Timber Canyon
11:51:45 Timbie
Uhhh yeah let me try to dig one up
Timber Canyon
11:51:34 Timbie
I joined in '14, started art in I think December of 17'
Moonrose Mountains
11:51:29 Diva
Don't say that, you've never seen what I started with when I tried 😂
Chimera Collector
11:51:28 Hollow/Cross
Can we see your first pieces?
SandWitch Arabians
11:51:14 Witchypoo
Mosa - All my show geldings are E in the discipline they show in, but that's up to you.
River Run Manor
11:51:09 River
Still learning but I enjoy my style a lot more
Moon Shadow Ranch
11:51:06 BTS | Moon

I wasn't around then when you first started art. I joined in Octover 2019 but was barely active until 2020
Quizzical Quarters
11:51:05 Ari
I make some wacky face art

River Run Manor
11:50:54 River
Oh my first pieces were full bags of yikes.
Timber Canyon
11:50:24 Timbie
Haha you should see my first few pieces. The more practice, the easier it becomes
Timber Canyon
11:50:02 Timbie
I love everyone's art, I appreciate all the effort and time that goes into every piece, not just the talent and creativity
Moon Shadow Ranch
11:49:27 BTS | Moon

Your art makes my art look bad. I still got a lot to improve but practice make perfect!
Timber Canyon
11:49:26 Timbie
Haha no, absolutely not. Everyone is so talented, we all have our different styles and methods. I couldnt do lineart to save my ass
Mosa manor
My art is very bad lol
Moonrose Mountains
11:48:47 Diva
I do no art any longer, but I'm a harsh judge of all arts lol
River Run Manor
11:48:26 River
Timbie your art makes my art look like stick art xD
Timber Canyon
11:48:19 Timbie
Lol thanks Moon
Moon Shadow Ranch
11:48:02 BTS | Moon

I love your ary!
River Run Manor
11:47:31 River
I do manips too, but I like this style better. It takes longer but I think it looks better :)
Mosa manor
What ratings do you recommend?
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Useless EEE SH Colts November 1, 2019 10:08 AM

Posts: 601
I know I shouldn't complain because frankly, in the last 6 months, every good match I've had has produced EEE and I never have flops.

I breed PON and there is nothing more annoying than getting an EEE SH colt. Not good enough to test because nobody really gives much of a shit about EEE studs anymore (unless of course they're of a weaker breed), and honestly I get it, I don't breed to EEE boys anymore and I don't expect other people to. And the only reason why I'm even keeping the other EEE colt I bred is because he's by Fred and is 13.2hh.

But this rat... useless. Probably going to geld him because he'll earn more showing.


I'll probably be punished by the RF gods for complaining over something so trivial next RO. Oh well.

Edited at November 1, 2019 10:10 AM by Mediterranean
Useless EEE SH Colts November 1, 2019 10:26 AM
Former Stable
Posts: 0
Well I’d be grateful for an EEE myself, but I understand your grief.

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