Saltwater Range
So I've decided to restart this account and I think I'm gonna breed thoroughbreds 🤔
Spirtasi Whims
12:11:28 Tasi / RIP Chat
TFB of what? lol

Thanks by the way
Halo Stud
12:11:12 Halo
-HEE Click-

21, that's my youngest death so far >.<
The Family Business
12:10:02 Overlord of Monday
I’m so jealous
Purple Pegasus Farm
12:09:52 Graceful
There's quite a bit of equestrians that are pretty damn stuck up too though. They treat their opinions like material facts.
Jumping life stable
And i am a horse person i just dont ever think when I need to bc it crazy
The Family Business
12:09:36 Overlord of Monday
The Karen of HEE shall emerge from their hiding
Spirtasi Whims
12:09:13 Tasi / RIP Chat
Didn't exactly come out how I wanted it but I like it anyways
The Family Business
12:09:04 Overlord of Monday
Jumping life stable
I never think you see i am stupid lol
12:08:41 I'm your Sugar :3
*0* Leopard tack!
The Family Business
12:08:07 Overlord of Monday
I know! Non horse people think they know EVERYTHING when they don’t.
12:08:03 Sunflower
his eyes look red
its cute
-HEE Click- anyone want me give me there opinion about him? Disappointed in gene test results. Although he is starting to do better in shows. I'm going to be off line. So y'all can PM if you wish. Thanks in advance 😊
Jumping, I'd advise to geld like Family said and maybe switch training to just Jumping since he seems to have strengths in all the traits needed for that discipline. That way he'll train faster. :)
Jumping life stable
Overloard-when she hit me I was goin to say somthing that would have got me out of the game but the my couch looked at me and said dont say anything come here and she tryed to bean my finger and all you hear was me yellin in pain
SandWitch Arabians
12:04:39 Witchypoo
Jumping - geld him and continue to show
Wings Of Glory
12:04:28 O Great Potato Wing
TFB i always hate having to argue with karens about wild horses theyre always thinking the blm rounds them up for slaughter when in reality you have to go through a long list to be approved to adopt one and then you have to own it for a year before you can sell it and get the title of its owner. if we leave the mustangs in the wild alone they will die not enough food and too many horses is why the blm rounds them up
The Family Business
12:04:20 Overlord of Monday
In one game, I got hit with the ball everytime I went up to bat
Jumping life stable
What to do with this lovey guy
-HEE Click-
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