Jericho Stables
I knew it wasn't the US. If someone let their animals loose in the US, especially a camel lol, the animal owner would be arrested for animal cruelty or something lol
I live in NC but we are in the middle of a move to SC
Moonrose Mountains
10:01:27 Diva
Well I'm stuck in Pakistan for the time being cause of covid
Lucky Ranch
10:01:04 Licky 🍇
Oh gosh LOL
Purple Pegasus Farm
10:00:53 Graceful
Can only imagine how my neighbors would react to something like that lol.
10:00:39 Sav
My dog wants to be a farm dog at this rate, he just brought in a dead baby bird and I had to chase him around the table to get it 🤢
09:59:47 Tangle || Rebel Fork
As in country, I mean xD
09:59:25 Tangle || Rebel Fork
Where do you live, if you don't mind me asking? :)
Skye's Paradise
09:59:18 Pickle
Ah okay Moon.
Moonrose Mountains
09:59:02 Diva
Yup that's the idea, theres also someone that does go around looking for their pets just in case
Moonrose Mountains
09:57:29 Diva
It's a lawn blanket, it has to do something with sun and hump preservation
Purple Pegasus Farm
09:57:27 Graceful
So people just let their livestock loose and it comes home at night?
Jericho Stables
Rats, pricing help belongs on the forum or sales chat.
Jericho Stables
How is it different from a blanket on a horse if it is a blanket?
Moonrose Mountains
09:56:09 Diva
This guy is local, patrols neighbourhood road sides every morning
Skye's Paradise
09:55:42 Pickle
Halter yeah, that I understand.
Skye's Paradise
09:55:08 Pickle
Yeah, but still. If I were that camel I'd want to be naked if I was off of work.
Jericho Stables
And people leave blankets and halters on horses...
Jericho Stables
It looks like some kind of blanket to me.
Skye's Paradise
09:53:26 Pickle
Why do/did they leave stuff on the adult camel? I'd think they'd take it off so the camel can relax better. Lol
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