09:05:51 Gala
Gem, I forgot to mention the week of 95+ degree weather with 100% humidity in the summer. That's my favorite week.
New Eagle Equine
09:04:49 Eagle 🎨
Now we're under a flash flood warning. Tonight is wild.
The Fallen Rulers
09:04:42 ~ Straw Hoarder
-HEE Click-

i got lucky
09:04:24 Gem
Oh my gosh. That is so accurate Gala XD
09:01:49 Gala
Actually you could just pull a check list out for "Pure Michigan" living. 7 months of snow storms, 5 of which you don't see the sun,
one big ice storm, storm system that causes flooding, storm system that knocks out power to half the state. A tornado watch or two, a tornado, A fire ban in august, and then like a week of fall. Bonus points when there's an earthquake we actually feel. lmao.
Cadence Farms
09:00:41 evebot
Come to Trivia!

09:00:00 puck
Oof sirens sound creepy.
River Bend Stables
08:59:42 River
It's Freaky How Crazy The Weather is here in Minnesota
Mother Nature can be a B***
Riptide Roans
08:57:56 *Pokes Eyeballs*
Any ideas for art?
08:56:26 Gala
Eury that would make sense. In Michigan we a see a little of everything outside of hurricanes, when it's not 7 months a year we hide from snow lol.
Cadence Farms
08:55:58 evebot
They are doing sirens here right now.
New Eagle Equine
08:55:20 Eagle 🎨
They never test the sirens here. Which I find odd since were in Texas.
Libbygray Mares
we dont have those kinds of sirens here in australia
Cadence Farms
08:55:07 evebot
All kinds of prizes!!
The Joker
08:55:06 Knight of Ootensils
Hang in there!
Cadence Farms
08:54:56 evebot
Time for Trivia!

New Eagle Equine
08:54:37 Eagle 🎨
Haha Joker! Exactly how I feel!
08:54:05 Legion
OKC tested their's at noon, every Saturday unless it was cloudy
New Eagle Equine
08:53:59 Eagle 🎨
I'm not a huge fan on lemon. But I do like lemonade.
The Joker
08:53:51 Knight of Ootensils
Omg that sucks! all I can think of is this vine
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Negativity April 10, 2017 10:30 PM

Touch of Serenity
Posts: 135
I cannot stand the negativity I put up with coming from friends and coworkers. It's like they cannot find anything to be happy about and then I get some of the brunt of that. Or when I try to be positive and make things better, people just treat me like crap and are even more negative and it just brings me down. Like I can't understand what's to be negative about. They don't have that many things going on in their lives that makes it so horrid, my coworkers are the worst. One complains about having to work and the other just finds issues with everything in life. I have to bite my tongue at times because I don't want to stoop that low. I just want to tell them they're doing good, they shouldn't be negative. They can get up in the morning and walk, talk, care for themselves and have their health. It annoys me to hear them doing the woe as me stuff over tiny things.

I have lost my grandmother, found out one of my relatives has stage 4 lung and brain cancer and is dying a week after my grandmother's funeral, I have another grandmother that suffers from dementia and cannot walk. I have back issues and pain from a car accident a year ago that came back after therapy and I need to take medication for it and restricts me from riding my horse. I have other medical issues as well but I don't complain. I just smile and take whatever each day gives me, good or bad, and find a way to make the best of it all.

I'm just so fed up and trying hard to not let their negativity bring me down with them. Just sucks.
Negativity April 10, 2017 11:45 PM
December Snow Stable
Posts: 938
I know how you feel. And it is the worst thing ever. Being a swimmer and the oldest in my gruopinion I get a lot of crap about life and eveything. It is so frustrating, and ,like you, it is over the smalley things. I understand, and your HEE family is here to help.

Edited at April 10, 2017 11:46 PM by December Snow Stable
Negativity April 10, 2017 11:53 PM

Posts: 929
I am so sorry about all that has happened to you. Life truly isn't fair <3 I hate having to deal with those kinds of things, and wish the best for you. Some people just don't understand the joys they have in their lives, then it is those of us who have the harshest lives who have to suffer.

I cannot relate to those exact situations, though I can understand the feelings you are going through with the people. Having been in a car accident and suffering permanent injuries, both physical and mental, due to an addictive, dunk father, it is the worst when people complain about their parents not getting them the newest.. whatever.

Good luck with life, the HEE community is always here to support you <3
Negativity April 11, 2017 10:10 AM

Posts: 602
I've never really liked the idea of "someone always has it worse". Life isn't a competition on who has it better or worse, and trying to compare yourself to others like that will always result in disappointment.

Everyone has a different reference point in life and it's important to keep that in mind.
Negativity November 10, 2019 12:05 AM
Cassa Belle
HEE Newspaper
Posts: 1280

Eurynome said:
I've never really liked the idea of "someone always has it worse". Life isn't a competition on who has it better or worse, and trying to compare yourself to others like that will always result in disappointment.

Everyone has a different reference point in life and it's important to keep that in mind.

I think this just became my new life quote

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