Dirty Paws
05:57:56 ♘Tosk
Just preserve it like those kidneys
Lucky Ranch
05:57:51 Grapey II Eggs
yeesh. its not just mosquitoes. also chiggers, fleas...and I dont even know what else ><
05:57:48 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
LE Coco!
Equity Falls
05:57:36 Dimmed | KNN
Sold it and didn't even give me a return address just in case 😂
Abstract Dunes
05:57:32 Abs
05:57:25 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
Le Toskeh!
Sunstone Elite
05:57:24 Sun/Sunny
Very nice of you indeed Dim :)
Dream Weaver Ranch
05:57:19 Chloe/Coco
Eyy! Le Cheeto!
Dirty Paws
05:57:04 ♘Tosk
Hey Tina x3
Dream Weaver Ranch
05:56:57 Chloe/Coco
Aww! We all big moosh moosh moo moos here, XDM
Dirty Paws
05:56:54 ♘Tosk
I'm innocent. All i did was sell my soul.
05:56:50 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
Hey all
Equity Falls
05:55:23 Dimmed | KNN

It wasn't all me <3 Tosk was part of it too 🥰
Dream Weaver Ranch
05:55:10 Chloe/Coco
Licky, wowza! Our crazy life
Starlit Acres
05:55:10 Moon | ISH
Lucky Jeri XD.
Starlit Acres
05:54:57 Moon | ISH
We don't have mosquitoes here yet.
Lucky Ranch
05:54:50 Grapey II Eggs
dimmy(?) sold jeri a WWW colt for 9947
Abstract Dunes
05:54:24 Abs
Jeri's gonna be on repeat all night lol
Lucky Ranch
05:54:22 Grapey II Eggs
lmao it happens to me all the time. Fucking hate it. Currently have about 40 in all ><
Dream Weaver Ranch
05:54:13 Chloe/Coco
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