Amhain Dull Liath
10:40:39 Blonde Boy Zone
Jericho Stables
Tobiano, frame, appaloosa, etc are patterns
Moncrief Eventing
10:40:34 Mon
Patterned is like a paint or a rabicano variation
10:40:30 PNW
Rockrose, I think it means capture a horse that is tobiano, frame, splash white, sabino, or white.
Summer Lane Farms
10:39:53 Summer
Guys are dumb when it comes to taking hints. You really need to be direct with them.
Rockrose Equestrian
like what variations are there
Rockrose Equestrian
what does patterned mean - stupid question, but I have a capture a patterned horse token lol
Moncrief Eventing
10:36:46 Mon
We won't see each other much in a few months anyway. I'm sure I'll let it be known by that point.
Amhain Dull Liath
10:35:38 Blonde Boy Zone
You'll never know unless you try. All I have to say.
10:34:46 PNW
Who is ready for RO?
10:34:35 Obi
Yeah dont mess around with taking hints. Make what you want known. Each time I've done it I've gotten the guy I want at the time. Not all guys are brave enough to tell you if they like you
Moncrief Eventing
10:34:34 Mon
I haven't told him straight up because we are literally best friends and he's the type of person who'd make things awkward. So, I guess being friends is a happy compromise
Amhain Dull Liath
10:33:03 Blonde Boy Zone
I dislike this "take a hint" stuff. If you like someone, go tell em. Stop waiting for them to come to you.
10:32:44 Did you miss me?
Do you think this will be a good match with a scope glass? -HEE Click-
Modern Stables
10:32:09 HRD
@ Mon most guys are clueless sometimes you have to spell it out for them.
Moncrief Eventing
10:30:34 Mon
Don't you love it when you text a guy for months and months, catch feelings, see him everyday and he never takes a hint?
Modern Stables
10:29:40 HRD
I’ll agree to that Mac.
Modern Stables
10:29:22 HRD
Whoops! Did not meant to double post!
McSmith Ranch
10:29:03 Mac | Thing 2
Market is crappier than it used to be.
Modern Stables
10:29:02 HRD
@Lumix ouch, I think I might try PON then, they are cute.
Anyone know how the market is for PONs? I do not want to get into something and the market be crappy lol.
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