06:29:34 Naito
Wait what??
-HEE Click-
Arctic Dusk
05:56:01 AL (RID/WB)
You could send link on pm
05:42:29 Deku
I would show you her but I put her up for sale and I don't wanna get in trouble for it :'(
Chloes Estates
05:42:19 CE | Chloe
-HEE Click-
only if horses irl could have coats like this lol
05:41:34 Deku
Capricorn Elites
05:41:26 Capri
Mega rip
05:40:53 Deku
you guys get some of the prettiest babs. I messed up my pretty baby cause I kept retooling and I regretted it
Capricorn Elites
05:40:46 Capri
-HEE Click-
I also bred this boy on ro
capricorn her head!!! soo pretty
Capricorn Elites
05:39:46 Capri
Thanks Deku
05:39:10 Deku
@capri woah that's an interesting little filly! pretty none the less but wow
05:38:22 Deku
your welcome uwu
Capricorn Elites
05:38:20 Capri
-HEE Click-
thank you <3
05:37:18 Deku
both are beautiful beans holy heck
05:36:48 Deku
@confederate such a gorgeous bean <3
-HEE Click- i meant to show drooling
05:28:03 Deku
so I kinda asked the person I liked out to go to the school football game he said idk I will think about it :')

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Rant August 28, 2019 06:40 AM

Posts: 1683
Aww Sun,Sounds utterly awful.But They are family and you'll have them forever,No matter what happens.
It sounds like your mom is overwhelmed.When mine gets like that,She turns utterly snappy,Doesn't listen and tends to blame the strongest one.I think because your the eldest she knows you can handle it (Or thinks so more than the others).I dont know what to say other than speak to her,Or perhaps find a way to get her some relief (Maybe a day out to the cinema or something with her pals?).Just offer to look after your siblings for a while,Suprise her with bed and breakfast?Honestly she will appreciate it.I saw a change in my mom when I began to sympathise with her more than be so angry with her attitude as it seems to heighten things.
I'm not saying you're to blame or anything like that,So im sorry if that comes across.Im just saying Family is stronger United,Like a dog in a pack.
Hope it gets better,And keep looking up.It won t last forever i promise <3
Rant August 28, 2019 06:44 AM

Sunset Grove Farm
Posts: 2224
Thank you for the advice flippur <3
Rant August 28, 2019 12:01 PM

Stone Valley Acres
Posts: 1705
Honestly, my advice might not be the best but as the oldest, I would get picked on by my parents because of my younger siblings. Especially because of the youngest. No matter what she did, she would never be in trouble, much like your siblings. Eventually, I found the show Supernanny and I decided to use her techniques on my siblings and boy, did it work. As soon as the younger ones were being reprimanded by myself, the family dynamic improved. So maybe trying watching some of the Supernanny episodes. She had some to deal with young children with mental disorders as well. I hope your family can bond and you feel better soon!
Rant August 28, 2019 12:34 PM

Sunset Grove Farm
Posts: 2224
Yeah I doubt anjygungs gonna change my sister :'(
Walked into my mums room to get her charger and received a punch to the chest, then she started screaming and saying I hit her.
She then wound my brother up and he got pissed and had to walk into the kitchen saying he wanted to kill himself, etc
Then I had my sister screaming she hated me
I'm now stuck in the hous elooking after them for 3 hours, my sister will be downstairs and me and my brother in my mums room to watch a few films together

But thanks for your advice Stone, I'll have to give it a look
Rant September 2, 2019 07:26 AM

in memory of sugar
Posts: 623
I understand. I am the eldest and have to deal with a similar situation as you. I am th oldest of three. Me and a 8 year old sister and a 6 year old brother. My sister was diagnosed with child hood depression at age 7 and she still has it to this day. It’s been only a tad bit better with her medications but it’s still pretty bad. If nothing is better than their expectations then they go and blaim me. I have three chores every day, but if I am told off by my siblings (even if i didn’t do it) I have to do one of their chores. You know what I do? I pretend it doesn’t bother me. Even if it does I don’t show it best I can. 90% of the time they give up and do their own chores. All they want to do is bug and annoy me but if that doesn’t work they have no reson to do it. Try doing that for a little while and see if that works.
Rant September 2, 2019 08:47 PM

Posts: 1214

Sunset Grove Farm said:
My parents broke up 5 ish years ago, my dad recently got a flat near my mum (bout 25 mins away)

And by you saying it's fake its genuinally extremely rude considering this is my shitty life and your calling me a liar

HMHRealityChekStable said:
I would tell you I'm sorry, but that just sounds fake.
Oh, no no no. That's not what meant. I meant that me saying I'm sorry sounds fake. To me at least when everyone tells me or so done lease they are sorry, it sound insincere and fake. I apologise for the miscommunication. I alsol wanted to say that Supernanny is awesome and her methods worked on my violent sister. And for what's it's worth, I am truly sorry and hope things start to get better for you
Edited at September 2, 2019 08:53 PM by HMHRealityChekStable
Rant September 4, 2019 09:06 AM

Vanrosalie Stables
Posts: 1142
That is truly terrible.
Edited at September 4, 2019 09:07 AM by Vanrosalie Stables

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