dark oaks farm
01:55:09 ca
Honey Maple Ranch
01:48:54 Honey
Does the tack store still have snorkels?
Equestrians dreams
01:48:37 MJ
I don't know why but this is my favorite palette
Honey Maple Ranch
01:47:55 Honey
I still love the new roan so I will take it and lace for sure!
Angels angels
01:44:30 600+ Brindles
Bred a brindle and chimmy back to back
Vixen Creek
01:44:05 Vixie
lol puck i remember that video xD
Star Struck ISH
01:43:16 Star ⭐️
Geez Puck. I have never fallen off at a show, but I did bareback in a field once. I had my friend who had never ridden before on the horse with me and I had the reins. We where trotting and she started slipping off. She grabbed me as she was sliding off, and dragged me down with her.
Paradox Elites
01:42:39 Brie | Para
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:42:18 K/Mini Boyd Martin
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:42:04 K/Mini Boyd Martin
My friend did that on a xc table. Horse stopped and she ended up sitting on it on her butt lol
01:41:34 puck
Brie that happened to me, I got bucked off immediately after a fence and I just jumped back on pig immediately and my trainer never realized I fell
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:41:15 K/Mini Boyd Martin
Puck, yes! I saw that it was amazing
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:40:55 K/Mini Boyd Martin
Last year my TB decided to be a bronco in warm up, we think it was because she bonded with a horse and it went behind a trailer.
Angels angels
01:40:44 600+ Brindles
I did that once but I was in a round pen and I fell on my hip on one of the panels broke my phone and bruised my hip bone
01:40:44 puck
There's a video that went viral a few years back of a horse stopping at a fence and the rider flew off and landed sitting on the standards 😂
Paradox Elites
01:40:43 Brie | Para
One time I was taking a lesson and fell, landed on my back/head, stood up afterward. My instructor wasn't even looking and was like "oh she landed on her feet" to my mom who watched the whole thing.

Hated that place.
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:39:42 K/Mini Boyd Martin
My aunt nearly did that once, except I think she landed in front of it, not on the other side.
Rainbow Equus
ngl that seems like the best part xD
01:37:32 desert
"are you a trick rider?" lmao
01:34:40 puck
I only fell off at a show once, my girth wasn't tightened and my saddle flipped under my pony in the warmup ring. Worst part is a dad saw it happen and was like "cool! Are you a trick rider?" No sir this is a hunter jumper show I'm just an idiot
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Nothing I do is good enough. June 10, 2021 10:02 PM

Paradox Elites
Posts: 265
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I'm so tired of everything I do not being enough. I try to make home-cooked meals and there's always a problem. I cook well, of course I make mistakes, I'm no Gordon Ramsay but I have been learning from a young age.
Tonight I made a roast chicken and a homemade apple pie, and I was going to make baked potatoes, but I knew they weren't my husband's favorite, so I asked him first, " Hey I was going to make baked potatoes if that's ok?"
"Aww can't you make mashed potatoes? (time consuming to prepare and he insists on having them mashed in the mixer so there's no lumps) Or the crispy ones again?" (potatoes sliced and scored and brushed with garlic herb butter, somewhat time consuming)
I figured it was a long shot, didn't really feel like making them but I made him his crispy potatoes and put one in for a baked one for me.
I was checking the temp of the chicken and wondering why it was taking so long and only 70 degrees inside? Well the fucking thing was set to Celsius- I must have hit the button accidentally. So the chicken was a tiny bit overcooked. No issue...for me.
"Oh...the skin didn't crisp up that much...I guess I'll just pull it off *SIGH* the skin is the part with flavor...now it's just kind of bland...can you peel the skin off for me it's all stuck on...it's rubbery...*gag*...why is the wing so rubbery...*gag*...what happened to it...it's not very good"
I peeled this man's chicken skin. I taste tested his food. I offered to make him something new. He just sulked and said he just wouldn't eat. He said I don't try and make him good food, and that every time I make food for other people it turns out good, and that I'm lazy and I don't put in effort for his meals.
I said why in the world would I be with you for 4 years knowing how picky you are, and intentionally not put effort into making food you like ? What could I possibly gain from that, when the times I try hard like tonight, it still doesn't make a damn difference? I said I make mistakes but I try my best.
"But I want you to learn and be better!"
Apparently learning and improving means overnight becoming Marco Pierre White. I said it seems that he doesn't want me to TRY my best, he wants me to just BE THE BEST. And he fucking said "yes exactly!"
So I am not allowed to make a mistake cooking then. Because every mistake cancels out all the good meals. Every mistake brings me back to 0. And apparently I don't care and I'm a "freeloader with no aspirations."
Then he asks for pie, I bring him some, even with whipped cream in a heart shape. He says it's the best pie ever. I do appreciate that, I said, "Ithanks, I'm glad you like it". But I was still sad from dinner and my voice showed it. So he said I can't take criticism and that I don't care when he compliments me. :/ like I'm not allowed to be upset that the dinner I spent 2 hours making was dogshit in his eyes.
I'm so tired of it. We were doing well, no arguing, and now this bullshit and I'm sleeping in the guest room.
Which was my choice to be fair. I just didn't want to be around him anymore tonight. I just want to go to those rooms where they let you smash everything with a baseball bat.
I want to scream. I'm just really angry and sad right now.
If anyone read this sorry it's a wreck. Just needed to rant at the very least.
Nothing I do is good enough. June 11, 2021 10:54 AM

Trivia Team
Posts: 1515
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Next time he complains about the food YOU cooked, then you hand those tools over to him and let him make it better. Better yet, make food for yourself and let him make his own. You're his wife, not his maid, and his criticism is unwarranted and coming off as entitled and childish.
Nothing I do is good enough. June 11, 2021 12:15 PM

Coruscant Farm
Posts: 476
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This is the kind of story that makes me happy I'm single.
I'd just make my own dinner and let him fend for himself.
Nothing I do is good enough. June 11, 2021 12:52 PM
Posts: 10
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I'd let him know there are plenty of tools in the kitchen he can use and then I'd go watch my favourite show while eating.
Some problems are meant to be solved by the person that has them (in this case, him).
Good luck, I hope you feel better soon. :)
Nothing I do is good enough. June 11, 2021 01:42 PM

Stormsong Manor
Game Moderator
Posts: 5829
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What a baby. Tell him to get his whiny ass in the kitchen and cook his own food.

Not going to lie... from this post alone, this "man" wouldn't last thirty seconds in my company. If the rest of this relationship is the same as this type of interaction, literally dump his ass on the curb outside. I'm all for constructive criticism here and there, especially if you ask "how's the food?" but wanting you to be *the best* while he just sits there and has a passive aggressive tantrum? Adios, amigo. Sounds like his mother or whomever raised him never made him grow up, and let him behave like a misogynistic brat.

Edited at June 11, 2021 01:45 PM by Stormsong Manor
Nothing I do is good enough. June 11, 2021 01:44 PM

Holly Hill Farm
Posts: 2004
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If he's going to treat you like shit you should just step back and tell him you aren't his mother. I'm sure he is perfectly capable of cooking his own meals. This boils my blood. I hope things get better, you don't deserve that.
Nothing I do is good enough. June 11, 2021 02:27 PM

A grape
Posts: 9849
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Im so sorry you're dealing with this. Tell him to make his own food.
Nothing I do is good enough. June 11, 2021 02:29 PM

Savannah Cheese
Posts: 650
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Have him make dinner for the two of you, and then you sit there and whine about it. I'm sorry you have to deal with this, and i hope you can resolve it.
Nothing I do is good enough. June 11, 2021 02:35 PM

Paradox Elites
Posts: 265
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Thank you all ❤
I'm feeling a little better...still just in a weird numb, haze kind of thing where I just want to go to sleep forever and I have zero motivation to do anything. It's hard to explain.
It's gotten to the point where I dont know if I am thinking straight sometimes. I think about if I should leave. I feel alone, my parents just moved away halfway across the country, my one friend lives equally far. We have animals, what would I do with them? I can't drive because of my disability, so I depend on him for that. I'm just worried and I don't know what to do and then whenever I think about going I feel like I'm a horrible person. But then there's the part of me that says that I deserve someone who didn't treat me this way. And then I think "you're overreacting, it isnt that bad, you're breaking your promise".
Nothing I do is good enough. June 11, 2021 02:42 PM

A grape
Posts: 9849
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You deserve to be with someone who makes you happy. Try talking to him when you are both calm, and explain how is actions make you feel. (sounds like a kindergarten class, Im sorry :'))
After that talk, if he continues treating you like this, I think you should consider if you want to stay with him.

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