08:06:31 West || Turnip
100% gonna make a shrine over this guy:
He definitely got hotter
Markhor Manor
08:06:14 Mar
Im currently in season 9 I think, I've got a long way to go haha
Heaven on Earth
08:05:51 Fishy Salad
I can't stop capturing SD horses 😂
Kairos Estate
08:05:42 Tobi | SD
I actually don't know what exactlu stung me. It wasn't a wasp or honey bee, as far as I can tell. I believe it was a hornet.
08:05:35 Jacob
I like that show. Hate that its over.
Markhor Manor
08:04:58 Mar
Ooh, Reid from Criminal Minds? Yes indeed lol
08:04:48 Jacob
I also have seasonal allergies.
Nordic Designs
08:04:41 Keonah
So bored for RO I've probably matched 40+ SD horses already 😅 I can't stop
08:04:30 puck
08:04:02 West || Turnip
Tell me Dr. Reid isn't hot as fuck
08:02:20 Jacob
Pretty sure bigbrothers watching lol
08:02:00 Jacob
Anyone ever hear a beep while on the phone?
08:00:56 puck
Yikes, Jacob. That doesn't sound fun.

I've been stung a few times, and I'm not allergic, but I have a scar on my hip from one particular wasp sting and I'm not sure why that one did that and the other ones didn't.
07:59:48 Jacob
I always knew i was allergic to red wasps like my dad was but i was helping someone bring horses up for the farrier at someone elses farm and a gust of wind blew a hornet right onto my lower lip. And i stung me multiple times. Of course my lip got huge but a short bit later my throat started getting tight and my face poofed out like a monkey lol
07:59:45 puck

Not bad for my first manip in awhile. I need to stop relying on mist instead of actually grounding my horses though lmao
misty sky stables
Spoopy :3
Freedom Elites
07:57:08 Freedom
Yeah. Not sure what I was thinking.
07:56:43 puck
Ah okay Ven. Dang. That's pretty scary. :/
Stormsong Manor
07:56:36 Ven
Psh, that's just a taller ghost horse standing next to her wearing that pad
07:56:23 puck
Freedom I laughed
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