as well. My mother and I are probably closer than i am with anyone else in my family. I have no idea if the recent passing of my grandfather (who i was not close to by any means because he was a complete and total controlingg abusive asshole) or if its the fact that i have been in California for 3 months away from all family living my best damn life interning for a tomato company.

So while out here. I have been bitched at while driving down the interstate at about 7:30pm AFTER waking up at 3am and working until 3pm STRAIGHT with barely a break to even go to the bathroom so no food just water. I hurried home from work took a shower ate as fast as possible turned around and went to a riding lesson about 45 min away. Had a GREAT lesson. On the way home my father calls me to discuss a doctors appointment i had because i was having some massive bleeding issues. He proceeds to bitch me out about having an attitude when A) i am driving in horrible traffic and B. I am extremely just done for the day. And starts playing 20 questions about the appointment asking why i paid X amount blah blah blah. Too tired to remember and too tired to give a shit at that point. So. Fun. And THEN after bitching me out, proceeds to say Im transferring 200 out of your bank account because i am short and the bills need to be paid... and thats my fault becauuuuuuse..??

I also joking posted something on my snapchat that my brother proceeded to call me out and tell me I am such a hoe for doing this.. jesus can you NOT TAKE A JOKE. Wasnt aimed at anyone. Just a joke.. and we had a MASSIVE falling out. He called me every name in the book then tried to turn it around on ME and say its all my fault and he doesnt get why im making the choices im making. Fun stuff because he was being 100000% hypocritical but i digress because >.> his past shouldnt be discussed. I told him if he didnt want to support me and he wanted to be a negative nancy he can fuck right off. >_> so. Fun to break ties with family.

Everyone. Including all but TWO of my extended family (mainly because its my aunt and her son who actually do something similar) have completely hounded me about mentioning a POSSIBLE career change. Of course it will mean i wasted 3.5 years on a bachelors (yes i will complete it just wont be the same field). But if it makes me happy WHY would you tell me im an utter fool for wanting to see if itll make me happy? Or saying Im too smart for the job.. why does it not being the type of mental exertion you think i should make it a bad job? Im sorry i dont want to get my PhD and be a research scientist.. All i want to do is work with a K9 unit and hopefully train them. I think that would be an extremely rewarding job and i wouldnt hate going to work every day..

And finally. We get to today. Where i just finally hit my breaking point. So my internship gives me college credit right? That means you have to pay for the class. Which ended up being around 1100. I OFFERED to pay him back in JUNE when i knew i had the extra money so i wouldnt forget. He SAID NO. So.. its August. ITS. AUGUST. I go home Friday. Wanna know what he says? I hope you have my $1300 when you get home. I think this is a joke. Because thats damn near every PENNY in my savings. Which he can see because he has access to my account since they are linked. I ask what are talking about..? And he says Oh you were supposed to pay mr back and i added your insurance to it because you havent paid me. Remember.. im in California. I do NOT have access to HIS account so i cant transfer him money and he hasnt breathed A WORD other than when he took the 200 out a month ago.. now. What else do i realize? My truck note is also due but hasnt come out of my account juust yet (its slow sometimes) so thats 450. My tag expired. 350. Minion still has yet to get spayed and her annuals are up. 300+. I still have to pay for my new kennel. 400. This all totals to just shy of 3k. The ONLY way i will be able to pay all of this is by using all of my savings AND my scholarship money.. i was so excited to have at least SOME money in savings so i wouldnt have to work as hard this semester so i could actually be a fun life loving college student instead of working two jobs. I wanted to have time with my dogs so they werent stuck in an apartment (or at home in a pen all day) and be able to work on myself without worrying if i had the time... if i had known he still wanted me to pay his ass back i wouldve never gone on a little vacation to Tahoe this past weekend. Or happily dropped the money i did to treat myself for once in my damn life.

Anyway. Rant over. I am sorry.
Absolutely totally 100% pissed August 12, 2019 11:22 PM

Hallucination Manor
Posts: 3715
I'm so sorry all of this is happening, if you ever need to rant I'm always open even though I know we really never talk, but it might help <3
Absolutely totally 100% pissed August 13, 2019 08:48 AM

Posts: 596
That sucks, Hayzed. It really sucks that your family aren't supporting you and what makes you happy. I really can't offer much advice or help because I'm shitty at that kind of thing but I really hope you maybe find a way to work things out. I know things are stressful right now but they'll get better :)

Edited at August 13, 2019 08:48 AM by Mediterranean
Absolutely totally 100% pissed August 13, 2019 08:50 AM

WhizBar Eventing
Posts: 2016
Aww Hayzy =( I'm always here to talk as well if you need <3

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