Llama Queen
07:11:40 Older Than Dirt
brb off for more coffee
Llama Queen
07:09:13 Older Than Dirt
I don't put as much stock in the w3 really; but I still love to see it :D
Airstone Manor
07:08:20 Lee
Nice, only had one 2/3 by me
Llama Queen
07:07:41 Older Than Dirt
And 3 fillies up 2/3.
Llama Queen
07:06:15 Older Than Dirt
Looking through them pretty quick best I got was one colt up 2/3 :D
Avalanche Acres
07:03:45 Llama's Side
haven't gotten that far yet. Still showing.
Drakenstone Manor
07:03:30 Lee
Thank you!

Get any nice wk3s?
Llama Queen
07:02:46 Older Than Dirt
woot! Way to go :D
Drakenstone Manor
07:02:19 Lee
And 1 W J mare
Llama Queen
07:01:40 Older Than Dirt
wow nice!
Drakenstone Manor
07:01:26 Lee
So far two W colts
Llama Queen
07:01:05 Older Than Dirt
get anything good out of that batch?
Drakenstone Manor
07:00:19 Lee
Morning HG
06:59:47 -BES-
-HEE Click- he's doin ok so far.
Llama Queen
06:59:29 Older Than Dirt
good morning Lee
Purple Pegasus Farm
06:59:02 Graceful
No part of me wants to be awake right now.
Haly Zui's Horses
06:57:41 Haly
Thank you :)
Llama Queen
06:57:14 Older Than Dirt
Thank you Cora
06:55:45 The Dawg
le fixed
Haly Zui's Horses
06:50:47 Haly
why i had to click view sales ... :/

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WILD EEE KNN BROOD YEAR 118 April 8, 2019 09:16 PM
World Class Jumpers
Posts: 24
Title says it all...

This my girl Natashi...

I was itching to breed her myself but I’m money-less and won’t be able to afford what she deserves :3

SB: 200k
AB: 300k
MI: 25k

End date: Sunday, April 21 at 9:30pm GT {EASTER}

Take care y’all! :D

Edited at April 19, 2019 09:39 AM by Moo.
WILD EEE KNN BROOD YEAR 118 April 9, 2019 01:16 AM

Kuewi KNN Stable
Game Moderator
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WILD EEE KNN BROOD YEAR 118 April 11, 2019 06:31 AM
World Class Jumpers
Posts: 24
I have decided this will end Sunday, April 21! {Easter} This way, the winner can be sure to get their straw etc if using. Good luck!

EDIT: 9:30pm!!

Edited at April 11, 2019 06:32 AM by Moo.
WILD EEE KNN BROOD YEAR 118 April 14, 2019 04:39 PM
World Class Jumpers
Posts: 24
AB lowered tremendously!!
WILD EEE KNN BROOD YEAR 118 April 22, 2019 09:34 AM
World Class Jumpers
Posts: 24
This has ended! Thank you Kuewi!

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